A specialized course under Humanities , Social Science and Education

About the Course – Behavioral Management Studies

Behaviour management is vitally important within the classroom. It is very essential to understand the students’ behaviour and control them if necessary. Inappropriate behaviour can create nuisance and hinder the students’ learning. Behavioural Management is not just about punishing unwanted behaviour or  rewarding desired behaviour, but also about having strategies to make children behave in a desired way. Behavioural Studies with a major in Psychological Studies provides students with the knowledge and skills to understand and explain human behaviour. In this program, students are taught basic psychological elements and concepts. Later in the course, specialised studies in wellbeing; adolescence; trauma; counselling; sports and health are undertaken.

 Listed here are some of the principal objectives of the course.

  • To assess and understand the functions of challenging behaviours
  • To develop and implement strategies for behaviour interventions across a range of environments
  • To monitor and evaluate behaviour support strategies

Career Prospect

You will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to work with those who may be experiencing marginalization or disadvantage. Choice of employment opportunities will be available in a wide variety of industries and fields including advertising, community development, social impact assessment, health promotion, and more depending on your specializations.

Career Opportunity

The graduates may follow diverse career paths in the private and public sectors.

  • Community development
  • Youth work
  • Policy development
  • Corporate liaison
  • Classroom teachers
  • Guidance officers

Employment Opportunity

This course enhances the skills and knowledge of teachers and other professionals in supporting children and young people with challenging behaviours. This includes classroom teachers, guidance officers, and specialist staff. Starting range from $42,501 – $80,782 USD a year for Full-time.

Course Available by Providers

The courses are generally provided at Bachelors.

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