Genuine Student (GS) and Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Profile


The information below has been supplied in support of my student visa application to demonstrate that I satisfy DIBP’s GS and GTE compliance requirements.

Briefly description of my education history from Year 10  to my highest qualification including the names of the qualifications; education institutions, academic percentage and inclusive course dates to indicate the duration of each course & my IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/CAE score & date of exam
Talking about my education history since from my childhood I had been engaged in same education institution named School Name. I had completed my SLC (School Leaving Certificate) examination in Year  scoring around Score% and after two years. I had completed my higher secondary achieving around Score% taking as science as my major subject from College Name. Soon after my graduation, I took a serious research about the career I want to pursue. Bearing in my mind my interest in different technologies plus the desire to study information technology. Recently I had appeared IELTS examination which is taken by IDP IELTS Australia in YEAS BS  and scored overall XX  with no band less than XX which consists of listening XX, writing  XX, reading XX and speaking XX to meet the admission requirement for abroad study.

Details of the financial sponsors who will fund me &my spouse’s Australian studies and living expenses by listing their full name, country of residence, current job designation, employer’s name and amount along with Bank Balance/Educational Loan amount & Bank:
In terms of financial background, my family is able to afford my tuition fees and other expenses during my stay and study in Australia. My father’s name is Parent Name, my mother as well as my brother name is Brother Name and Brother Name respectively whose country of residence is Nepal are sponsoring and taking all the financial responsibilities during my study and stay in Australia. My father earns around Amount annually from business and my father also works as a Technician in Company Name who earns NPR Amount annually. Similarly, my brother works as a Marketing Officer in Company Name He earns an annual Amount. Along with this, my brother has a bank balance of Amount in Himalayan Bank Limited which will be used for my education purpose in Australia. My family is strong enough to bear all my cost of studying and living during my stay in Australia

My proposed living arrangements in the particular city of Australia:
Among a lot of cities in Australia, I have particularly chosen Sydney because it is a city with world-class facilities and an amazing quality of life . The locals share many passions, in particular with coffee, sport , the arts , and food. This helps to create Sydney enviable lifestyle and sets the scene for an inclusive and accepting city. Recently Sydney has been named as Australia’s best city for international students. Sydney offers high quality , varied, and safe student accommodation in a range of settings.  Sydney has a comprehensive public transport system of trains, trams, and buses that make getting around the city easy.

 Research that I conducted about study in my home country before I made the decision to choose study abroad:
Though there are few universities offering related program in affiliation with local colleges such as Deerwalk Institute of Technology in Kathmandu offers Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (BScCSIT), Kathmandu University – School of Engineering in Kavre offers Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering (BECE) and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) for IT courses in Nepal, however, they are not recognized internationally. In addition, colleges and universities of Nepal are mainly theory-based and lack practical aspects of teaching and learning.  IT education needs more modern technology equipment and practical rather than theory-based class which lacks in Nepalese College and Universities. The education system of Nepal is time-consuming and results in courses not being completed within the allocated time frame. Therefore, I decided to study abroad. I have options to study here Direct Bachelor degree but the main concern is I want to have an international degree with the latest teaching methods as well as modern technology which is difficult to get here in Nepal. Likewise, the career outcome from my home degree will be very limited and they pay less salary in comparison to the international degree. For the overall recognition, best career and earning, I want to study in Australia.

Research that I conducted about study in other countries before I made the decision to choose Australia and reason to study in Australia, not another country:
It is after great a good deal of self-evaluation that I have decided to study further in Australia. Australia certainly proves to be the popular destination for international students with some of the world’s best facilities and educators providing local international students with a range of quality education options. I found UK, USA, and Canada are more expensive in comparison to Australia in terms of living expenses and tuition fees as well. Similarly, I found that Australia has similar weather as like Nepal. In addition, we need to appear in SAT and another proficiency test to get enrollment in colleges and universities in the USA which is time-consuming. Australia is the fast-growing economy with a good and safe environment to live, study and work. As an international student, knowledge, and experience gained in international environment surely adds value to my resume and helps to improve my language proficiency as well. Besides, my relatives and friends also recommended me Australia as the best education destination. Mostly ESOS ACT led me to decide Australia as my further education in Australia. This is more than enough for me to select Australia for my further study.

Australia is also listed under the top 10 most happy countries in the world (www.forbes.com). According to a study carried out by UN (2015); Australia ranks second-best in the world for quality of life.

Australia is a developed country and is advance in technologies which, certainly, will be an addition to my study. It is an English-speaking country so this appeal to international students. I will have opportunities to meet and communicate with people from different parts of the world, observe their culture and tradition. I did research on some UK and USA based Universities as well for my higher study. In the UK I found a similar course Digital and Technology solution on Coventry University and another university named the University of Surrey in which Computing and informative Technology is available.  I found the education system is good but the main concern for international student in the UK for International student is frequent changes in immigration policies which are directly related to students and there is no provision of act like ESOS act in Australia so I felt little bit unsecured there. While talking about the USA I found a similar course as my interest. National University Provides Bachelor of Science in Information Technology ManagementSimilarly, Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business Education with a concentration in Business Computer/Information Technology Education is available at Robert Morris University. I did not prefer the USA because of the regular shootouts at USA schools and colleges which terrify everyone, mostly about lacking over gun control. We daily see, hear such news so I did not decide to study there.

 Reasons for choosing this particular academic program
It is not just recently I was attracted and astonished but I was curious in this field from my childhood. When I was a child I was fond of playing video games, beyond its entertainment, I always wonder how they work and how they are made. My early curiosity for such things inspired me to seek a career in Information Technology. My own learning behavior, passion, and motivation since my childhood in IT-related things led me to choose Information Technology. Now a day’s our daily activities are directly or indirectly connected to Information and technology systems.

Reasons for choosing this particular education institution rather than a similar course at other education institution inside Australia:
Choosing the most suitable Institutes among several education providers of Sydney was one of the difficult tasks for me. I researched many colleges and universities i.e. University of Sydney, UTS Insearch, University of New South Wales but at last, I reached the conclusion that University Name will be the most suitable for my further studies. University name be regarded as a professional college that offers a variety of vocational education and training courses in a fun and stimulating learning environment and graduate student as a highly trained and motivated professional with work experience within the course of the study period.  According to my seniors, college staffs are very friendly to international students. Then I found University Name as a perfect matching for me including the fee structure and learning environment.  As per my research, the fee structure is comparably low than other institutions for same courses. I found that the tuition fee for Diploma in IT is AUD 11,000, Advance diploma of Information Technology is AUD 11,000.

Among a number of colleges and universities, I have chosen University Name As per my research, University Name Institute has an affordable tuition fees structure of AUD 11,000 for Diploma of IT, Advance diploma of IT for AUD 11,000 and the whole program consists of 2 years course which is likely to be AUD 22,000 in total whereas compared to other colleges or universities in Australia like Federation University, La Trobe University and Chisholm which also provide quality education but the tuition fees are very expensive. Their fees range from AUD 21,000 to 30,000. Furthermore, University Name Institute has convenient study locations in Sydney. University Name offers small size classrooms and small size classrooms help tutors to know the student’s potentials as well as for students also to perform accordingly whereas other universities or colleges provide a maximum number of students in a single classroom which lacks a smooth relationship between tutors and students. Among the thousands of colleges in Australia, I found University Name offer a high range of education course which has high value and recognized all over the world. Course structure of Diploma and Advance diploma of IT in University Name is well understandable. Moreover, regarding the facilities and technology, it provides the latest technology and software with sufficient bounding for student’s needs. University Name provides a challenging learning experience for students with advanced academic skills and many excellent learning opportunities.

Diploma of IT and Advance diploma courses are called Vocational Education and Training (VET). These courses give the students the real work experience and the pathway to the undergraduate level in universities also. A VET course makes a student ready for the work as soon as the completion of the course. Through the VET course, we don’t just learn in a classroom but get industry experience in a genuine work environment, this will fully prepare us for employment in the chosen industry. A VET course gives the insights and the required skills and knowledge in the subjects and prepares the person for the future. These are various reasons for choosing VET courses rather than enrolling directly to bachelor’s.

Course requirements and core contents with tuition fees, duration of course of my selected Australian academic program:
I will study 20 units (4cores and 16 elective) in Diploma of Information Technology and 12 units(5 cores and 7 elective) in Advance diploma in Networking Security.In Diploma of Information Technology, I will study 4 cores with 16 elective units, a total of 20 units and the program code is XXXXXX and course date of 52 weeks including total tuition fee of $AU 11,000.

The core units are: Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability, Ensure a safe workplace, Gather data to identify business requirements, Determine and confirm client business requirements, etc. In Advance diploma of networking security,I will study ICT60215 program code of course date of 1 year including total tuition fee of $AU 11,000 and core units are: Implement secure encryption technologies, Design and implement a security perimeter for ICT networks, Implement secure encryption technologies, Design and implement a security system, etc.

Advance Diploma preference instead of bachelors
As this course is based on practical as well as theoretical and provide both analytical and technical skills from which I can improve my career skill for my betterment to enlargement of my future dream to become a successful System Analyst or Project Manager and database developer to run a business organization as this course of content is very comparable to my future goal.

There were many universities in Australia namely Griffith University, Central Queensland University, Western Sydney University, QUT but the duration of the course and fee structure was quite high than diploma. Studying a bachelor in a completely new environment would be difficult for me. So before, I take a huge step I want to take a leap of faith by completing my program in Diploma in Information Technology leading to Advance diploma. Vocational course is less reliant on the scores, giving you a better chance of being accepted to the course. 

In addition, due to small size classrooms, I can easily interact and achieve personal attention from the teacher so that I can enhance my academic growth in comparison to classrooms of universities. Undergraduate degrees can cost upward of AUD$14000 per semester in course fees alone so studying directly in University will be rather expensive. Whereas, I can complete my 2 years diploma from Australian Technology and Innovation College in 11,400 AUD$ per annum. With 3000 AUD $ scholarship in the second year.

The course makes you ready for the job as it is a vocational which makes you ready for the workforce for the corporate world, unlike some universities where most of the course is theoretical. Also, you are more likely to be hired as there is a shortage of vocational worker where you can enjoy work with studies which is very much important for your CV. Later on, it is valuable while you return to your native land or any part of the world where you will also earn your living. Learning is flexible with lots of opportunities and ease of learning made me profound of the program. 

General information about the program

Course: Certificate IV in Information Technology

          Diploma of Information Technology


Course length: 104 weeks

Total Cost: AUD$ 22500

What should I do After Completing My Diploma in IT and Advance diploma in Networking Security of from  University Name
After completion of my 2 years Diploma (1 Year), Advance diploma in Networking Security (1 Year) course from  University Name In I will be able to Study Bachelor in Information Technology field in the College/ University like AIH, KOI, GCA, MIT, HOLMES, CDU, CQ, UTS, ACU, VU, Federation University and Sydney University. Where I can get 1 year’s credit exemption from my Diploma course at University Name and I have to study only 2 years at the Bachelor level. Out of this college and university, I will select the one for the Higher Education (Bachelor – 2 years). Later on, after completion, once I finished my PSW I will back to my home country and work in the IT field in a new vision by keeping a new technology and idea.

My future study or career plans upon successful completion of my selected course of study from Australia:
This qualification provides high-level information and communications technology (ICT), process improvement and business skills and knowledge to enable an individual to be effective in senior ICT roles within organizations. The qualification builds on a base core of management competencies, with specialist and general elective choices to suit particular ICT and business needs, especially in the areas of knowledge management and systems development. I found that the program structure of the diploma and advance diploma are so flexible. Besides, we will be skill-oriented after learning diploma and advance diploma.

As I intend to do an advance diploma degree in IT from the same institution named University Name Institute, I have an overview of the course also. It’s a 2 years full-time course that has some credit points with core business units. I want to study with University Name because it will give me knowledge in Cloud web services developer and Business/system analysis with units such as Introduction to Accounting: Money matters; Managing: people, Systems and Culture; Marketing: Creating and Capturing Customer Value, etc.  I want to study this degree at University Name because it will make me a well-rounded professional with the ability to analyze, design, build and test a wide range of computer-based systems, build basic business studies and can work in senior levels such as senior IT professional or the IT manager, etc. Only with diploma and advance diploma courses, I can work as an IT professional but they will not hire me in higher posts so I need this degree to enhance my career potential. 

In the fast-moving and dynamic world, technology drives every sector with its flow. Being a science student with high enthusiasm for the technology, I would like to get all the required skills and knowledge in a particular course. I want to be an IT expert working as System Analyst. In this present situation, there is a huge demand for big IT-based industries for System Analyst, Project Manager, and Database Developer. In diploma and advance diploma in Information Technology, we will gain the skills and knowledge needed to install and manage networks. I found that students get a chance to learn how to install and administer Microsoft Operating Systems and to explore new technologies related to the cloud and the internet of things.

After completing my diploma course I will apply for PSW so that I can complete a bachelor then I will come back to my country and start my career.  After returning initially I will work as an assistant IT Specialist in one of the companies in Nepal. Within a short time period, Nepal has done much more progress in this field. There are lots of IT and networking companies in Nepal. My targeted companies are like Internet Service Providers (ISP) like World link, Broad link, Classics, Subasi and telecommunications companies like Nepal Telecom, Nell, Smart Cell, etc. I shall be easily fitted into the dream jobs like system analyst, project manager in these Companies with a decent salary of N’s 35000-40000. Moreover, not only IT and networking companies, nowadays each and every company has its own IT officer to look after and monitor the issues related to IT. Besides these, almost every organization like School, Hotel, ISP companies, is using a computer system and they need IT specialist so I see there is a great future of IT specialists in Nepal in the coming days. Nepal government is now on the process of digitalization and there will be huge demand for IT technicians in the coming days. Not only this I can even teach in the IT colleges and earn extra money and NGOs and INGOs, and I’ve heard that various foreign government-run projects, UN-run projects, etc. seek for the IT professional. My long-term goal is to work for the UN-related projects who pay really a great salary in managerial level they can pay even around or more than 100,000 NPR a month and it can go up with my experience.

The first few years could be a little painful as I have to work in lower amount but say after 3-4 years of experience I can work in managerial posts and can earn higher and will be seeking to work in UN-related projects. Soon after working in UN-related projects I can get the return on my study investment in Australia just in 10-12 years in total.

After completing my course, I will genuinely return to my homeland. Since my childhood, I have always learned from my parents that I should always have respect for my nation. My parents are my pride and I would surely comeback having determination to make them proud. As we have family assets such as lands and houses which nearly costs NPR Amount and I have to handle our family assets which I will get inherit in equal proportion with my brother. And as I am the eldest son of my family I have more responsibility towards my parents. That’s why I have to come back to my own native country.

To sum up, I have an honest intention to come and study in Australia. My family is able enough to bear all the expenses during my stay in Australia. My family members have always played a bridge between me and my studies. I mean to say that I have always been supported, encouraged and motivated by family members financially and emotionally. I completely assure my return to my home country as my parents are in Nepal.  In Nepalese culture, sons are the one who look after their parents. So, I have great responsibilities towards them.

I hereby declare that I am very enthusiastic and motivated to learn in that diverted study in Australia. I am convinced that my study at this college will give me a rewarding experience, recognized degree and make me a skilled IT expert in the future. But diploma and advance diploma level of study will not be enough to pursue a successful professional career after returning back to Nepal. So, I will accomplish my bachelor’s degree in Australia with some credit which reduces the time length and cost of study. Finally, I will return to Nepal and serve in my own native country.

Understanding the visa conditions that I must satisfy whilst studying on a student visa in Australia: 

As we all know that every nation has its own rules, laws, and regulations. As per my understanding, I have to maintain the following rules under the student visa subclass 500 in Australia.

  • I need to maintain a minimum 80% of attendance
  • I cannot work more than 40 hours per fortnight on a part-time basis
  • I need to have a minimum 50% pass mark in each subject.
  • I cannot change the education provider for 6 months upon enrolment
  • I need to maintain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) until I remain Australia
  • I must notify to university/DIBP within 7 days if I change the address/contact details and so on. 


I hereby certify that the information above, which has been supplied in support of my student visa application to assist me to demonstrate that I satisfy DIBP’s GS and GTE compliance requirements, has been completed in my own words and handwriting and is a true and correct account.

I understand that if any incorrect, misleading or non-genuine information is found in this SOP, my student visa application will be refused.           

Name: -Student Name
Passport Number: -XXXXXX
Date of Birth: –                    

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