Student: KIEC Student

I, your name, permanent resident of one of the most beautiful and friendly places in Nepal, recognized as Your address situated in the Hilly region of Nepal. I would like to study Master of Health Promotion from the University of The Sunshine Coast, Australia. I am married and it had been 2 years since we are in good relationship with each other as husband and wife. My partner is accompanying me to support emotionally throughout my stay in Australia so that I can fully concentrate on my studies.

Briefly description of my education history from Year 10  to my highest qualification including the names of the qualifications; educational institutions, teaching locations, academic percentage and inclusive course dates to indicate the duration of each course & my IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/CAE score & date of exam

 I have completed B.SC Nursing from Institution name and address in 2017 with academic % in aggregate, Higher Secondary from institution name in 2013 with academic % in aggregate and School from Ambrosia Ideal Secondary School with academic % in 2011.

Details of the financial sponsors who will fund me & my spouse Australian studies and living expenses by listing their full name, country of residence, current job designation, employer’s name and amount:

About my family, I have a small family, my father, father’s name, a resident of your address, is operating member father occupation. The monthly income is Rs****** He is also the owner company name and address. My mother, mother’s name, a resident of address has been working in company name since 2055/5/16 BS( September 01, 1998 AD) to till date and earns monthly Rs. *****.

 In terms of financial background, I can able to afford my tuition fee and other expenses while being in Australia. There are altogether three sponsors who are going to support my education while studying in Australia.

Above all my family members are going to sponsor my education and expense. In sum up, my total source of income is NPR. ******* yearly, which is equivalent to AUD ***** as the current exchange rate is AUD=83.50 NPR. Altogether, my education is much easier in Australia in terms of financial support. Now, my only concern is to study help me to create a successful hard and secure good remarks as well as experience.

 A brief record of my employment history by listing the names of all employers, job designations and commencement and end dates to indicate the duration of each employment position held:

 After completing my B.SC Nursing Course, I had done voluntary work at the company name and address, Nepal as a Staff Nurse for six months from 1st November 2017 to 31st May 2018. I attended for IELTS exam on 19th January 2018 and secured marks with overall 6.5 and each band (W-6, R-6.5, L-6.5, and S-6 score sheet is attached).

Most people think of Australia, they see wide open spaces of out bank bush, kangaroos, koalas, and clean air and water. However, Australia has so much more to offer than just that. I chose to study in Australia because of its friendly, laid back nature, excellent education system, and a high standard of living. Australia is currently the third most popular destination for international students in the English-speaking world, behind the United States and the UK. Many international students choose to study there because of cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high quality of education. Schools and employers all over the world recognize degrees from Australian schools. Graduates from Australian schools are highly sought after due to the impressive international reputation of the Australian education system. This system is carefully regulated by the Australian government in order to maintain a high standard of education associated with the country. One of the most appealing aspects of the country for international students is the quality of scientific research.

Australia is at the forefront of new technology and innovations. Students who study in Australia can take advantage of the country’s impressive technology and research resources. Be it in Health, agriculture, IT or aeronautics, accounts, Australia offers a work permit to international students like no other country. ESOS act ensures that the rights of international are protected and TPS ensures the safety of tuition fees. Above all, Australia is generally a safe destination in terms of personal security and safety, well-maintained road, low crime rate and high living standard with the quality of education with a multi-cultural environment and similar weather as Nepal. Almost all the universities in Australia are government recognized which makes the student safe about their future and education. USA is not a safe country for study for international students as we used to hear gun issues all the time and also, they require additional admission test i.e. GRE. I am not satisfied with the government policy of the UK for the international student as there is no any fees safety. Also, the USA and UK do not offer Post Study Work opportunities for international student which is available in Australia. PSW will add value to the profile of students and students will get international exposure while working and will make more professional and confident.

In comparison to countries like the USA, UK, and Canada, an Australian visa procedure is less costly and not as lengthy as other country’s visa applications. In addition, unlike European countries where I can have difficulty in languages, Australia is an English-speaking country and I won’t encounter any problem related to my language. And also, there is no institution in Nepal providing an Australian degree. So, I choose to study in Australia where I can get an education that can meet the standard of today. The education system of Australia provides a wider range of subjects to choose and also provides a greater opportunity to use skills while studying which is less in developing countries. So, the University of South Bank, Australia would help me to achieve my career aim and objectives.

Research that I conducted about the study in my home country before I made the decision to choose to study abroad:

Here in Nepal, there is a lack of reputed university and also lack the modern courses and most importantly Nepalese qualification is not globally recognized. I already spent many years studying in Nepal and India. As a part of my research, I found that in Nepal Masters of Health Promotion is offered only by one university that is Tribhuvan University and there are seat limits and too much of challenge to get admission to it. Likewise, the education system in Nepal focuses on theoretical knowledge rather than practical knowledge. Furthermore, As the world is getting competitive day by day and face worldly challenges yet to come, Nepal’s education degree is not globally competitive and this is the major reason for me to chose abroad and that too Australia for my further education.  Studying with international exposure and under the guidance of highly experienced tutors encouraged me to make Australia my destination for education rather than my home country.

Research that I conducted about the study in other countries before I made the decision to choose Australia and reason to study in Australia, not other countries:

In the UK, the Masters is of one year which is not globally recognized. In the USA, to get into good universities, I need to sit for competitive exams like GRE for science streams and GMAT for Management a stream that takes a lot of time and is very tough to crack. In the UK and USA, there is no tuition protection scheme and fees are not like Australia. Studying in Australia is my choice because it provides world-class education globally recognized at a reasonable cost; tuition fees are protected by law; and also, it has diverse landscapes and multicultural lifestyles which I dream of exploring. I have searched many universities in Australia like Deakin University, Western Sydney University, Torrens University, University of Wollongong, Flinders University, University of Queensland and many more but I found our many factors like tuition fees, location, admission criteria, etc. and I found that the University of Sunshine Coast will be appropriate for me in order to complete my higher education. It’s not that I have not searched for the universities in other countries like UK, USA. I have searched universities in these countries and I found many universities like Liberty University, American University, University of Memphis, Brunel University, etc. The tuition fees in these universities were very expensive so I left all and choose the University of South Bank.

Course requirements and core contents with tuition fees, duration of course of my selected Australian academic program:

In Health Promotion course IELTS (Academic) requirements is an overall score of 6.5 with no less than 6 in any subtest and estimated total tuition fees are AUD $48,400 and program duration is 4 semester (2 years).

The University Name is the only public university in Queensland to be awarded 5 stars for teaching quality in the 2017 Good Universities Guide. It is one of the world’s top 150 young universities, which is not limited by tradition or old ways of thinking. University Name encourages its students to challenge conventions and to always ask the next question. University Name is home to some of the most innovative learning and visualization facilities in Australia. Campus facilities include a $37m Engineering Learning Hub with 3D CAVE2TM visualization studio, simulated nursing and paramedic labs, specialized computer, science, manufacturing and design labs, nationally accredited sport science labs, and a range of interactive digital learning spaces. 9 out of 10 University Name graduates are employed within four months of finishing their degree, and graduate students are currently using their skills and expertise to drive change in more than 5000 communities worldwide.

I believe it is one of the most exhaustive and globally inclusive universities in Australia that offers many programs and courses over a wide range of study areas. Coming from an underdeveloped country like Nepal, where the choice of study courses is very limited for a student, it gives me immense satisfaction and happiness to be able to choose subjects of my interest at University Name as it runs programs in a wide range of disciplines. In addition to this, the tuition fee for an international student is a major important factor that needs to be considered before applying for a foreign degree. Besides this, it’s extensive student support services that aim to endeavor for an international student to gain academically, socially and culturally are very impressive in comparison to support services that other universities in Australia provide. Moreover, in order to build a successful career, University Name offers internship and placement opportunities to its students on certain degree programs. Hence, these are a few of the reasons why I chose University Name to continue my further education than in other universities in Australia.

Reasons for choosing this particular educational institution rather than a similar course at other education institution inside Australia:

I went through different researches on different universities via the internet, which was a great experience for me. I also attempted a number of seminars and educational fairs in my country. I started looking for ideal Universities while researching I came across different Universities like University of Wollongong, Flinders University, Torrens University, Charles Sturt University, Curtin University. But among all of them, I find the University Of The Sunshine Coast very impressive which matches my profile academically.

IELTS Requirement:

Australian Catholic University: overall 6

University of Wollongong: 6.5 each band and overall 6.5

University of Sunshine Coast: overall 6.5 with no less than 6 in subtest

Fee structure:

There are other universities that offer the same course but the University Name offers much affordable tuition fees with AUD $ ***** per year. Typically, the master’s degree course fee is between AUD$ ***** to AUD$ ***** Although I compared other universities offering the same courses;

The University Name is the one that offers the same course but there but the course fee is higher in comparison to university Name. Its annual course fee is AUD $ *****

Likewise, University Name offers the same course but tuition fees per is higher than University Name. Its annual fee is AUD$ *****

The University Name is located in Brisbane’s cultural precinct, approximately 1 hour 8 min drive from South Bank Parklands. The University Name is listed on the Common Wealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students. The most significant fact is that it has earned five stars for teaching quality and graduate’s satisfaction. In addition, the university offers the most contemporary university programs which will make students able to prepare for a great future. This university provides quality education programs, practical based knowledge; excellent support systems which can be more effective to students. The total cost of study for an international student has always been a major concern to decide whether to study abroad or not. As per my research, the environment and atmosphere of the university are motivating and fresh.  I’m sure the office for the international student will provide adequate information later on regarding queries. This university can lead to accomplishing my goal to be a good professional and on completion of a degree in Master in Health Promotion gives me a sense of personal accomplishment, career satisfaction, and endless possibilities. Hence, I decided to join the University Name.

Relevancy of my selected academic program to my past education and /or employment history. If there is no link, my explanation why I am seeking a change of discipline and therefore a future career change:

My selected course for my master’s degree has relevance to what I studied in my bachelor’s. Therefore I have chosen Master of Health Promotion and I aim to become a health promotion specialist and more importantly this program covers the core concept of public health foundations, the assessment of health needs and the planning, principles of health promotion, implementation, and evaluation of health promotion setting. The increment of mortality linked with preventable disease and developing countries like Nepal needs more concern health aspect and I believe change is needed; the voice is needed to be heard regarding the importance of health. I will study a socio-ecological model of health and explore contemporary health promotion at individuals group, organization, community, and population level. Health promotion is a chief constituent of a preventable advance. It offers a solution to many of the health problems facing society through developing skills and knowledge, community action, health public policy and supportive environments.

Reasons for choosing this particular academic program

Health promotion is more relevant today than ever in addressing public health problems. The health scenario is positioned at unique crossroads as the world is facing a ‘triple burden of diseases’ constituted by the unfinished agenda of communicable diseases, newly emerging and re-emerging diseases as well as the unprecedented rise of non-communicable chronic diseases. The factors which aid progress and development in today’s world such as globalization of trade, urbanization, ease of global travel, advanced technologies, etc., act as a double-edged sword as they lead to positive health outcomes on one hand and increase the vulnerability to poor health on the other hand as these contribute to sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy dietary patterns. There is a high prevalence of tobacco use along with an increase in unhealthy dietary practices and a decrease in physical activity contributing to increases in biological risk factors which in turn leads to an increase in non-communicable diseases. The adverse effects of global climate change, sedentary lifestyle, increasing frequency of occurrence of natural disasters, financial crisis, security threats, etc., add to the challenges that public health faces today.

Moreover, Health promotion specialist is a fantastic career. It allows working directly with people, or indirectly by creating programs that will help to achieve longer lives in good health. The Master of Health Promotion enhances professional career development, preparing health professionals for leadership in a health care setting. Theory and research, as well as professional role development, are an integral part of the course, which is focused on the development of the multiple roles of leaders and prepares for managerial and leadership roles within health care teams, units and organizations. Fundamental to this course is the development of leadership, critical thinking and decision-making capacity, preparing health professionals for a leadership role at an executive level.

Relevancy of my selected academic program to my future study or career plans upon successful completion of my selected course of study from Australia:

Short term plans:

After the completion of my master’s degree, I will have the academic knowledge and will take hold of the opportunity PSW which will increase the level of confidence, competitiveness, and will add value in my resume later to find out the better job. I intend to return to my homeland after gaining valuable experience from Australia and implement that knowledge that I gained into practice here. My aim is to work with different leading INGOs and NGOs in Nepal like USAID, DFID, RTI, Health Net Nepal, UNICEF, WHO, Nepal Red Cross Society, ENPHO, Nepal water for health, etc. as a health promotion specialist. Health Promotion Specialist job roles go far beyond working with just individuals to improving individual health, alerting and making people aware regarding the importance of good health, and more significantly it’s a job that is a way to integral for society and world. And I am looking forward to take the challenges and become one. So, my focal point will be in community field-based NGO/INGOs especially those working in remote areas of Nepal as the remote part of Nepal has a devastating lifestyle before the major earthquake hit in 2015 and even worse after the major catastrophe. As Nepal is a developing country, the high demand for dedicated health professionals is essential. Well, when it comes to salary benefits of Health promotion specialists, the salary is attractive which might range 50 thousand to 70 thousand monthly as told by acquaintances.  

Long term plans:

As Nepal is a developing country still there are no sufficient health centers to fulfill the health needs in rural areas. So, I will do business by opening primary health centers and work as a health promotion specialist in it. In this way, I can get my return on investment for my studies in my career.

Reason for accompanying my spouse with me in Australia:

I got married to my Husband’s name on 19th April 2016. He will accompany me to Australia as it will provide me with emotional and psychological support and prevents me from suffering from homesickness. He will help me in household works as well as in my day to day activities. In his presence, I will be able to concentrate fully on my studies and perform well. Also in unpleasant times, unforeseen events and situation he will be there to lighten things up and ease the situation. We will have plenty of opportunities to experience something both of us have never tried before and created moments we will always look back with affection and humor. And I think it is a good idea to accompany my spouse as far away from home you need to have someone there to give you courage and strength.

List the student and dependent visa conditions that we must satisfy while studying on a student visa in Australia

If successful, Student Visa subclass 500 holders will have several conditions to obey. Some of these conditions are explained as follows:

  • While the registered course of study is in session, you cannot work more than 40 hours per fortnight or 20 hours per week;
  • You must maintain enrolment in a registered full-time course of study;
  • While you are in Australia, you must maintain their Overseas Student Health Cover;
  • You must notify your education provider of their residential address within 7 days of moving to Australia. 

Lastly, I would like to declare that I am a genuine student and I will abide by the rules and regulations of your university. I look forward to my admission into the Master in Health Promotion in your esteemed University.

Kind Regards,

your name

Passport Num: *******

Address: permanent address

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