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I am your name, daughter of father name and mother name. I was born on date of birth and I am a permanent resident of the full address. I have a nuclear family consisting of five members including me. I am glad to present my statement of purpose to share my academic desire. My father is a businessman and my mother is a housewife. In addition, my parents-in-law are the permanent residence of address and work in various fields. Both of our parents are extremely supportive of my education and are sponsoring for my tuition fees as well as living expenses for my stay in Australia. 

Academically, I am a recent graduate student. I completed my school leaving certificate in 2010 from school name with academic %. And then I did my +2 level from Institution name with the second division in 2013. Based on my percentage in my SLC, I decided to join a management stream for +2. An account was the subject in which I struggled a lot. I found difficulty in tackling and solving the numerical as I was not good with formulas, as a result, I failed in the board exams. I appeared in re-exam and I wasn’t successful again due to illness. My classes of grade 12 were already over and I had to wait for my exam date again. Since my classes were over I started taking tuition classes for accounts and instead of staying idle I started to accompany my father in his furniture business, which helped me in the understanding business world practically. In this way, I enhanced my knowledge in accounts as well and appeared for my exam again and I passed my +2 level at the end of 2013.

Following this, I joined Institution name affiliated to Swiss board which has an equivalency to the Tribhuwan University of Nepal for bachelors in hotel management and completed it at the end of 2017 with CGPA of *** out of 6.


As hospitality and tourism study demands more practical skills than theoretical knowledge, I have worked in different hotels and banquets. During my bachelor’s level, I have worked as a casual staff in various embassies, banquets, hotels, etc. which were conducted by the college for additional skills. Some of my work experiences are as follows –

  • I have worked as an intern at a company name in the housekeeping department from June 2015 till December 2015.
  • I have worked as a trainee at the company name and address in the Food and Beverage department from March 2017 to August 2017.
  • I have worked as a casual staff in various 5-star hotels, banquet halls and embassies like the German embassy and the Swiss embassy.


During my internship at the company name, I learned how to maintain a guest room from normal rooms to luxury suites. I also learned how to maintain the offices, guest areas, conference halls, etc for the actual operation of a 5-star hotel. And during my training at KC’s restaurant, I learned different skills such as guest handling, taking orders, serving food, etc.


After completing my bachelor’s degree, I started searching for colleges that provided hospitality and tourism courses at the master level. I found out that there were very few colleges like Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Kantipur International College, etc that provided this course. Among them only one is affiliated under Tribhuwan University which is the only university recognized in all Nepal and to get an enrollment there is tough due to limited seats. In addition, education in Nepal often faces challenges of quality, productivity, and relevance. The university course in Nepal seriously lacks the practical approach of teaching and learning environments. It also lacks a research-based curriculum which is why it is not globally recognized. That’s why I finally decided to study abroad and did my IELTS examination on 10th February 2018 and managed to get an overall band score of 6.5 with each band not less than 6.


Since the moment I decided to do my post-graduate studies from abroad, I started doing research on different countries for my courses. I found out that the USA, UK, and Australia are the top three English speaking countries for international students. I came to know that the USA has a large number of international students from around the world competing in their related educational fields. However, students are fascinated with the scholarship system there, I was disappointed to know it was not available for every intake. Different states in the USA follow a different curriculum of courses in which subjects from one university may vary from the same subject in another. On the other hand, students need to sit for various aptitude tests like GRE, GMAT, etc to fulfill the educational requirements which are tough and getting enrollment is a problem. Then I started my research on the UK which is also popular for students globally. But the value of the European currency is too high and will be very expensive for international students. The tuition fees in the UK are among the highest in the world and the health insurance system has no clear provision which is a major setback for students like us.


Finally, I did my research on Australia and came to know different facts on it. Australia being the third most popular destination for international students has a population of about 24 million and is known for the standard of living it offers. According to the World University Ranking 2018, Australia has 6 of the top 100 universities. It also has 6 best cities for students from around the world. Australian degrees are globally recognized due to its impressive quality and international education system which is regulated by the government of Australia. It offers a safe learning environment with excellent study opportunities and services for students. People of different cultures have been staying in Australia which makes it very attractive for students who wish to study there. I myself have grown up in a culturally diverse society and an environment like this is a huge motivation for me to continue my studies. It also allows students like us to cope up with the change and helps us to learn about different cultures and religions. Apart from this, the tuition fees and living expenses are also affordable and low compared to other countries like the USA and UK. Australia is also advance in technology which can be seen in its education system. The universities in Australia have classrooms equipped with the latest technologies through which students can take advantage of their studies and research resources. I also came to know the information about the ESOS act (Education Services for Overseas Students) which is designed to provide education services for overseas students and set their registration process. It also helps the international students by governing their TPS (Tuition Protection Service) and quality of education so that the care of the students remains high. On researching further, the climatic condition of Australia is similar to that of Nepal and the crime rates are low compared to other countries which makes the students easy to adapt and feel safe. In this way, the better quality of life, affordability and quality of education with Post Study Work (PSW) has allured and encouraged me to choose Australia.


The time had come for me to choose one university for my course and I was really confused at the beginning. So, I started searching for Australian universities for my curriculum through various educational agents, magazines and different internet sites like, For a master’s degree. I found a number of universities like Torrens University, James Cook University, University of Wollongong and so on. Among all, I choose to pursue my master’s degree from University name.

University Name is one of the Asia Pacific’s top 100 universities and is ranked among the top 150 universities worldwide by The Young Universities Ranking 2017. It is a world-class university, whose innovations in teaching and researches are globally recognized and have been producing outstanding graduates. During the 1970s, University Name was first started with the Name’s College and after a state review of higher education, University name was established in 1994. Highly known for its supportive nature for international students, University name is ranked 38th among the world universities that specialize in Tourism and Hospitality Management. It is a highly reputed university with campuses at the Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour, Lismore and branch campuses in Sydney and Melbourne. It has been providing degrees in a wide range such as information technology, law and justice, business education, health, and human sciences and so on.


The reason for me to choose University name is that the courses offered in its focus on operational skills and management practice in the tourism and hospitality industry that helps students develop into dedicated professionals with qualifications that are highly recognized. It is situated in Brisbane in the Queensland state of Australia. It ensures there will be no compromises in the quality of education that I will be receiving. I strongly believe that good learning experience along with an excellent hotel environment will help me learn more about the operations of hotels and build a successful career. The internship periods and the educational field trips being provided also has boosted me up.


Another reason for me to choose this particular university is its fee structure. The tuition fees at University name seemed low when I compared it with other universities like University name having fees of XXXXX AUD annually for the same course while University Name has XXXXX AUD. Likewise, the other providers such as the University name has a fee of AUD XXXXX per Annum. The quality of education with affordable tuition fees and the educational environment in University name is extremely good and beyond what I was searching as told by my friends studying at University name itself. Therefore, to pursue my master’s degree in International Tourism and Hospitality Management I choose University name.


To achieve a master’s degree in International Tourism and Hospitality Management, I am aware of the two years of a full-time course. I have to complete 16 units of 192 credit points which includes 12 core units and 4 elective units with 300 hours of the internship period. The core units and the elective units are listed below:



  • Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Marketing
  • Tourism Planning Environments
  • International Tourism System
  • Accounting for Managers
  • The Positive Leader
  • Contemporary Hotel and Tourism Issues
  • Industry Research Project
  • Management Communication
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Managing Information System


ELECTIVE UNITS (4 selections among these units)

  • Business Events Management
  • Environment Management for Hotels and Attraction
  • Service Management for Tourism and Hospitality
  • Business Professional Development
  • Tourism and Hotel Internship
  • Qualitative Research Method
  • Quantitative Research Method
  • Critical Literature Review


All the course units are directly related to the field of tourism and hospitality which assures that I will be receiving huge knowledge with quality practical skills.


After completion of my degree, there is no reason for me to stay in Australia. As my parents are getting older it is my duty to look after and be concerned about them. I have a very close bond with my parents as they have supported me in every aspect and I want to give them all the happiness. Apart from my family obligations, I will certainly return to my country as lots of opportunities are waiting for me here. Nepal being the country rich in natural beauty is a very popular tourist destination. So, the tourism and hospitality industry is booming in an increasing ratio. In addition, places like Pokhara, Lumbini, Mustang is famous for its beautiful lakes and mountains due to which tourists are attracted. And surely the Majestic Mt. Everest and other big Himalayas have made tourists visit Nepal for trekking. Many 5 star hotels like HYATT, Soltee Crowne Plaza, Radisson, Yak, and Yeti are speeding their operations and other hotels are building their chains. Thus, I can get a job salary of more than NPR 50,000 in the initial phase in the chain hotels. Along with that I can also teach college students and share my experiences. Therefore, my dream to work in big hotels and contribute to the tourism and hospitality field is only possible if I come back to Nepal.


During my stay in Australia, I will be accompanied by my husband. He has always been supportive of my academic career and motivates me in every step I take. I have taken this decision because I am afraid of loneliness in Australia since this is the first time I will be going out of the country. His company means a lot to me as I will always need him for academic support, moral support.


Above all, I am well prepared financially to continue my course in Australia. Regarding my financial sponsorship, my course and stay in Australia will be sponsored by my father, mother, father-in-law, and grandmother-in-law. My father and mother earn a total amount of NRs. XXXXXXX annually which is generated from the furniture industry my family owns and from the land rent. My father holds a total current savings of NRs. XXXXXXX in Nabil Bank. On the other hand, my father-in-law works in Astha Traders in the manager’s post and holds a total current saving of NRs. XXXXXX in Sunrise Bank. My grandmother-in-law holds total current savings of NRs.XXXXXXX in Siddhartha Bank and is willing to support us. Thus, after arranging all the mandatory credentials, I am applying for a student visa to pursue my purposed course.


I want to state that I am fully aware of the visa condition in my student visa subclass 500. I will strictly follow all the conditions and regulations. I am aware that I am allowed to work up to 40 hours per fortnight and my spouse can work full time. I have to maintain at least 80% attendance and pay my tuition fees before due dates. I should maintain a 50% pass grade in my studies and have health cover myself and my spouse for the full duration stay in Australia. I should inform the university if I change my residence or contact details. I am also aware that in violation of any of these visa rules, a visa may be canceled and I may have to leave Australia.


In conclusion, considering my all academic qualifications and awareness of student visa conditions I believe I am a genuine student trying to get an opportunity from the highly recognized University name. The quality and research-based education from University names will help me to be successful skilled personnel in the near future. It will be of great privilege if I am given an opportunity to enroll for study at University name. I will always follow the rules and regulations set by the university and do my best to make you feel proud of having me as an international student. I hope my application will be taken into consideration.


I declare that the particulars given above are true and correct in every detail. I understand that incorrect or misleading statements may result in the refusal of my admission.


Thank You.


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