Student: KIEC Student


I, Mrs. Your full name. Being an emulous student, I have a big aspiration of pursuing my career in Accounting fields. My choice of subject is account. In my school life, I did not get the chance to study accounting subjects. I planned to study account from the very beginning of my secondary education. I was inspired by my uncle who is an accounting teacher of the college. For my master’s degree, I would like to study at the University name.  My present career aim is to gain more knowledge in accounting on both theory and practical basis.

After a year of the relationship, I got married to the Husband’s Name on a date. We had love plus arranged marriage. My parents and his parents were happy with our relationship. After a year of our marriage, I had my first baby on 31st, August 2011. He is now 7 years old during my stay in Australia my son will be in safe hand with his father and grandparents. He is very attached to them so I am pretty sure that he will not miss my absenteeism in Nepal.

I always continue my studies. At the time of my wedding, I was at my Secondary level. I continued my studies after my wedding also. When I had a baby I got a chance to continue my studies too. My parents, husband and my In-laws have been very supportive of my education and career. For my abroad studying plan, they have shown a positive concern and they are happy with my plan to study further.

Academic background:

I completed my grade (school leaving certificate) securing Academic % from School name and address, in 2009. I joined Institution name, Mid Baneshwor in 2009 for my Secondary education taking Management as my major field and graduates with Academic%. After completing my secondary education, I joined Campus Name, Thali affiliated to Tribhuvan University, to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies (BBS) and secure Academic % in the year 2014.

Moreover, Internship training was there to learn more practically in Global IME Capital Limited. I got an opportunity to work as an intern for 1 week from 14th to 22nd September 2014. I used to give details on the share market to the Shareholders. The entry of a bonus share and a cash dividend. Furthermore, I took the KFA General Banking Course for 1 month from 1st July to 31st July 2014. I had taken a Computer training class on Diploma in office package at United Educational Consultancy for 6 months and completed on 17th January 2014. When I plan to study further I choose  Australia as my study destination so I took my IELTS class for a couple of months and took my IELTS test held on 7th July 2018. I secured overall 6.0; listening 6.0, reading 6.0, writing 5.5, and speaking 6.0. After my IELTS test, I start to search for the university to study MPA with an affordable tuition fee, living expenses, and a suitable climate.

Gap Explanation    

After completing my bachelor’s degree, I was lucky that I got a job in the company name and address for Assistant Accountant. I worked here from December 16th, 2015 to June 13th, 2018. Since it has been 3 years I have worked in this School, I am capable of handling all my duties perfectly. I have to play different roles and responsibilities such as accounting and Bookkeeping, conducting daily banking and financial activities. Additionally, I do have to maintain a petty cash fund as well. I am also responsible for reporting daily financial transactions to my senior accountant and helping her and learning accounting tasks practically. Mr. Saran Chaulagai is the principal of Shankar National Eng. Secondary School and Mrs. Sabina Oli Dahal were my seniors in the account section. Mr. Suraj Shrestha is the financial staff who supervise us. I was working under him too. My job was to assist Mrs. Sabina Oli Dahal in accounting and some financial terms. When I was working there were teachers, helper sisters, guard, and driver. Not only my job has helped me to perform my duties but it also helped me to be sociable, hardworking. I am able to work in the most challenging environment. All these experiences motivated me to learn new skills and experience new things. And now I want to do my Master’s in Australia to gain more depth knowledge in the accounting sector.

Financial Sponsor:

My sponsor for studying in Australia is my father. His name is Father’s name. He lives in Kathmandu, Nepal. He holds the citizenship of Nepal and he is Hindu by religion. My father is 53 years old. He is going to sponsor me for my living costs and tuition fees. My father is a businessman, he holds two vehicles (Tipper), has a partnership in the agricultural company. He is a 20 percent partner in that company. His monthly income from both sources is NRS.****** (AUD =****) as per NRS. 1= AUD =85.  In the company, he works as an employee and he owns his share too. He has a house in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has a bank account at Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited where he has his savings. For my future living cost and tuition fee, he will hold Nrs. ******* (AUD= *****). He is my full sponsor when I will be studying in Australia.

A living arrangement in Brisbane:

I am planning to stay in student accommodation buildings which are furnished and many facilities will be there to stay. Near my campus, there are 3 privately owned buildings for student accommodation. It will make it easy to travel to my university. Accommodation is of different types and their price is also different. We need to live with the calculation of the weekly expense. Student accommodation starts at $200 and varies by up to $400 per week. Before going to University I will be booking one of this accommodation which will come within my budget. I will be doing more research on living arrangements besides these.

Reason for choosing Australia:

Australia is one of the top destinations for international students, particularly for South Asian Students. I decided to study in Australia because of its cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high quality of education. It provides research-based education and a learning style that encourages students to be innovative, creative and think independently. The living expenses and tuition costs are really affordable in comparison with other countries and also Australian Universities provide paid internships. There is wide diversity in education, a variety of courses and quality of scientific research which helps students to gain more depth knowledge of their subjects.

Australia’s safe, multicultural life helps international students to adjust well. Students from all cultures, races, religions, and ethnicities are openly welcomed which is very unique about this country. Australia provides the world’ s most rigorous protection through ESOS (Education Services For Overseas students) Act which ensures the rights of visa holder students are protected regarding the education system. Australian Quality Framework (AQF) is designed by the Australian Government which ensures consistency of qualification titles across the country with the same high standards of education.ESOS Act protects rights of an overseas student studying in Australia including the right to receive, before enrolling, current and accurate information about the courses, fees, modes of study, and other information from institution and institution’s agent, right to sign a written agreement with your institution before paying fees and Tuition Protection Service (TPS) which is a placement and refund service for international students, which is activated in the event that your institution is unable to teach the course. This kind of strong action is not available in other countries. there is also Post Study Work Visa for the International student which ensures to get the chance to do the work in Australia for a minimum 2 years. This helps them to work in the related field of their course of study which will be enhancing the experience and education of any student. Other than the education system, Australia is a country with a homely atmosphere. It is the sixth-largest country in the world, with a variety of landscapes and cultures more than worthy of its size.

Reasons for not choosing the USA, UK, and Canada including Nepal:

Other countries to provide quality education and students do choose other countries for their studies but the reason why I choose Australia over other countries are as follows:

USA (United States of America): Many students choose the USA for their studies but if we see the admission process of the USA it is much more complicated than that of Australia. Australia is safer than the USA for students. Even though both countries provide world-class education, the tuition fees and living cost in the USA is relatively higher for the master program.

UK (United Kingdom): The UK is considered as one of the best destinations for further studies. Its University ranking is good. But compared to Australia, tuition fees and living cost is so expensive. UK government does not provide post-study work rights whereas the Australian government provides that facility to international students.

Canada: Processing for Canada takes a long time and their procedure is quite complicated. Even though Canada is one of the best countries in the world I Choose Australia as their procedure for applying is more direct.

Apart from these countries, I have also researched about Germany, Finland, Ireland, Switzerland in these European countries I need to be well known about the language they speak as they have their own language and this will be a great barrier for me to communicate in the day to day activities.

Reason for not Choosing Nepal for further study

I would love to study in Nepal only if it had world-class education that another country provides. With the intention of studying master’s in my home country, I searched for many colleges but did not find any of those who provide more practical and depth knowledge of accounting. Even though there are courses for Masters at Business Studies and Business Administration they do not contain the pure part of only accounting. They are more likely to be business management-oriented. Besides that in Nepal, there are fewer universities they have limited seats, annually based and fewer study facilities. Education provided in Nepal is theoretically-based rather than practical. There are some universities in Nepal such as Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University, but Master of Professional Accounting is not available here only Masters of Business Administration is available. Under MBA there is no depth knowledge of accounting. Therefore, there is no course that can provide students’ knowledge of accounting. Even I have studied for more than 15 years in Nepal and now I want to have International exposure in education so that there will be a significant improvement in my career. I can get an international Degree in my hand on time after getting that degree I will utilize in the real market so I can boost up my economy by getting the job in the highly paid designation.

Reason for choosing University name:

Before choosing The University name for my further study, I did research about different study destinations that offered my intended course. I found several universities like University name AUD XXXXX, University name AUD XXXXX, University name AUD XXXXX, University name AUD XXXXX and University name AUD XXXXX. Comparatively these universities are not in my account as some of them have high entry requirements and fees are also high. In some universities like the University name and the University name, I do not meet the IELTS requirement. Some universities like University name the location is not preferred by me and some of the universities do not accept the three years Bachelor’s degree from Nepal.  Finally, I chose The University name because it offered me MPA in Affordable fees and Provide world recognized education more than other Universities. University name is a public university based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. It was established in 1996 with 524 students. According to 2017 data, University name Academic staff are 961 as full-time staff.

The University name is located in South Bank Parkland, Brisbane. I choose this university in Brisbane because it offers a full degree program. University name offers flexible study options at a network of teaching locations between Brisbane and the Fraser Coast. It provides industry-related theory and practical knowledge to broaden student’s career opportunities. Its academics curriculum and teaching methods are satisfying to students, staff and University partners. Campus facilities include quiet study areas, a student commons, and kitchen, a 24-hour computer lab, etc. The university is fully equipped. For accommodation also the area of University name is much more facilitated. I can live near my university because it is close to a number of privately-owned student accommodation.

Many programs include a course that can be completed at any campus. Postgraduate study at University name can give me the opportunity to build up my career. University name provides many services and facilities regarding the study. After hours of support Academic skills workshop, Drop-in study support, Peer learning, Academic skills advisers, English language support, etc. Online study mode is not available to international students on a student Visa.

In University we get free health and wellbeing counseling service, facilities, information and initiative to help us look after our self. Its tuition fees are affordable for me then tuition to other universities. The annual tuition fee of University name is $XXXXX annual and $XXXXX of the full course. The course duration time is 2 years. The university name is in the city area so there is no trouble in transportation. There south Brisbane bus station, Train station to reach the campus.     

Reason for choosing Brisbane:

Brisbane is the capital of and most populous city in the Australian state of Queensland, and the third most populous city in Australia. The original peoples of Brisbane are Indigenous Turrbal and Jagera. Brisbane is centrally located best-positioned city which provides many opportunities and places to visit.  The reason for choosing Brisbane beside other popular cities of Australia is because of the accessible lifestyle especially comparing living expenses and tuition fee costs with other cities. It is affordable for me to stay and continue my studies in Brisbane. Brisbane offers a range of quality purpose-built student accommodation which is very important to international students. Brisbane is Australia’s most inclusive study destination and is known as a safe and welcoming place olive. It’s a biodiverse city.  

Reasons for studying Masters of Professional Accounting:

The Masters of Professional Accounting offers the opportunity to develop the knowledge and expertise needed for a rewarding career in accounting starting with associate membership of professional accountancy bodies. There are both advanced learnings in both theory and professional practice and learn to solve accounting and business problems in innovative ways. This course is designed for students to obtain specialized knowledge and research skills in accounting and related areas of business. This will help students to learn to apply advanced conceptual and solve much practical accounting knowledge to undertake rewarding careers in accounting and related areas of business.

Emerging accounting and business concepts one can solve critical problems, design and decision-making methodologies to identify and provide an innovative solution to complex problems with intellectual independence. So, by studying MPA I can solve many complex business problems as well as gain depth knowledge of accounting. Accounting fundamental, Informatics and Financial Application, Financial Reporting, Managerial Finance, Legal Regulation of Business Structure, Corporate Reporting, Strategic Management Accounting, Taxation Law and Practice, Contemporary Accounting Issues, Issues in Auditing Practice, Business Analytics and Statistics, Principles of Economics for Accounting, Principles of Commercial Law are subject that I will be studying.

The course abbreviation has 16 units, 192 credit points. Studying duration is 48 units points per semester. The unit value of all courses is 12 units unless otherwise specified. Along with accounting subjects, the MPA provides other areas to study. Marketing,  Global Business, Project management, Quantitative Research method, and others. MPA has a wide range of courses that will help to sharpen my knowledge.

My future plan after completing MPA:

After completion of my Master’s degree after 2 years of the study year, I will apply for PSW during my PSW I will be working in my related field and gain first-hand job experience in the international market so that I can utilize my experience and knowledge in my home country. If I am not able to get the PSW In Australia, I will return back to my home country Nepal with the Australian degree as an Australian degree will be enough to get a competitive job in Nepal. I would like to bring knowledge back to my home country Nepal. I have a reason for returning to my home country. The main reason is my further future plans, career, and mostly my parents and family. After my international degree and experience, I will be ready to settle professionally in Nepal. Nepal is a developing the country, many infrastructures, multinational companies, educational programs are immersing. Such advance knowledge and innovative idea from foreign countries are of immense significance. There are many reputed organizations and banks in my country where I can apply for my job.

With the help of an internationally recognized degree of MPA from University name, I want to work as a professional accountant for one of the reputed organizations and equally use my ideas and knowledge for newly established companies or organizations. In my home country along with the government sector, banking sector, reputed organization there are numbers of INGOs and NGOs. I would have plenty of platforms to share my knowledge.  In Nepal, there are a large number of banks, ventures, and many more reputed organizations like Chaudhary Group, Berger, Coca-Cola, Dabur Nepal, and Unilever Nepal. similarly, Accounting graduates can also get a job in the hospital sector, a non-profitable organization like UNICEF, UNESCO. Airlines companies are also increasing in Nepal, in this sector also there is in need of an accountant so I can get a job in this sector in a reputed designation for the accountant. In each and every sector there is a need for an accountant, A small amount of investment also need an accountant to keep the record of their financial transaction. There is always a need for a record of savings and expenses, there is a need for the profit calculation and taxation in any company those are running in the relevant sector.  Having numbers of banks list at own country and ventures I have a high probability to get a job on those sectors as Auditor, Public Accountants and Government Accountants. In Nepal, there are a large number of banks, ventures, and many more reputed organizations like Chaudhary Group, Berger, Coca-Cola, Dabur Nepal, and Unilever Nepal. similarly, Accounting graduates can also get a job in the hospital sector, a non-profitable organization like UNICEF, UNESCO. Airlines companies are also increasing in Nepal, in this sector also there is in need of an accountant so I can get a job in this sector in a reputed designation for the accountant. In each and every sector there is a need of an accountant, A small amount of investment also needs an accountant to keep the record of their financial transaction. There is always a need for a record of savings and expenses, there is a need for the profit calculation and taxation in any company that is running in the relevant sector.  Having numbers of banks list at own country and ventures I have a high probability to get a job on those sectors as Auditor, Public Accountants and Government Accountants.

Furthermore, I have made up my mind to invest my money, time and effort for a proposed degree in University name; I am confident enough that I will be able to get expected return on investment in the near future while I start my professional career in my home country.

Reason for non-accompanying my spouse with me in Australia:

I am married and I do have a child but I am not accompanying my spouse. I am going to Australia for my study but my spouse is working here as an agent in the Transportation Office, Kathmandu, Nepal. He has his own working place and he is not ready for an abroad plan. He wants me to study and he will be supporting me for my study. Another reason for not accompanying him with me is our son’s school academic plan. Up to my study years, he will be working in Nepal and taking care of our family.

Subclass 500 objectives:

Since I will be on a student visa (500-Subclass) I will have to meet all the visa conditions which are as follow:

  • I must study a registered full-time course.
  • I can work up to 40 hours per fortnight when my course is in session and unlimited hours during scheduled course breaks.
  • I must continue to have sufficient funds to support myself.
  • I need to inform the Department of Immigration in case of circumstance change like a change of contact detail, passport details etc.
  • I need to either leave Australia before my visa expires or lodge a new visa application.


I hope I will be provided with an opportunity to study at the University name as full-time students, to study Master of Professional Accounting.


I hereby certify that the information above, which has been supplied in support of my student visa application to assist me to demonstrate that I satisfy DIBP’s GS and GTE compliance requirements, has been completed in my own words and handwriting and is a true and correct account. I understand that if any incorrect, misleading or non-genuine information is found in this SOP, my student visa application will be refused.

Name:- Full Name

Passport Number:- ********

Date of Birth:- YYYY/MM/DD

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