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Statement of Purpose

My name is Applicant’s name, resident of Biratnagar Metropolitan City. I was born in Biratnagar, Morang, Nepal on 1st September 19XX. My father’s name is Name, he is a retired government officer and my mother’s name is Name and she is an excellent housewife. Currently, my father is engaged in an accounting job in a reputed education intuition after his retirement. I am married since XXth April 20XX with Name. She is working as a staff nurse in a renowned hospital named Life Guard Hospital Pvt. Ltd. My father in law Name is in Dubai, currently working as an office boy in SRL Diagnostics in Dubai and my mother in law Name is an excellent housewife. Both families are supportive and positive toward my post-graduation. Thus, I am pursuing to study Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) in university name, Australia.

Regarding my educational background, I completed my School Leaving Certificate (SLC) from Bal Kalyan Vidya Mandir (B.K.V.M.) with distinction marks of XX% in 2008. Due to my excellent marks, I got a scholarship while joining the intermediate level. I passed out intermediate level from Merryland College in 20XX scoring XX% with business math as a major subject. During my intermediate level, I was a very active and multitalented student. I used to involve in volunteer ship in college while organizing different programs I have also received a certificate of appreciation during the annual function.  After successful completion of intermediate level, for my bachelor’s degree, I decided to pursue a course in Business Administration as I always had a keen interest in management stream, I further continued my study under the program Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from 20XX, in Management Campus, Biratnagar, affiliated under Purbanchal University of Nepal, which I successfully completed my graduation in the year 20XX scoring 3.07 CGPA out of 4 and major specialization was Human Resources Management. I was four-year courses consisting of eight semesters.

As a partial fulfillment and requirement of the course, I got an opportunity to work as an intern in Siddhartha Bank Ltd. for a period of 8 weeks which helped me to have a closer insight on how the financial firms such as the bank itself work. During my graduation period, I have participated in various training and workshops. Civic Concern workshops organized by Youth Initiative, one-day workshops organized by Commerce and Trust Bank Nepal Ltd and Standard Chartered Bank Nepal are some of the significant workshops I have attended.

After one and a half years of banking career, I decided for abroad studies for MPA and I attended the IELTS exam on 4th November, 20XX and scored an overall band score of 6.5 (listening: 7.0, reading: 5.5, writing: 6.5 and speaking: 6).

But as life took different turns, my marriage got fixed on 27th April 20XX, before this I already have obtained an offer from a ‘’B’’ class commercial Bank namely “Jyoti Bikash Bank ltd’’. After my marriage, I started my banking career with Jyoti Bikas Bank from XXth June, 20XX. I joined this organization as a Junior Assistant and worked there for 7 months (12th June, 20XX to XXst January 20XX). Initially, I was placed in the Customer Service department. Later after performance evaluation, I got promoted to the credit department. As a Junior Assistant, I learned various credit policies. I got involved in the disbursement of loans and handled various credit files. I am good at financial analysis and accounting principles which shall definitely support me to peruse a higher degree in MPA.

After my marriage, I used to stay at Pathari, Morang and my spouse was studying at Amda Institute of Health Science Damak, Jhapa. After completion of her study, she decided to prepare for her nursing license exam and started staying with my parents. In the meantime, I got another opportunity to join an “A” class commercial bank and I finally was transferred to another bank named “Nic Asia Bank Ltd”. It is one of the top “A” commercial bank of Nepal. As soon I got a release letter from Jyoti Bikash Bank, I immediately joined the Nic Asia Bank. I started working there on the 4th of February 2017. Due to my previous experience, I was placed in the credit department and to date, I am working as a post of Assistant. I am given more responsibilities and duties to work upon. Now, I am also responsible for lending, customer dealing, and deposit management.

Regarding the financial aspect, my father and fathers-in-law are going to sponsor my entire duration of the study and living costs in Australia. My father is a retired government officer and currently, he is working as an accountant in Hollyland English Boarding School.

On the other hand, my father in law is working as an office boy at SRL Diagnostics in Dubai. They are happy with my study abroad decision and will support their full capabilities. They have regular income from their salary and land lease. I am the only child of my parents, after completion of my graduation; I shall be back to my home country Nepal and look after my parents in old ages.

I studied accounting since my high school until my BBA, and I have worked as a Junior and working now as an Assistant, as I want to become a Professional Accountant or Senior Accountant in one of the reputed business organizations back in my home country. So, I believe my previous academic background, current work experience will surely help me to understand my course of studies in university name, Australia, which will help me to achieve my future goal back in my home country soon in near future.

Besides all, I was also doing the research regarding the related courses and education destinations among my home country, USA and UK. I visited different education agents and also attended a few of the education seminars organized by different education providers of the USA, UK, and Australia in my home country. With thorough research and screening of all the factors about various available courses and study destination options, I decided to choose the university name, for MPA.

Regarding my Marriage and Spouse History, I got married to Spouse Name on XXth April, 20XX. She is working as a staff nurse in hospital namely Life Guard Hospital Pvt. Ltd. to date. He is very punctual and dedicated to her work. Being in a husband-wife relation, we are in a strong emotional bond with each other. My wife is very supportive and motivating towards my educational as well as a career field. He is very happy with my strong desire of getting an International degree from the university name, Australia. So, we both want to accompany each other during my study in Australia as it will be very challenging for me to go alone to a new place far away from home.

I had set my mind to study in Nepal. I searched for many universities in Nepal but I didn’t find my choices. Talking about my home country, there are also good universities but not all Nepalese Universities have international recognition. Universities of Nepal do not offer a wide range of courses. The available courses are not flexible and updated and they are taught with the same curriculum for many years.

Most importantly, I am looking for international exposure and both theoretical and practical way of teaching and learning which I am not able to find in Nepal. We know for the fact that the old courses have to be changed with the arrival of new ones and technologies should be added every year. However, these changes are not quite practiced in Nepal. Even with the arrival of new editions of books, we still follow the old ones focusing on theoretical learning rather than practical which is one of the main cons of the education system here. Moreover, there is a limited number of seats with high competition throughout the country and the increasing political instability has led to strikes and hindrance to the education sector. Because of these reasons my thoughts of continuing further education in Nepal fade away. Australia’s living expenses and tuition fees are considerably lower than those of the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

The difficult part about thinking of abroad studies was to analyze the right country, to begin with. The given country choices were the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. Since my academic and IELTS scores didn’t match the requirement of Canada; my preference for Canada was out of the question. Because of expensive courses and time-consuming visa processes in the USA and European countries language is the main hindrance for postgraduate studies.

In addition, I came to know that the USA and the UK have a higher rate of criminal activities than that of Australia. Australia promotes innovation, creativity, and independent thinking throughout universities. International students who study in Australia will find that their education is challenging, fun, and rewarding and those who successfully complete their degree will find soon that they are competitive in today’s international job market.

Therefore, I am proud and happy to choose Australia for my higher education among all and I believe this is my best decision.

Australia is a diverse country that has always warmly welcomed international students and I have found that Australia is the right place to continue my Master’s Degree. As, Australia is best known for its safety and peaceful environment, and, the university name being home for international students will provide the right environment for an international student like me to concentrate more on my subject of interest and motivate me to stand out in it. Australia is an educational destination that comprises hundreds of Universities which comprises eight best Universities among the top 100 Universities of the world.

The Australia education system has a high influence on our education system too. We are far behind in research and advancement in any field of life, especially in education. Besides, Australian education equips people with the skills, knowledge and contacts that will last a lifetime and gives every student that study with them, whether I study at a university or any other Institute or school, I will receive a quality education that will form a strong foundation for my future success. So, the main reason for choosing Australia as my educational destination is because of its high-quality education. It not only provides qualitative education but also provides affordable fees and living costs. A favorable climate and a good social environment with a low crime rate can be added to the plus points of Australia as it helps to acquire qualitative education.

Moreover, Australia facilitates its students with an advanced educational system. I have found through my research that, Universities give more focus on practical knowledge rather than theoretical. Australian classrooms are well equipped with the latest technologies and students are allowed to take laptops in most lecture halls and classrooms. The systematic education system in Australia attempts to prepare their students to enhance their education as well as careers by providing them with the latest technology. International students like me are attracted to Australia because of its quality education with worldwide recognition.

Furthermore, Australia possesses streamline visa application and visa processing and it also practices the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act and Tuition Protection Services (TPS) which protects the rights of the international students. This makes me feel safe to apply for Australia. Before processing for Australia, I researched for a few other study destinations. I am so amazed at the affordable tuition fees and living costs of Australia because it is comparatively low than in countries like the USA and UK. I also researched for Universities in my home country but I could not find the course of MPA here. I am interested in Australia as I will get to know the people from most parts of the world which will help me broaden my knowledge of intercultural aspects. So, Australia stands on top of my priority list.

After deciding the study destination, the first and foremost concern was to select University for furthering the process. With the options of studying at various universities likewise university name, university name, university name. I have chosen the university name is one of the top Australian Universities for its teaching quality not only provides the academic knowledge but also transfers the experience suited to today’s ever-changing world. From extensive research, I decide that receiving an international degree in Masters in Professional Accounting (MPA) from university name, Australia will surely help me get plenty of executive jobs and handsome salary in the multinational company itself.

My IELTS score also matched the requirement of the university name. Further, the university name offers various programs at the postgraduate level. The course is designed in such a manner that it touches and gives depth knowledge in an advanced international specialization. university name has the expertise and experience to help students reach their goals. Furthermore, quality education, teaching methods as well as experienced lecturers at university name will certainly help me to sharpen my knowledge and skills. To be very honest, the best part is we will not get all the above-mentioned combination of course of MPA at any institution in Nepal or elsewhere in the country. I see the university name as the university with immense opportunities.

University name also provides a 12-week internship program after graduation to all its students. university name is truly an international university. university name has an excellent Study Support Program offered at the university name Study Centers; the centers have introduced a comprehensive Academic Skills Development Program (ASDP) that focuses on enhancing student academic writing and learning skills. The study support program can be extremely useful for both new and current students as it gives us the opportunity to learn or improve our academic writing. So, by researching and analyzing various factors like course contents, tuition fees, location and duration, I finally got convinced myself in choosing a university name, for my higher education.

It is undeniable fact that Australia is a leading country that provides quality education to thousands of national as well as international students every year as per their preferred courses. I am very much passionate to study Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) as it will help me in my career growth to the next level. I have studied some accounting subjects while doing my BBA, also I am working at the credit department in a reputed organization in my home country and I believe that my current work experience will help me to understand my subject matters in university name.

MPA course is of two years’ duration with 96 credit points. This course is designed with a total of 12 subjects, which equips graduates with the knowledge and skills to succeed in accounting. The program focuses on developing fundamental skills in the principles of accounting, and also developing knowledge in management accounting, taxation, auditing, finance and law.

Furthermore, I have a fair understanding that MPA is an alternative course for Chartered Accountant’s course. It provides practical and theoretical knowledge, skills and expertise to enable students to become literate and analytical practitioners in accounting. It is designed for graduates of either accounting or non-accounting disciplines who wish to broaden their career prospects, permitting entry into the accounting profession. Industry relevant projects, solving problems for real clients and exposure to real business problems and environments are essential features of the MPA degree. Course content is consistently redefined to meet the emerging demands of business and the broader community which means that our MPA program will be wholly relevant to the national and global market place. MPA is the course that triggers the goal I am looking for. It is designed for students looking for a change in career, and opens the way too many vocational choices in areas of financial management, public practice, commerce and industry, government and semi-government organizations and accounting education. It undertakes and evaluates the conceptual basis of accounting and financial decision making.

I am very much interested to learn about subjects like Decision Support Tools, Accounting System, Economics, Business Law, Taxation, Auditing, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Accounting Thoughts, Accounting Information Systems, Account and Finance. It is for the students like me who want a career in the accounting profession by enhancing their learning experience. I feel that I still lack some qualities and international exposure in order to get a promotion at the top level where strategic financial decisions are made. So, I believe that after successful completion of my course it will obviously help me to enhance my theoretical knowledge into practicality with the managerial process and makes me capable of serving the advanced management in the dynamic business environment.  So, I found the MPA program in the university name, Australia to be the best choice for me.

Obtaining an international Master’s Degree will undoubtedly help me to promote my status and skills. The skills gained from this program are not only advantageous for a career in accounting but highly transferable in banking and finance, industrial, business organizations, globally.

MPA is designed for students looking for a change in career, and opens the way to many vocational choices in areas of financial management, public practice, commerce and industry, government and semi-government organizations, and accounting education. It undertakes and evaluates the conceptual basis of accounting and financial decision making. Thus, the previous degree I have hold in the management and the accounting subject will definitely support for my future academic program.

As I am from the management background I have chosen banks for my career. Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) is relevant to my previous academic background and my employment history as well. MPA consists of accounting principles, techniques which is directly related to my job design. I have studied some accounting subjects while doing my BBA, also I am working in a credit department in a reputed organization in my home country and I believe that my current work experience and my educational background are relevant to the program that I have chosen for further study.

After my successful completion of the master’s program (MPA), I intend to work in one of the renowned and best Banking sectors, or in a multinational company as a Senior Accountant or top-level credit officer in my home country. After my study, I would be able to critically apply theoretical and technical accounting knowledge to evaluate complex accounting and financial problems. I believe that this course will definitely help me in getting a good job in a good position related to Accounting as there is a great scope of this course in a developing nation like Nepal.

I do have a very exciting future career plan related to my professional and family life, which are the only sources of happiness for which I will come back home. After returning to my home country with an MPA degree from the university name, I want to work as a Professional/Senior Accountant for one of the reputed business organizations.

The knowledge and work-related practical experiences will help me to realize the benefits of growing development in the field of business institutions and banking management being an Auditor, Credit manager, Finance manager, Taxation consultant, Financial controller.

After returning back from Australia, my targeted companies to work as a professional accountant are leading manufacturer, Chaudhary Group, Dabur Nepal, INGO’s, Government ministries of an expected salary within the range of fifty to sixty thousand Nepalese Rupees per month.

After my post-graduation in MPA, I can hold the top position in those banks and financial institutions. However, the salary for manager and officers are likely to increase with the work experience and training. There still exist traditional old techniques and practices in Nepalese Accounting and Business Management. After being graduated from MPA, I will introduce new ideas & sophisticated methods in my home country that I will gain from the Australian market and business institutions.

New multinational companies, banks and business NGOs and INGOs have been introduced in Nepal every year. Professional and high skilled workers are highly demanded to meet job requirements. Thus, my international degree will certainly match the requirement.

Furthermore, there are top commercial banks in Nepal likewise Nabil Bank Ltd, Himalayan Bank Ltd, Standard Charter Bank Ltd. I can also seek my professional career in one of the leading financial and banking institutions as Loan and Credit Officer/Manager or Financial Advisor.

Besides my professional career plan back in my home country, I along with my spouse do have another strong plan towards our family. I and my wife will have to take care of both parents in their old ages in supporting difficult times. I am the only son of my family I have a huge responsibility to bear. And most importantly, we do have to take care of both of the family assets. Thus, we really want to remain with our families sharing every joy and sorrow and stay happy with each other and giving continuity to build up our better professional career. I will also have to support and be with my wife in our home country, as she wants to start her own venture regarding various projects based on social organization which will ultimately give us both satisfactions.


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