A specialized course under Humanities , Social Science and Education

About the Course – Mental Health

This course is useful and instrumental in developing professional knowledge and skills for clinicians to successfully deliver mental health care. Depending upon your undergraduate studies, you can choose to specialise in community mental health, child psychotherapy, psychology or mental health nursing. These specializations aim to meet the specific needs within mental health services. You can complete this program by coursework. If you are desiring to build your research capacity, you need to incorporate a research project or minor thesis.

 As a mental health worker, your role is to provide mental health related services to clients. You can also provide counselling, referral, advocacy, and education/health promotion services. Mental Health workers are required to have high-level specialist knowledge, skills, and competencies especially in regard to laws affecting people with mental health issues, the range of services available to them and health issues related to mental health. This qualification will help you develop the specialist skills to help clients who are suffering from mental health illness.

Supporting people affected by mental illness and psychiatric disability, implementing community-based activities focusing on mental health, mental illness and psychiatric disability and  promoting mental health are the core objectives of this course.

Career Prospect

A combination of coursework and research undertaken during the course will    allow students to work in the health and welfare areas. They may also further their education. Students can choose to specialize in community mental health, child psychotherapy, the psychiatrist in training or mental health nursing. This course prepares graduates for senior clinical, management, policy and planning mental health positions in both clinical and non-clinical fields. 

Career Opportunity

  • Clinicians
  • Case managers
  • Caseworkers
  • Team leaders
  • Service managers
  • Triage managers

Course Available by Providers

The courses are generally provided at Certificate, Diploma, and Masters.

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