Au Pair Program from Nepal to Europe


Au Pair Abroad


Ready to take the leap and go abroad? If you want to make money and would like to live in a supportive family home while abroad, consider our Au Pair Abroad program!

As an au pair, you get the unique opportunity to experience a different culture on a daily basis. The bond you form with your host family can last a lifetime, and you’ll be able to create many fond memories of your new host country. An au pair is considered a temporary family member—you’ll participate in family activities, share meals and experience family life in another culture. You’ll also be able to make friends with other au pairs and people your own age and spend free time discovering your host community.


About the Job


All of your responsibilities as an au pair will be directly related to child care. While you may be asked to help keep the children’s rooms and play areas clean, you will not be expected to do general housework or domestic duties for the entire family. Typical duties might include:

  • Bringing the children to and from school
  • Playing with children and taking them to activities
  • Helping with homework and keeping children’s rooms clean
  • Preparing meals for children


Quick Check for non-EU citizens to get entry into Germany


  • You are 18-24 years old?
  • You have a basic knowledge of the German language (level A1 at least)?
  • You are not married and do not have any children?
  • You can afford your trip to Germany?
  • You wish to stay in Germany as an au pair for at least 6 months?
  • You have not already been an au pair in Germany?

Result: You have replied with “Yes” to all questions? Great! Germany is waiting for you!

You have answered one or more questions with “No”? Unfortunately, you lack one or more important requirements for becoming an au pair in Germany.


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