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About the Course – Aged Care

There is a huge demand for Aged Care and related services due to increasing aging population. Graduates of Aged Care can be instrumental in improving quality of life by working with older people.  It is considered a rewarding, meaningful and important career as well. Because of the exciting technological developments and other advances, there are many career options and openings available in the Aged Care industry including careers related to nursing and pathways that can lead to nursing. Students are taught how to be a leader, facilitate the well-being of older people, address the needs of people with chronic disease and several other illnesses.  Aged care requires a lot of hard work. Cleaning bedpans and feeding people who cannot help themselves can be less pleasant, and you need to be able to handle it. Aged care is also about performing other tasks to help the elderly who can’t do certain things by/for themselves. Although you may find it less pleasant, it certainly could be rewarding for you from several perspectives.

 The main objectives of the program is to enhance the skills and knowledge required to provide support to older people and to provide existing health practitioners with the opportunity to specialize in meeting the complex care needs of older people.

Career Prospect

Aged care workers work in residential, home, or community-based environments to support older people physically and emotionally. Caregiving careers are richly rewarding and require a huge range of skills and attributes. Aged care courses can provide key job security in an in-demand area, and pathway to the profession in community services and health. It could be more advantageous to you if you got on-the-job experience before the commencement of your studies. With courses in aged care, you can enter traineeships and apprenticeships in the early stages which will give you the on-the-job experience. You will require traineeships and apprenticeships for studying beyond certificate III or IV level.

Career Opportunity

Graduates are prepared for work in health and aged care, policy development, human services, health promotion, and social research. Some of the fields are listed as follows:

  • Aged care workers
  • Specialists treating elder abuse.
  • Personal Care Worker
  • Aged Care Activity Worker
  • Care Service Team Leader
  • Care Supervisor
  • Residential Care Worker
  • Coordinator of Volunteers (Services to older people)
  • Community Program Coordinator
  • Assistant Hostel Supervisor
  • Support Worker

Course Available by Providers

KIEC group proudly represents the best education providers, assisting students with admission and visa processes, making personalized education pathways, and worry-free experience.

KIEC Group proudly represents the best education providers, assisting students with admission and visa processes, making personalized education pathway and worry-free experience.

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