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About the Course – Early Learning

Early Learning and Care (ELC) program will provide you with knowledge and skills to work collaboratively with children, families, professionals and communities. You’ll learn to create a suitable and appropriate environment for children in order to promote their all-round development so they could reach their potential in every area. During the program, you will get the knowledge and understanding that you need to work in childcare, education or playwork. The Early Learning program focuses on teaching the importance of early learning, health & safety issues, physical and cognitive development, how children learn, how to communicate efficiently with parents and professionals. There are various career paths available within childcare and education.

This course explains the benefits, importance, and value of Childcare and Early Learning. The Childcare and Early Learning Course includes topics such as Health & Safety directives, Care Plans, Individual Educational Programs (IEPs), Medical Needs, Safeguarding responsibilities and other associated issues.

Through this course, you will learn about the physical, mental, emotional and psychological aspects of a child for example how children grow after the birth and how it affects their development and learning. The course also explains the ways in which health, environment, and genetic factors can affect physical development. In Early Learning, the importance of communication skills and working effectively with children and their parents is immense.

Listed here are some of the principal objectives of the course.

  • To foster socializing skills
  • To develop an enthusiasm for learning
  • To promote holistic development
  • To teach kids to respect

Career Prospect

The Early Learning Diploma Course outlines the options you have when pursuing a career working with Young Children. Graduates of the Early Learning and Child Care Certificate program are prepared to work effectively with children and their families in preschool programs, daycares, day homes, head start programs, and other agencies providing services and support to children from birth to age twelve.

Career Opportunity

After a diploma in ELC, you can  transfer your credit towards a degree in Child and Youth Care. If you go on to study further, you will have opportunities to work as a licensing officer, consultant, and policy analyst or college instructor. You’ll have an exciting role in a quickly developing field of work. As public awareness of the importance of the early years grows, early childhood educators are beginning to receive professional recognition and appropriate pay for the role they play in the lives of young children. It explores the roles of a Childminder, Nursery Nurse, Teaching Assistant, and Nursery/Early Years Teacher – outlining the responsibilities of each, the skills, qualities, and qualifications required, and the career pathways you can follow.

Course Available by Providers

The courses are generally provided at Certificate Level.

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