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I am Your Name from Address. I was born on your date of birth as a son of father’s name and mother’s name. I have recently completed a bachelor’s degree in hotel management and planning to study a master’s degree in hospitality management in Australia. I gave my PTE exam on 26th July and I got overall of 57, listening 59, speaking 61, reading 57 and writing 54.


As far as my academic history is concerned, I completed the tenth grade and got school leaving certificate (S.L.C) in first-class (Academic %) from School name & address on the year 2011 A.D. and I completed the Higher Secondary Education Board (10+2) on the year 2013 A.D. in Management faculty in second class (Academic %) from Higher Secondary school name and address. And I completed the degree of Bachelor of Hotel Management in first class (Academic %) on the year 2017 A.D. from institution name affiliated institute of Bangalore University, Old Madras Road, Bangalore, India. I have completed my internship with the Company Name.


I worked in a company name from Starting and end date. After that I started my IELTS classes and gave my IELTS examination on 5th may 2018(Score Sheet attached), as the Score was not sufficient then I started PTE classes. Then, recently I gave my PTE exam on 26th July 2018 (score sheet attached). This was the reason for my gap. After getting the results of my test I started to apply for Australia around 2 months for the processing.


Father name, mother name, Sisters name ( Father, Mother, and sisters) respectively hold income from the Salary, business and land lease at our home town/country with an annual income of Nrs.*******/- equivalent to AUD$ *****/- and will be sponsoring me for  Masters of International Tourism and Hotel Management (MITHM) at Southern Cross University, Sydney, Australia. I have taken an education loan of AU$ *****/- from Nepal SBI bank.

If I am granted a visa I will be living with my maternal uncle Bishnu Poudel for a few months at 10/15-19 Tery Road West Ryde 2114 NSW. I will stay with him until I find a new apartment and I don’t think I will have any problems regarding accommodation in Australia.


Hospitality management courses are also available in Nepal. However, the colleges are limited which are Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM), Academy of culinary arts and hospitality management. The quality of education in our country is poor as compared to Australia, the USA, and other developed countries. The teacher tends to focus more on theory rather than practical in Nepal. In such a subject and area, practical and training based knowledge is imperative. After consulting with parents, seniors, teachers, and education counselors, I decided to go abroad. I searched for the courses in all countries including the USA and Europe. I cannot deny the fact that there are good colleges and universities in my home country that are offering a postgraduate degree but there is only one or two of them offering Master of International Tourism and Hotel Management. The education system in my country lacks the ability to provide a practical based learning experience and specialization in the field of interest. It is easy to develop a sound theoretical knowledge, but it is a big challenge to gain practical expertise in respective fields. Hence getting a degree in Tourism and Hotel Management from a recognized university will put me in a better position in developing a strong resume and getting good jobs which will help me a lot in shaping my career. name the universities


However, I found that Australia is the best destination for international students. It is because, the first thing I liked the most is, and Australia doesn’t discriminate students whether they come from any region. On top of that, it has an English speaking environment with multicultural aspects and also the place for tourists with a popular destination. That creates opportunities for students like me who study hospitality management. I will have opportunities to get a world-class education as well as international experience serving people and promoting hospitality in Australia while I will be studying. Besides, Australia is the safest place for international students which matters a lot for my field.

Nepal is considered to be the top travel destination all over the world. Hence, tourism is growing immensely leading to the development of more national and international hotels. Hyatt Regency, Dwarika Hotel, JW Marriot, Hilton Hotel, Sheraton Hotel are few of the established and ongoing projects in our country thus; this course (Master of International Tourism and Hotel Management) assures me more opportunities in managerial level. Even so, having an international degree will make me more competent and demanding in Nepal and a postgraduate degree from an Australian University will be my Unique Selling Proposition to potential job providers in the Nepalese hospitality market.

I felt a strong urge to pursue my postgraduate education at an Australian University since the value of Australian education is of exceptional quality and has an excellent reputation all over the world. Australia has become one of the most sought educational destinations for students all over the world. It is now home to some of the world’s best universities with excellent education and infrastructures for students. It is evident from the fact that 19 of Australian Universities were ranked among the top 400 universities in the world (Times Higher Education World University Ranking).  The degrees provided by these institutions are globally recognized and are accepted all over the world. Also, Australian universities have a well-founded reputation of consistently providing a skilled workforce that has made a significant contribution to all parts of society throughout the world. Therefore I am greatly looking forward to being part of an Australian University that will provide me with both globally valued education and the necessary exposure to pursue my career goals.

Another important factor is that Australia is popular among International Students in the standard of living. Australia’s standard of living is highest amongst other countries, living expenses and tuition fees are considerably lower in contrast to the United States of America and the United Kingdom. For an international student staying away from home a safe and friendly environment is another factor that Australia has been able to provide. Australia is home to residents from over 200 countries which makes it one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. Exposure to the multicultural environment allows international students to enjoy a diverse lifestyle and know about new traditions and cultural activities and also Australia has got the ESOS act, TPS act which protects our tuition fees and the PSW visa which help us to gain the international experience once we complete our master course.  COMPARE WITH THE USA, UK, AND OTHER COUNTRIES.


As making the decision of studying Master of International Tourism and Hotel Management was relatively easy due to the level of interest, selecting a university was tough as there are so many top universities in Australia which are suitable for achieving my goals. I have also researched many universities and colleges for the subject I intended to study in Australia and found a couple of universities that matched my interests and area such as University name, University name, University name, University name and University name in Sydney. Though, The University name and University name are available in Sydney. After some research of my own and suggestions from consultancies in Nepal, I stumbled upon university name.

University name is an established Australian public university, with campuses at Lismore and Coffs Harbour in northern New South Wales, and at the southern end of the Gold Coast in Queensland. It also offers degrees in Sydney and Melbourne at branch campuses and through The Hotel School in partnership with Mulpha Australia. University name was placed at 150 world’s best young universities for 2016 (Times Higher Education). Moreover, it has been consistently ranked in the top two in Australia for international student support by the International Student Barometer survey. In addition, the learning environment, quality of education, multi-cultural environment, world-class faculty, extensive language resources, reasonable fees and traveling distance in the city are some of the reasons behind selecting this university for my further studies. Also comparing to other universities (Universities name) University name offers the same course at a reasonable price for International Students.

Master of International tourism and hotel management is two years program consists of 16 units designed for international students. This course provides knowledge about how to secure senior management employment in tourism or hospitality organization. Master of international tourism and hotel management consist of courses like Food and Beverage Management, Convention and Exhibition Planning, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Tourism and Hotel Professional Development Marketing, Management Communication (University approval pending), Tourism Planning Environments Environmental Management for Hotels and Attractions, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Accounting for Managers, etc. It provides the student with advanced business acumen, management skills and specialized industry knowledge considered essential for managerial-level to the student. This course will help us to emerge as confident leaders, sensitive to complex issues and challenges that at times confront the global tourism and hotel industries. This course provides us a study plan which matches our career path. This course provide us to choose the specialized unit relevant to our career including Tourism management, Hotel management and Event management. I am willing to study The Master of International Tourism and Hotel Management. Since I have completed my bachelor’s degree in hotel management I am keen to study masters as I am interested to be a part of the hospitality industry. I find this profession noble and also want to study more about this course. For me a career in Hotel Management with an emphasis on service management, this two year packaged course covers all aspects of employment in this exciting global industry.



After the successful completion of my master’s degree, I would like to apply for a PSW visa so that I can gain overseas experience to work effectively and efficiently in different hotels. After that, I will return to my country as I believe after completion of my course I will be qualified to get a managerial position with a high salary in a hotel. Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN) has affirmed that in the near future hotel industry in Nepal has a growing market with different international brands with their own international standards. All the practical and theoretical knowledge and the Degree from Southern University will definitely help me to sharpen my management skills and build my career up to the international level and help me to gain proper knowledge. Nepal is one of the tourist destination countries. Tourism is the largest industry in Nepal, and the country’s revenue depends on it. Nepal is a hotspot destination for adventure-seeking people such as rock climbing, Rafting, Mountaineers. Besides, Nepal is rich in cultural heritage, a landscape that attracts a huge number of tourists. It is losing a huge number of revenue due to poor management in hospitality. So, I want to study hospitality management from a world-renowned university. As soon as I complete my degree, I will join and gain experience from renowned industry in Australia then, I will come back to my homeland and serve for the well-reputed industry in my field and ultimately lead the international level hotel and organization.

As far as I am concerned I clearly know the terms and conditions for international students. Being an international student I will get student visa subclass 500. Students must have to make at least 80% attendance of the classes and course requirements and complete assignment on time. The details of the address should be provided if the address changes. Students under this visa are allowed to work for 40 hours per fortnight. Students must cover by overseas students’ health insurance during their stay in Australia. students need to score 50% to pass each examination and academic growth is required.

Name:———————                                      Passport Number:-*********

Date of Birth:- DD/MM/YYYY                                        Date:- DD/MM/YYYY

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