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About the Course – Interpreting

This course provides the necessary training and theoretical knowledge to enable you to work as a professional interpreter. During communication between speakers of different languages, interpreters and translators play important roles in effective communication. Interpreters contribute to effective communication in international business and tourism, international diplomacy, and cross-cultural community, health, and legal work. As an interpreter, you will have to verbally translate conversation between speakers of different languages. Interpreters help people to overcome language barriers when accessing community services in areas such as health, education, law, business and travel. You’ll gain basic transfer skills for interpreting in general conversational settings, learn about professional ethics, and improve language proficiency. This program will help you develop the skills to conduct transactions, interactions, and negotiations at a functional level.

 The principal objectives of the course are:

  • To help you build the hands-on skills, practical experience and direction you need to turn your love of languages into a career.
  • To gain the essential qualifications for a career in professional interpreting.

Career Prospect

Due to globalization and movement of people due to immigration, there is an increasing demand for qualified interpreters ash the high levels of interaction between people and cultures grow . A large number of people face language barriers due to physical disabilities such as deafness or impaired hearing and require language assistance. As a graduate of this course, you can look forward to career opportunities in:

  • International business
  • Private practice
  • Tourism
  • Welfare
  • Academia
  • Diplomacy

Career Opportunity

Available employment opportunities are freelancers, contractors to language services agencies, or work in public and private sector organizations such as hospitals, courts, businesses, government departments and agencies.

Course Available by Providers

The courses are generally provided at Diploma, Bachelors, and Masters.

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