My Statement of Purpose

The statement of purpose most focus on future career plans, reason for taking this course and your past study. It should give an overview about yourself, your profile, preference, background and purpose for your chosen course and country of study, your mindset and also your quality English. This SOP plays major part of your application and helps the university to access an application. It should include:

  • The reason why you wish to study your chosen subject of study.
  • Any experience you have to past study related to your chosen subject.
  • Any employment experience
  • The reason you wish to study the particular country.
  • Your entry goal and exist expectation from the chosen course of study.
  • Personal and other areas of interest (Hobbies, sports, social or leisure).
  • any other information, which you feel, will support your application.
  • Family background and source of fund for abroad study.

The statement of purpose should be approximately 350 words. You should be clear and genuine in your writing as far as possible and check thoroughly for spelling and grammar mistakes before submitting to make it error free. Below is brief steps to write your comprehensive Statement of Purpose. Well kindly note that these are only guidelines and are not intended to stifle your creativity. Our purpose is giving you these guidelines is to give you a sense of direction in terms of required content.

Brief Introduction

The first paragraph could consist of your name, a personal philosophy/motto if you like, a little about your personality, your area of strength and finally your personal interests (hobbies/sports). You could also use this as an opportunity to acknowledge your family to be the source of motivation, encouragement and tremendous financial support. If you plan to take your spouse and /or your children along or for that matter, leave them behind ensure that you provide convincing explanations for the same.

Education Background

In chronological order, mention all of your academic achievements with the respective dates. Mention the medium of instruction in school and in college. Include those projects like research, internships and training undertaken during your period of study connected to your proposed area of study. Mention your academic strengths, highlighting achievements and respect of any awards, rank and scholarships in the relevant field if applicable.

Employment History

In case of relevant work experience, a connection must be established with the proposed course of study. In the event of break/s in employment, mention and provide an explanation for the same. If you are working with the family business, highlight the scope and application of the purpose course of study in relation to the family’s business interests.

Highlight Purpose for Proposed Course of Study

Mention the actual reasons for taking the proposed course, properly indicating your wish to specialize in the particular field as applicable. Highlight the reasons for choosing proposed country as well as the particular institution of study.

Career Goals

You will have to explain explicitly why you want to pursue your chosen course of study (do include an outline of your course) in the institution in abroad and how on its completion, it will help you in your career pathways. This point is absolutely essential and it must be explained very clearly. Mention your career aspirations, both short-term and long-term and how overseas qualification will help you achieve them. Also mention your plans upon your return to Nepal, whether you have a family business to return to or if you wish to join a firm or set up a business concern of your own. Please remember that your goals should be concrete and realistic and based on sound inferences.

In Conclusion

Finally you can mention how you did find about the programme at the particular university/college you are applying for and any special reasons in choosing the same. Conclude by requesting the institution to admit you into the program of your choice.

Sample Statement of Purpose for your visa and admission applications

Statement of Purpose_IT.pdf
Statement of Purpose Research in Software Engineering.doc
Statement of Purpose Forest Product Technology Chemical Pulping Technology.pdf
Statement of Purpose Forest Product Technology Wood Product Technology.pdf
Statement of Purpose Graphic and Multimedia Study.pdf
Statement of Purpose Industrial Electronics.pdf
Statement of Purpose.pdf
Statement of Purpose Associate Bachelor degree.pdf
Statement of Purpose Communication Engineering.pdf
Statement of Purpose Electrical Engineering.pdf
Statement of Purpose Energy Technology.pdf
Statement of Purpose Hospitality Course.pdf
Statement of Purpose IT.pdf
Statement of Purpose Letter Christian Heritage College.pdf
Statement of Purpose Letter1.pdf
Statement of Purpose Letter2.pdf
Statement of Purpose Letter3.pdf
Statement of Purpose Letter4.pdf
Statement of Purpose Management Course
Statement of Purpose MS in Computer Science Engineering.pdf
Statement of Purpose Research in Software Engineering.pdf
Statement of Purpose USA.pdf

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