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I am your name born on date of birth, son of father name and mother name and a permanent resident of your full address. I am hardworking, optimistic, caring and understanding by nature with a strong ability to work with people as a team. So, I decided to go abroad for further study after many research and career-oriented classes. My family has always supported me morally and financially since my childhood till now and I feel very lucky to have them being next to me for supporting me for my further education in Australia as well.

Academic Background

Regarding my academic qualification, I have completed my SLC (School Leaving Certificate) in 2011 A.D. from school name securing academic % with First Division. Along with that, I achieved my 10+2 certificate in Management faculty from institution name with an overall percentage of academic % conducted by Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) of Nepal in the year 2013. Similarly, I completed my graduate degree from institution name under the affiliation of Pokhara University with ***out of 4.00 GPA in the year 2017 in the month of September. Although I have completed my Bachelor in September 2017 I got my certificate in February because in Nepal there is always a difference in the issuance of the certificate during this waiting period I took the training for Advance Office Application till February. Because of the delay in the result publication and others’ drawback I decided to go abroad study and took the IELTS class for three months. In order to fill in the language criteria for any university, I appeared for IELTS on 23rd June 2018 scoring 6 in Listening, 6.5 in Reading, 5.0 in Writing and 5.5 in Speaking (score sheet is enclosed). After getting the IELTS result I visited different authorized agents and seminars for detailed counseling. On mid of August, I do send an application for the Kaplan Business School. Due to relatively lower marks in writing and speaking, I need to study an English course (ELICOS) for two and a half months and then go for my regular courses. After getting the offer letter I started to prepare the financial document as per the requirement and it took me around two months to get the documentation complete and get approval from college. On the date October 28 I got my GTE approved.

I was always anxious about accounting and calculations. As per my desire and interest, I was clear to develop my career in Professional Accounting. Hence, I have decided to obtain an international degree and experience highly qualitative education to pursue my knowledge in the field of Professional Accounting.

Apart from academic qualification, I also took active participation in different locality level social activities. Many times I engaged in local afforestation and sanitation programs. I too involved in voluntary activities on different occasions. During my Bachelor level education, I was one of the active members of SQC (Student’s Quality Circle). Also, I was associated with the PIC (Prime Innovative Club) for 2 years during my college. I too involved myself in organizing different school events and programs. This displays skills of organization, time-management, and leadership and also gives me a feeling of success when I see that event come to fruition.

Reasons for Choosing Australia for Higher Studies

In the present world, among many study destinations, the popularity of Australia is immensely increasing among international students, due to some of the better aspects of the Australian Education System. If I talk about myself, honestly, the first and foremost reason for choosing Australia for my further education is that the degree provided by Australian education providers under AQF is globally recognized. Furthermore, Australia is an English speaking country, where international students like me, are less likely to face communication problems. I thoroughly believe that Australian education is based on the practical approach with the use of technically sophisticated equipment which is very necessary for every student. Australian education system practices modern and practical teaching and learning methods. It assists students in innovative and brainstorming experience by providing a unique education and learning environment. It also caters to the needs of new generation youths like me who prefer the practical and pragmatic style of teaching and learning.

Australia also offers a wide range of courses. Because of this, Australia has been the most popular international student’s destination. It has 43 globally renowned universities that offer a wide range of courses. This helps students to choose their preferred course and university which then prevents compromising in course selection due to unavailability of preferred course. Australian Government makes an annual investment of about 200 million on international scholarships which is far more than other countries and it is the direct way to invite international students full of support. Moreover, Australia has a low crime rate and strict gun control laws providing a safe and sound environment for international students.

Another factor that captured my mind in Australia is the Education Services for Overseas Student (ESOS) Act which ensures that overseas students have a safe, enjoyable and rewarding study place in Australia. The ESOS Act framework protects the rights of international students studying in Australia including the right to receive, before enrolling, current and accurate information about courses, fees, modes of study and other information from the institution and institution’s agent. Australia also protects the tuition fees of international students through the Tuition Protection Service (TPS). The TPS assists international students whose education providers are unable to fully deliver their course of study and ensures that international students are either able to complete their studies by transferring in another course or with another education provider or they receive a refund of their unspent tuition fees from their education providers. Similarly, the Australian government has given a golden opportunity to international students by giving them the opportunity to work in a related field after completing their respective degrees. This Post Study Work (PSW) further enhance the career of students and give them an internationally recognized work experience from which they can be easily hired in a competitive market.

I also checked the website of Australian government,, and studied about the education system of Australia, universities, visa policies and conditions

Why not the USA/UK/Canada?

I always dreamt to continue my higher studies from a foreign country. Then my personal research got initiated. The obvious choices of countries were the US, UK, Australia, Canada and European Countries like Germany and Norway. Then I started comparing among these countries and finally chose Australia for its globally recognized education in a safe environment with reasonable entry-level requirements and lower living costs. In the USA the entry-level requirements are tough and to get into a good university with scholarship a student needs to sit for competitive exams like GMAT which is often a time-consuming process from preparation to securing the required scores. In comparison to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, Australia has a low tuition fee and less expensive living cost. Also, the incessant alteration in immigration protocol has made me aware not to choose the UK for further studies as it may hamper my grades during the study. Similarly, Canada doesn’t provide direct accession to its students whereas Australia does. I could also have studied in my neighboring countries like India and China, but the language barrier is the main problem is we have to speak their native language for study purposes and daily lifestyle and due to similar cultures, the exposure that I can get is limited.

Why not Nepal?

I could have also studied in my own home country, Nepal but the nature of mine is introvert and to uplift myself I need exposure which I cannot get in Nepal. There is a different curriculum of Accounting in Nepal which is not specifically focused on accounting. We have to study Master in Business Administration, Master in Business Studies or Master in Business Management. These courses have only some parts of accounting. The course is designed that is suitable only for Nepal. The Accounting degree in Nepal is not as per the international standards and I wanted to get an international degree with the need and desire to attain Professional Accounting, I started to search different websites about the education system of different countries around the world as Professional Accounting is not taught in my home country. Also, being a graduate in Australia will help increase the standard and in the future, I will be able to create better, sustainable and highly evolved Accounting education in my country. Many students are today willing to venture into the field of Accounting and Management and many dreams of becoming an Accountant, which has naturally increased the level of demand.

There are no colleges in Nepal that provide a Professional Accounting course. As we know that Nepal is a developing country, we’ve been developing in a different sector since forever. But still, the education system in Nepal is barely developing. Moreover, the Nepalese degree does not have a higher value all over the world, whereas the Australian degree has a greater value around the globe.

In comparison to other courses, this course is quite unfamiliar and fresh to Nepalese education. So, after getting a Master in Professional Accounting(MPA), I can set a good platform for Nepalese students willing to take up this course for their further studies. Thereafter, having the bonus of an Australian degree will segregate my level of qualification from other entrants and it will be the distinguishing factor for me to launch my career in a subject as per my desire and will also allow me to work on the weaknesses of the system in my homeland.

I have witnessed the difference between education systems abroad and in Nepal. Some of the key differences that I have noticed are;

  • No nepotism and favoritism in abroad countries regarding admissions. Admissions are done as per the student’s skills and knowledge in a particular field.
  • The internship is qualitative and quantitative in Australia whereas in Nepal Internship is just a curriculum.
  • Education systems of abroad countries are practical rather than the academic result (in Terms of marks only) oriented.
  • They have regular updates on the course or teaching methods as necessary but we have not updated for a long period of time in Nepal.
  • Universities for them mean a peace zone with various knowledge but here in Nepal students are encouraged to get involved in politics rather than getting life skills and experience.
  • Students don’t have any obstacles abroad during their studies either from any kind of unions or government but here in Nepal it’s just opposite, here in no certainty.
  • Teaching materials, qualified teachers, library etc. are frequently observed in abroad but here in Nepal even unqualified teachers are giving lectures, no any kinds of study materials are provided in Universities or colleges.

Those kinds of unprofessional and uncertainty compelled me to think of abroad than studying in Nepal. Honestly, I have been witnessing that students hardly attain university classes and exams are not held on time. For a better academic environment as well as practical education, I have chosen Australia for a master’s degree.

Reasons for choosing Sydney City.

As the largest and oldest city in Australia, Sydney is also the ideal and preferred city for many overseas students who are attracted to its cosmopolitan and multicultural atmosphere. While researching about Sydney, I found out that Sydney truly is a world-class destination. It is the capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia. The diversity in culture, beliefs, food and all the amazing people from different countries that one can find. Sydney is an experience that I would definitely want to gather during my stay there. On top of that, many students enjoy the moderate climate in Sydney which promotes healthy outdoor living throughout the year while they immerse themselves in this beautiful, clean, modern, and safe harbor city.

The universities of Sydney are globally recognized and renowned for the excellent atmosphere to study. Sydney also operates as a financial and commercial capital for south Asian and eastern states, but for Australia too. Sydney offers a world-class education to a large number of international students from over 50 countries. Also, it is the world’s highest-rated cities in terms of quality of life according to “The economist global livability 2011”.The best universities in the world also lie here.T his city has various kinds of infrastructures like education, communication, transportation, and security. In addition, the beautiful architecture, the towering skyscrapers and mesmerizing attractions like Bondi Beach, The Rocks, Sydney Harbor, Paddy’s Markets, Darling Harbor and the Blue Mountains attracted me towards this city.

Reason for choosing Institution Name.

Once the goals and the preferred destination were set I started researching Australian Universities and Colleges. Selecting a college was a tough task as there are so many top universities and colleges in Australia which are suitable for achieving my goals. After some research and suggestions from consultancies in Nepal, I stumbled upon institution name.

I choose the institution name rather than another college in Australia because I was highly impressed with the course module of institution name, within an affordable fee structure. I could have chosen the university rather than college but I found the institution name more affordable for me and the module of the study was also suitable to build and shape for future academic plans. Further, it provides highly affordable fees for a Master in Accounting courses with a competitive and advanced course module. It has well-equipped classrooms, library and student recreation facilities and easy access to public transport. The location of the institute is also ideal with the accessibility of transportation by train as it is almost next to the train station. They have highly effective students care units, experienced and understanding teaching faculties in teaching international students as they have been doing it for many years and have upgraded better compliance for the students. Moreover, the institution name also provides a package course of English language which develops my language as per the requirement level.

The overall cost for a Master’s in Accounting is $XXXXX for two years. While comparing the fee structure of the same course with other institutes or universities, I found huge differences. But the fee structure of the institution name is comparatively low in comparison to others. I did some comparisons on a few colleges and other universities.

Name of Colleges/Universities Annual Fee Structure Features/Activities Location
University name AUD $XXXXX

-Professional resume service

-Interactive boards

-Career Coaching

Sydney, Australia
University name AUD XXXXX

-Victoria’s major training provider

-Free Sports Competition

-Discounted Trips and Tours

-Campus events and activities

Camperdown NSW 2006,


University name AUD XXXXX

-Sports and Fitness

-Student Clubs

-Arts and Culture Programs


Scenic Blvd and Wellington Road, Clayton VIC 3800, Australia

University name



-supports the national Smartest Investment campaign

-High-Quality Research

-Provides midyear opportunities



Canberra ACT

0200, Australia

University name AUD XXXXX


-High level of accreditation

-Focuses on skill-based training

-Provides up to 20% scholarship

St. Lucia QLD 4072, Australia


Comparing all these colleges and universities, I find the institution’s name is appropriate for my further study.

Why Accounting?

 The following are some of the reasons I chose the Master of Accounting as a postgraduate degree out of many options.

Subjects offered in MPA are more practical

I was pursuing BBA which offered theoretical knowledge about how to operate a business and I wanted to learn about the analytical and technical part in business and with my thorough research, I found out that units in Accounting provided both analytical, technical skills and helped in professional development.

Great career opportunity

Not only banks but other organizations also require accountants and with the increase in new ventures, the demand for accountants is escalating both in Australia and other parts of the world so I thought it was a great step towards the career ladder.

Wanted professional skills in accounting

I had basic knowledge about the basic accounting but I wanted professional skills in accounting and be able to compete in the competitive job market. Therefore, I thought the Master of Accounting is the best course to choose from.

Pay rate is high as an Accountant

The world is full of competition and one needs to consider pay rate while choosing a path to a career and accountants are paid a high salary.

Adopting the advancement of technology

The normal debit and credit have been replaced by new technology and I wanted something that would teach us how to be competitive in this technological world and as my answer to this question the Accounting course provides hands-on knowledge about MYOB and Xero which are the famous accounting services in the world.

Internationally recognized degree

Travelling is one of my hobbies and I want to be able to get jobs even if I travel to other parts of the world and since Accounting is an internationally recognized degree it will also help me get a job in the international arena.

Future Plan

A Master’s degree in accounting opens the doors to job and career opportunities in a number of fields. All business ventures and organizations have a need for professional accountants. After completion of my study, I will be returning back to my home country and working in the potential fields of employment including Bank, project management, data analyst and business analysis. Master in Accounting opens doors for me to work in senior management roles and I can build myself a top-notch career. I shall also gain relevant practical experience and skills in order to perfectly implement my education into effect. I intend to apply for the potential employment profiles of an accountant financial manager, auditing manager, financial analyst, legal financial adviser in a different organization like Chaudhary Group, Unilever, Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd, NGOs, INGO’s and even in different banking and financial sectors such as Nabil Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Nepal Rastra Bank and so on. After completion of a master’s degree, I will be applying for PSW. The Post Study Work (PSW) visa allows graduates to work in Australia temporarily after they finish their studies. After the completion of the Master’s degree, I expect to get the PSW as it will strengthen my knowledge regarding the concerned field. It offers extended options for working in Australia to eligible graduates of a higher education degree. Students get two years of PSW visa which will help me to acquire international working experience and exposure in Australia. It will help me to implement the theoretical knowledge learned into practical experiences. It will provide real work experience as well as will give me the opportunity to enhance my skills related to accounting, organizational and management practices. In the two 2 years of PSW visa, I am planning to work in different institutions and companies as well as banking institutions namely Telstra, Woolworths, Silver young, Macquarie Bank, AMP Bank Ltd. and so on. In case if I am not able to achieve the PSW option, I have planned to return back to my own country and will execute and explore hereby with the knowledge acquired in a two-year master’s degree.

Returns on Investment:

After the completion of Master Degree course from where I can get a very good salary which will be sufficient for my future needs as well as I can save some money for my earnings and in the leisure time I can work at another sector so that I can earn more than NRS.80000 to 85000 per months which is a very huge amount for Nepal which guarantees the better return of my investment with a quality lifestyle. I am confident that the income will be more than enough and I can quickly get the value of my academic degree within a few years.

Above all the experience of growing into a better and self-sufficient individual by living in a progressive place like Australia while gaining the education of a lifetime to enforce into the betterment of my career in Nepal far outweighs the expenses.  The experience will reward me with valuable knowledge and transform me into a well-equipped, driven and ethical work and reward me with satisfaction, high standard living, recognition and respect in my society. Moreover, it helps turn all my dreams, passion and interest in working for the improvement of the commercial sector of Nepal into reality. Through better networking, career choice and skills gained at Institution name I can easily return all the investment for my course and living cost within some years.

I sincerely hope that I qualify all the requirements for admission into your Accounting program and that my application is favorably received by the admission committee.

Reasons to Return to the home country.

I share a very close bond and relationship with my parents and their enormous support and high level of motivation have been the major factor in my life. They have always been there for me through my thick or thin and play a major role in my life to be a motivated and career-oriented person who drives me towards better work, dedication and interest in fulfilling all projects I undertake. Being the elder child I have immense responsibility towards my family and want to ensure that they are provided with all the luxury, security and care in their later phase of life.

Since no matter how high someone reaches, they should never forget their root, I have a strong feeling of true nationalism and responsibility an individual bear towards building a nation, giving back to the society and becoming a responsible, skilled and resourceful member in own country I will forever be deeply attached to my homeland. This will also motivate me to work vigorously towards completing all my educational dreams with excellence to return back to unite with them. And with the international and globally accredited degree from Australian University, it will not be a difficult task for me to get jobs in the different commercial sectors of Nepal. I am also emotionally attached to the cultures and festivals of Nepal and never skipped one in my life. I will not be able to live away from my family during the time of a long period.

Student Visa Conditions

Being a student and applying for a student visa I am aware of the obligations for students under higher education visa Subclass 500 as mentioned below;

  • I need to maintain 80% of attendance throughout my course duration.
  • I need to have OHSC (overseas student health cover) for the duration of my stay in Australia.
  • I should pay my fee before the due date.
  • I need to maintain a 50% pass grade throughout my study period.
  • I can work 40 hours per fortnight on a part-time basis.


I’m really looking forward to doing my best in my education in Australia. Along with that, I’m all ready to learn the culture, lifestyle and collect as many experiences as possible in my field of education. I’m sure about my decision and want to assure that I’ll humbly follow all the rules and regulations as an international student during my stay in Australia.

I would be delighted to be a part of this institute and start the most exciting, rewarding and enriching new chapter in my life.

I hope for a positive response.

Thank you!


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