10 easy steps to follow to study abroad from KIEC


While the application process can change from person to person according to his/her personal circumstances, profile, preference and background the following is a common procedure and given as a guideline for students from Nepal wanting to study ABROAD.

1 Where would you like to study?


Think about what you’d like to study, the university or college you’d like to attend, and the country that suits your lifestyle and budget.


2 Personal Counseling/Information Session


Our experienced counselors will guide you with various study options based on your past qualifications, work experience, course eligibility and budgets. Our counselors will guide and help you take the right decision. If you have not taken the mandatory English test such as IELTS, TOEFL(iBT), CAE or PTE, we will help you to register for the test and book the nearest available date. We further explain details of entire expenses, university details, student lifestyle, visa requirements etc., and each student will be assessed for the eligibility of the student visa.


3 Application Submission


We apply for admission for the selected course with the University / Institute of your choice represented by us. Successful applications will received the Letter of Offer from the institute via KIEC. This offer can be conditional or unconditional. The current processing /turn around time for getting an offer letter may be between 1 to 6 weeks.


4 Payment of Tuition Fee or Deposit


At this stage student need to prepare all financial document and need to verify. In many instances student now is required to pay the First Semester tuition fees (If you have any unconditional offer) or Deposit and the compulsory Overseas Student Health Insurance by Telegraphic transfer in foreign exchange to the institute.

KIEC now will forward the draft / confirmation of TT along with acceptance of offer and request for RECEIPT FROM THE INSTITUTE or evidence of fee payment.


5 Medical Examination


Countries like Australia & New Zealand need all student applicants to undergo a medical examination by a approved panel doctor (More details on this can be obtained from our office) .


6 Visa Application


Students can collect all the forms and submit the required documents in our office. We may require many supporting and additional documents. We will verify the documents and once it is all good we will lodge the visa application. The processing time of the application can vary anytime between 4 to 12 weeks depending on the peak season and country.


7 Visa Grant


Once the visa officer is satisfied all the requirements then your visa will be approved. Stduents may have to undergo an interview in many cases with the visa officer. The validity of the visa will depend on the course for which you have been accepted.


8 Pre-Departure Briefing


We will help you prepare for departure from Nepal and arrival in another country. At our pre-departure briefing, you will receive valuable information about living abroad, life as a student at your institution, tips on adapting to the culture, and dealing with homesickness. You will also have the opportunity to network with other students, including alumni, current students and future classmates. All students will be oriented with detailed aspects of life and studies abroad.


9 Travel & Accommodation


Now you can buy your tickets and be prepared with necessary foreign exchange. Our services partners will advise you on ticketing, foreign exchange, travel insurance, opening bank account and international calling cards.

Once you provide your flight details to our office, we will assist you with information on various available on-campus and off-campus accommodations, airport pick up etc .


10 Apply online

Apply Online