I am grateful to the University Name for providing me this opportunity to be enrolled into the Master of Engineering-Civil program for the Autumn (March) 2019 session. It is with genuine pleasure I place my Statement of Purpose.


My name is Applicant Name. A permanent resident of Applicant Address, I was born on D.O.B. My citizenship no. is Citizenship Number and passport no. is Passport Number. Brought up in a design and engineering environment, I opted to be an instrumental part of this industry by selecting Civil Engineering for my Undergraduate degree. With a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree in Civil Engineering from University Name, Location, I graduated with a First Class degree securing a distinction with Score as my Cumulative GPA in the year Year. Prior to that I was in Senior High School at  in Year where I received my Senior School Leaving Certificate(SSLC) with a first division securing a percentage of University Name, Location, Score% after I had received my School Leaving Certificate (SLC) from School Name, Location,  in Year with a first division securing a percentage of Score %.


I have 3 members in my family. Father, Mother and myself. My father, Father Name, is an Architect and engaged in freelancing. My mother, Mother Name, is the owner and manager of Company Name. I am a single child and unmarried.


Post Bachelor’s I started working for Company Name, Location. I was involved in two major construction projects. As a Project management and Site professional, I was involved with Project planning and scheduling as well as site supervision and personnel management. Involved in the Shop drawing drafting and detailing as well as execution on site. Having completed a year and executed the structural phase of these projects I moved to Dubai UAE where I started working with Company Name, Location. During my tenure, I was involved in the Structural Design and Projects team to conceptualize, plan, design and execute the projects involving warehouses and industrial structures mostly Steel Structures. Me along with my team of senior engineers and Project manager worked on 5 different projects. My responsibilities included liaising with Municipal engineers and authorities to get approvals on structural design drawings, execution and supervision of site works. It struck me that I needed to pursue my Masters and after a year at Company Name, I decided to head back to Nepal and apply for a Master of Engineering course in Australia. I’ve been working as a Content Writer for Company Name for the past couple of months and managing my application for the Master’s degree hand in hand.

Having completed my Bachelor in Civil Engineering, what I learnt during my 4 years at college was instrumental as I started my professional practice. I was involved in projects which required demonstration of skills pertaining to designing and drafting structural members including footings, columns, beams and slab. Calculation of the Area of steel per square meter and the size of structural members based on Code books and guidelines was a part of the job. All of this I learnt during the senior year i.e. 3rd and 4th year of college where I was introduced to the Indian Standard code books namely during the Units of Design of Reinforced Concrete Elements and Design of Steel Structures. I found this analytical part of my course challenging and exciting at the same time. I used to be praised for my enthusiasm and participation in my class while my tutors encouraged me with assignments and tutorials. Similarly, I was equally enthusiastic about Computer Aided Drafting and Design which was another of the core units during my senior year. I learnt the basics of drafting using AutoCAD and design using StaadPRO V8i. Later on, I practiced the RCC design software Etabs from Computer and Structures Institute (CSI). Additionally, I practiced SAFE, analysis and design software for foundation and slab as well as Prokon for Design of structural elements. Most recently, I have been intrigued by the Project Management side of Civil and Construction Engineering. While the design phase is a challenging part, execution of projects is a whole new level. I am interested in pursuing this part of my course if suitable electives are available or will do it eventually after completing my Master of Engineering degree.

To demonstrate my English Proficiency, I appeared for the IELTS (Academic) on Date. I received an overall band score of X (All Band Score)

I completed my Bachelor’s in Engineering degree in Year from University Name, Location. Immediately after, I returned back to Nepal and joined Company Name. A construction company this, I was involved with Company Name for more than a year starting in June 2016 until June 2017. In July of 2017 I went to Dubai. I got an opportunity to work as a Junior Project Engineer/ Structural Engineer at Company Name. Company Name is an Architectural and Engineering Consultancy with a primary focus in Designing, Consulting and Project Management. I was involved with Company Name for a year starting from July 2017 to June 2018. I returned back to Nepal as I started preparing for the IELTS. I joined one of the best institutes in Kathmandu Valley, and went on to take the test in July 2018. I received my IELTS score in late July 2018. I started managing my application for the Master of Engineering degree and preparing documentations for the same. Hand in Hand I was involved in Freelancing jobs pertaining to Interior Design and Fit out works as I had minimal exposure in this field. During the month of August and September I worked on a project of Company Name involving office interior and fit out of a 200 square meter office apartment. I gained valuable exposure to this side of design i.e. the Interior Design and execution. Currently, I’m involved as a Content writer for Company Name.

Post high school, I have a gap of around 3 years. I was in a moment popularly referred to as Name, which was a point where I had to decide on what to do next. While I was brought up in an architectural and engineering environment all my life, I was unsure. I wanted to apply for Aeronautical studies abroad but was unsure about the career prospects once I completed my degree and returned to Nepal. This was in Year. Having lost some time and still unsure, I got an opportunity to work in Dubai as a Sales Executive and Merchandiser for the Company Name which is popular for its consumer electronics. I took the opportunity and worked in Dubai for a year and half before I decided on pursuing my Bachelor in Engineering and headed off to India in Year.

During these 3 years, I worked on my English language skills and took the TOEFL. I then started preparing for the SAT as I took the test along with the SAT I and II. I used to work as a Trainee Sales Executive at Company Name. This was in Year. I worked for a couple of months in this organization.

Why Study in Australia?

Of the many points in favor of Australia, I believe that Australia is a melting pot for Millennials. It has everything for everyone, and I being a student, it offers me quality education unparalleled among countries in the Asia Pacific region. Australia is the 3rd most popular destination that has English as its native language. To add to that, it recognizes our potential and helps scholars build their career. 

Quality of education: With a long tradition of producing world class scholars, Australia contributes to the lives of many individuals through its quality education. This quality is evident as the qualification received from Australia is recognized and sought after across the world. To nurture one’s talent through guidance and support is a quality and Australian education has these qualities.

Affordability: Tuition and Living expenses in Australia are considerably lower compared to other destinations, including the USA and UK. For eg. A Master of Engineering in the USA costs around $40000 whereas the same course in Australia comes around AUD $30000. Similarly, the cost of living in the UK is anywhere around £1300 whereas that in Australia is around $1690 which is equivalent to £994. Thus, overall it is affordable to pursue higher education in Australia.

ESOS Act: The Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 ensures that education and training institution maintain certain standards and legislative requirements, this specially for international students in Australia on student visa. This is another reason for choosing Australia as my destination for further studies.

Tuition Protection Service(TPS): The Tuition Protection Service is an innovative initiative by the Australian Government which assists international students if the education provider is unable to fully deliver the course of study. It ensures that international students are either able to complete their studies in another course or another education provider or receive a refund of their unspent tuition fees. This helps students pursue their course with a peace of mind.

Post Study Work (PSW) opportunity of Australia: The temporary graduate visa allows graduates to work in Australia temporarily after they finish their studies with two available streams i.e. the Graduate Work stream and Post-study work stream. This is instrumental to fresh graduates as they get industry exposure in a multi-cultural environment of highest standard.  

Friendly Natives: Australian folks are considered to be one of the friendliest people in the World. It is evident from the percentage of individuals willing to choose Australia as their destination for further studies as well as those willing to migrate there.

Standard of Living: Living expenses in Australia is minimal compared to other popular destinations for students. And the living standard in Australia is one of the best with Melbourne and Sydney consistently in the top 10 most livable cities in the World.

Cultural Diversity: As Australia is a Melting pot for Millennials, nationals from countries across the world residing there is an evidence of the cultural diversity. This is because of a combination of factors including living standard, quality education, world class health care and immaculate infrastructure.


I am applying for the Master of Engineering (MEng) at the University Name. The course code is Code.  It is a professional Master’s degree in the field of Engineering. The duration of this course is mentioned as 2-years full time. The fees for International Student as mentioned in the University Name website is AUD $31,680.00. 

To qualify for the award of MEng, I will need to complete 160 credit points successfully.

I will need to complete 8 core units which include:

  1. Advanced Engineering Project 1
  2. Advanced Engineering Project 2
  3. Master Project 1
  4. Master Project 2
  5. Professional Practice and Communication
  6. Research preparation in Post Graduate Studies
  7. Specialized software application
  8. Sustainable Systems

Similarly, I will need to complete 5 specialized alternates. As my major will be Civil, I have chosen the following 5 units to specialize in:

  1. Advanced Applied Mechanics
  2. Advanced Geotechnical Engineering
  3. Advanced Structural Analysis
  4. Advanced Timber Structures
  5. Deep Foundations

Additionally, I will be required to complete three 10 credit point elective units. I plan on choose units related to Construction Project Management and Risk Management.

This course has a full accreditation at the level of professional engineer at University Name, Location. As mentioned in the Course Handbook, the MEng degree has been designed to meet Engineers Australia professional accreditation requirements. So an MEng from University Name is eligible to apply for full membership of Engineers Australia. To add to that, upon successful completion, graduates are eligible to apply for Chartered professional engineering registration after completion of engineering practice period specified by Engineers Australia.


Upon completion of this course, I will have an opportunity to work at a private organization, a Design firm which specializes in Structural and Geotechnical Design or at a Project Management firm. Apart from these firms, I can also join Government entities in Nepal which include The Building Department, National Reconstruction Authority as well as the Road and Railway Departments.  This course will help me become a seasoned professional with a strong knowledge base in my field of Civil and Structural Engineering. The demand for a Professional Engineer with specialization in Structural and Geotechnical design is increasing with the rapid rise in construction of mega structures world-wide. Additionally, I will have opportunities to work abroad in countries like the United Arab Emirates which prides itself for an ever changing and evolving construction industry. With my understanding of the Engineering industry of this region, I will find a suitable position and will adapt to it quickly.

I am looking forward to completing my Master’s in Engineering. Upon completion, I have great plans for my career. While a prospect of working for some of the biggest construction firms in Nepal is an added bonus, I do have plans to setup my own Engineering and Project Management Consultancy. Some of the best employers of Graduate Civil Engineers in Nepal include, CE Construction Pvt. Ltd, Lama Construction Company Pvt. Ltd, Kalika Group and Raman Construction Pvt. Ltd. They offer a competitive package for Graduates from Australian Universities with average salary of around hundred thousand (100,000.00 Nepali Rupees per month). While the tuitions and other expenses for the duration of my course in Australia at Western Sydney University will come around AU$100,000.00 which is equivalent to Nepali Rupees 8,500,000.00, this figure is a small amount in the long run. It will be a matter of 5 years before I recover my investment. But I will gain valuable experience during this time which will help me succeed in my career. Starting a private firm is another option and Government of Nepal offers incentives to those willing to be self-employed in a technical field. 


The Master of Engineering in Civil covers the field of Structural Design and Geotechnical Engineering among others. For a career, I plan on accumulating as much of an understanding of the design stream of Civil Engineering. The Geotechnical as well as Structural part of this stream is fundamental to understand the overall design of a structure. Although a vast stream this, I plan on taking this challenge one step at a time. As I started with this during my Bachelor’s Degree, I plan on continuing this quest with a Master’s degree with a specialization in the same stream. Further, I plan to take on a degree by research. This of course if I am able to sustain the rigors of my current challenge. Although, I am quite confident about it, with multiple choices and prospects upon graduation, I will decide on this eventually i.e. once I complete my Master of Engineering course.

After spending a small yet significant portion of my professional as well as academic career in this field I have come to realize that if we dedicate certain amount of time at something that we enjoy doing, we make a habit to further investigate it until we are successful at figuring it out completely. While the field of Engineering is vast and challenging, I want this course to help me figure out the streams of Structural and Geotechnical engineering. I want to understand the modes of analysis of structural components, under various loading conditions, that will be required in the design of such components. I find steel design challenging and exciting at the same time and want to be able to design a complete structure with a full understanding of the Codes, provisions and guidelines. This to design a structure both strong and serviceable. And upon understanding the theory, I want to practice the same on live projects using computer programs used in the analysis, design and modelling of such structures.

On a personal level, a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from University Name will empower me in competing at the highest level. With my aim to specialize in Structural and Geotechnical engineering, the skills I shall gain in this field will be instrumental in designing and executing large scale projects. Nepal is a country with abundant water resources and majority of civil and infrastructure projects are related to hydropower. The planning and design phase of such projects require an in depth knowledge of Geotechnical as well as Structural engineering. Substructure of the Dam used in retaining large volumes of water needs to be stable. As these dams rest on the underlying strata, it is important to design them considering all possible cases. Similarly, the topic of slope stability and retaining structure, which comes under Geotechnical and structural engineering respectively, is an important unit which I expect to master during the course. The prospect of mastering the skills of Analysis and Design of Reinforced concrete and steel structure is appealing as these will be applied in the Design of most of the structures. 

WHY University Name?

With students from more than 70 countries, the diversity at University Name is second to none. This illustrates the superior quality of education on offer at University Name as prospective students find it easy to choose University Name as the University of choice. And with a quality education comes the personal satisfaction of having earned a valuable degree. This combination is the principal reason for my choosing University Name as the institution for pursuing Master of Engineering.

University Name, starting its operations in 1989, has become a world class University. Recognized for its research strengths and innovations in teaching, University Name is Sydney’s highest rated University for employer satisfaction with 9 out of 10 employers saying great things about University Name graduates. As the University stands among the top 2% of Universities across the world and is ranked at 71 among top 100 Young Universities, University Name is my first choice to purse Post graduate degree in engineering.

Another reason for choosing University Name is it helps fuel my ambition to be a Globe trotter. With the Global Mobility, internship and work placement programs, University Name offers an opportunity to travel and work in over 300 destinations worldwide. The traveler in me is jubilant to have this opportunity and that is one more reason to choose University Name.

Campus of the future at Parramatta CBD is a campus in the mind of every prospective student. This innovative campus, built to meet the requirements of workplace of the future is amongst the most technologically advanced teaching and research campuses in the world. Located conveniently and close to public transport, this facility adds to the reason for choosing University Name over other Universities.

Similarly, I have come to understand that the support structure for International students at University Name is impressive with round the clock care available to students at all levels. And the possibility of industrial internship programs to continue professional development is an advantage over other universities. 

Having researched similar programs at the University of Central Queensland and Charles Darwin University, I decided on University Name for its quality, futuristic approach to learning, course structure, student support facility, tuition and scholarships. 


A similar course i.e. Masters in Engineering is available at the Tribhuvan University and Kathmandu University. Both of these institutions are renowned in Nepal. The course structure for both of these Universities are similar. However, the curriculum at these Universities are not up to date. This I have learnt from alumni of these universities after they graduated and applied for higher degree abroad. Similarly, inadequate laboratories and facilities at these institutions add to the sub-par curricula as students are unable to choose specialized units. To add to that, the educational as well as overall environment is volatile for students who wish to purse technical education such as engineering with politics coming into play in most of the institutions.

While India is an option and offers variety of specialization as well as locales, I have already experienced the education system there having pursued my Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering in Tamil Nadu, which is southern India. I am more aligned towards a better quality of education, in a multicultural environment at a world class facility. This is the reason for my choosing Australia and University Name for Master of Engineering in Civil. 


My mother will sponsor me during my study and stay in Australia. Besides that, she owns a land which is in lease and the rent from that will act as an income source for my funds. I am grateful to have a family which has always been supportive towards my decisions. And having made my decision to pursue a Master of Engineering degree in Australia, I will be financially supported by my family as we have enough financial resources to cover my studies, lodging, food and other expenses during my stay in Australia.

We are a closely knit family. My father and Uncle (father’s brother) with family make up 7 strong members as a family. My mother, on the other hand, has two younger sisters and two elder brothers. That side of my family tree sums up to be 22 members including my grandparents. We live fairly close and have something or the other happening which keeps us together. Festivities and ceremonies are fun and we make it a purpose to share our experiences during this time.

As far as my future plans are concerned, I will return back to Nepal upon completion of my course and Post Study Work (PSW). With the knowledge I will have gained by the end of the course, I will be able to grow as an individual and help become a valuable player in developing Nepal. As the country is struggling in the Civil and Infrastructure sector, a small effort in my part will help direct the country in the right direction while inspiring others. 


Having gone through relevant information provided in the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website, I confirm I have understood the terms and conditions of Visa Sub Class 500. This Visa is for students who want to enter Australia as a temporary entrant to study at a registered education institution. In order to maintain my Visa status:

  1. I should maintain a minimum of 80% of attendance
  2. I need to have a minimum 50% pass marks in each subject
  3. I will have to cover the OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) during my stay in Australia.
  4. I should pay the tuitions before due date
  5. I am not allowed to work more than 40 hours per fortnight.
  6. I must inform my university within 7 days of arrival to Australia and should notify within 7 days of any changes in address and contact.
  7. I am not allowed to change the course without approval of the department and cannot change institution until six months of my study.
  8. I can study and live in Australia as long as I am enrolled in the course registered in Commonwealth Registration of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS)


In Conclusion, I’d like to stress my desire to pursue my Master’s degree in Australia. I believe that a quality education coupled with exposure to international standards and practices will help polish myself as a valued professional in the industry of Civil Engineering. And a Master of Engineering in Civil from University Name will help bridge the gap between who I am today and who I aspire to be in the future. Hence, I sincerely request you to accept my Statement of Purpose and offer me a place at your esteemed institution to pursue a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering. Anticipating a positive response.

I declare that the particulars given above are true and correct in every detail. I understand that incorrect or misleading statements may result in refusal of my admission and/or student visa application.

Yours truly,

Applicant Name

Passport Number:


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