Statement of Purpose (LEK01SHA)

 It’s my pleasure to introduce myself as Applicant Name, resident of Baraha-5, Sunsari, Nepal holding passport number XXXXXXXX. I’m from a small family which includes me, my father and my mothers. I was born on DOB and I am an unmarried person. I have completed my secondary level from School name with academic percentage of Score  And soon after that, I finished my higher secondary studies (10+2) in science faculty from College Name  located in Biratnagar, Morang with an aggregate score of Score in Year. After the completion of my Higher Secondary level, I then appeared for my IELTS examination and achieved overall band score of XX(Listening-XX Speaking- XX, Reading-XX Writing-XX)

The developments in science and technology have continuously absorbed me whether it is the latest applications, software, social sites, and so on. I have always wondered how someone can interact with people sitting in different parts of the globe at the same time. Also the internet which can be shared and be used be a numbers of people at the same place at the same time. All these factors have equally increased curiosity in me towards the study of Information Technology. Currently, there are many technological establishments in Nepal which seems to be growing. Different software and IT companies are starting to make an impact on global scale as well as many students of the engineering are inspired to establish their own businesses. At present, there are over 20 ISPs in Nepal and about 6 telecom companies which shows a promising future for internet and mobile network connections and the IT graduates.

Before getting involved in this job market of Nepal, I should first be professionally skilled and qualified. For that, I have realized that studying from a technically strong nation would be better than completing the study from Nepal. The real system of less organized education methods used by Nepalese institutions is the main reason behind my abroad plans. The education here is found to be mainly knowledge based and theoretical. Degrees like IT are more creative and challenging and hence, a practical based education and knowledge based degrees should be beneficial and more effective. The revision of syllabus of Nepalese education providers is irregular here due to which Nepalese graduates are less able to face the running challenges at the business level. The unavailability of research based education, higher class facilities and resources for practice and research works makes a technician less effective in his career. In addition to above, foreign graduates are found to be preferred in this competitive job market. They have been found efficient and more proficient. These points have demotivated me to not put my career in a difficult situation of not being able to expose to recent international developments of ICT industry. Thus, to be completive in the growing IT industry of Nepal, an updated and skills-based degree would better fit proper career growth. The desire of highly technical education from a well-facilitated and organized institution has developed an urge to discover a reliable education destination.

After completing my higher secondary education I went through various educational booklets and websites to research about suitable destination to pursue higher education in the fields of IT and came to know that Australia has one of the best education systems in the world and all of its universities are among the ranked ones. They have a bigger reputation worldwide which makes Australia an iconic destination among International students. Australia is at the front position of new technology and innovation and has contributed to science and research through fascinating discoveries, high quality educational opportunities, and international collaboration.

Australia offers more than 22,000 courses from its above 1100 education providers. Different research indicates that around 25% of the students in the Australian universities are international students which show that the universities there hold a multicultural mix of students and a diverse culture. This brings about an opportunity to learn and know more different communities. This creates interesting and novel environment for international students. The universities in Australia offer updated degrees whose courses are developed and approved by industry experts. Australian education providers are popular for providing industry accredited courses. Most of their academic degree is also professionally recognized. Moreover, Australian education system includes ESOS Act (Education Services for overseas students) that acts as a protection policy for rights of foreign students. This is a vibrant nation which is also among the top 3 education destinations in the English

Speaking world. Out of 100 top-ranked universities globally, 7 are located in Australia. The Government has regular monitoring and investment in the education system and this has made Australia one of the most preferred education destinations, especially for students from the South Asian region including China. On the other hand, this nation has less density of population and sound society for living. 5 out of the best 30 student cities globally are located in Australia. Students from over 150 nations currently studying in this nation make a friendly and mix environment to exchange ideas for enhancing academic learning.

My quest to gain a foreign university degree was not limited to Australia only. To gain a university degree in Information Technology, I also looked for other options available. My intense desire to improve English led me to select an English speaking nation for Bachelor’s degree. USA and UK are found to be also on the most desired education destinations. However, to get admission in proper universities in the USA and for a scholarship, an SAT test is required. This test means additional time and costs. However, in Australia, IELTS/TOEFL only would work for admissions. USA’s Bachelor’s degree is of four years duration whereas in Australia I can complete Bachelors in just three years’ time. Thus, I am able to save one year time and related living costs and fees if I study in Australia. USA’s Dollar exchange rate to my home nations Nepalese Rupees seems higher than Australian Dollars exchange rate to Nepalese Rupees. Also, UK’s Pound Sterling exchange rate is also higher than Australian Dollars exchange rate to Nepalese rupees. This shows higher tuition fees and living costs in UK and USA. The quality of degree offered by Australian Universities in relation to the quality is much reasonable. Australia being an English speaking nation, improved language fluency will support for international career opportunities in the long term future. Regarding the education system in UK and other European countries, I have done my part of my studies. I have found disappointing results as the education institutions in UK were not found stable. Many were closed over the last decade and this had disturbed the career growth of so many international and domestic students; whereas in Australia, ESOS Act (as informed above) works for the protection of students rights. Tuition Protection Scheme (TPS) assures that the fees paid is safe and the investment is properly made. In other European and Asian countries, most Bachelors are of four years and their language and cultural difference also demotivated me. In addition, Australia also provides opportunities for international students to get exposed to their field of studies after graduation in the form of Post Study Work (PSW). This practically enhances academic qualification. Such facilities are rare in most of other education destinations. As a result, I have confirmed that Australia is a better destination for me to complete my University degree in Information technology in comparison to others.

From my research in internet, I found that Sydney offers first-class education, professional experiences, cutting-edge research opportunities, a strong economy and a lifestyle that is unmatched. Sydney is an incredible city, an urban wonder full of glamour and natural charm. Sydney is the world’s highest-rated cities in terms of quality of life and according to “The economist’s Global Livability Report 2011”; it is one of the world’s most livable cities as well. Sydney being the dream city of most of the students has a unique feature of suburban beaches too. Along with a pleasant climate diverse culture and natural environment, there are many business channels in the city which can enhance the study of a particular subject. It has everything it takes to be the greatest city in the world: amazing natural beauty, the planet’s most beautiful harbour, dynamic arts and culture landscape, innovative fashion scene, exceptional gastronomic reputation and an outdoor lifestyle most seductive than anywhere else.

Therefore, Sydney is the perfect destination for not only me but many other international students to enjoy the city life while studying.

I have never been overseas and I also don’t have any relatives in Australia. So, after I decided to continue my further education in Australia, I went through different sites, asked my friends who have been studying in Australia and visited different counselling seminars to choose the best college among different colleges in Australia which offer the course that I want to study i.e. Information Technology. I found University Name a college located in Sydney has been offering the same course that I want to study. I went through its official website to know more about the course contents, about the college, about the fee structure and most importantly about the quality of education they have been

providing. I found that University Name has been providing very quality education with a team of qualified teaching staffs and all these come with a very reasonable and affordable fee structure. Before finalizing my college selection I wanted to make sure whether other colleges are providing a better quality education in more reasonable costs of study and a better learning environment or not. I continued my research and went through the official websites of other different colleges in the same location. Australian College of Technology (ACT), a college, under an educational group named Academies Australasia, Australian Technical and Management College (ATMC) , Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT), TAFE NSW, Pacific College of Technology, Victoria University etc. were on my search list as I have heard a lot about these institutes. I also came to know about the Glion Institute of Higher Education, UK but the country was not of my choice. I found that some of these colleges are offering similar computer systems courses in nearly similar tuition fee but the recognition of the degree and the quality of education in University Name was more satisfying to me. It was just as I wanted it to be. After I finalized my college I wanted to know more about University Name because it is very much important to do good research on the institution before joining so that it would be easier for any student to fit in the environment initially. From the official website of University Name what I came to know about the college is that it is an institution under the educational group, ITP. The teaching and learning environment at University Name is more practical based. As we know that IT is a field where practical education is more important than theoretical education, University Name is more focused in boosting up the practical knowledge of their student rather than the theoretical one. I found that University Nameis a well-known institute for producing the very best and market-ready personnel. The classrooms are smaller in size and are student-friendly, the teachers use face-to-face teaching methods to focus on an individual student. Weekly themes and topics are provided to focus the contents of the course.

In sum up, I found that University Name is a well- recognized educational institute located in my desired location and offering my desired course content with a very reasonable fee structure which provides high-quality education. With a team of very qualified teaching members, University Name provides a student-friendly learning environment. So, it can be a great way to kick-start my future in the field of computer systems technology in the University Name

According to the official website of the University Name

The Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Technology aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills to develop new software products to meet an initial project brief or customize existing products to meet customer needs. The outcomes of this course are:

– Network administrator or coordinator – Network engineer – Enterprise systems administrator – Systems developer – IT administrator or coordinator – IT operations administrator or coordinator – Network services administrator or coordinator – Administrator or coordinator network support – Network operations analyst – Administrator or coordinator network security

Having known about the core units of Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Technology provided by University Name I choose this course as I have always wanted to develop my career in this field and this course has always been the course of my interest.

I will apply for the bachelor of IT course after completing my diploma and advance diploma in Australian Universities where I will get credit from my Diploma course. It will minimize my total cost to complete bachelor if I study through the diploma. Getting admission directly in University in Bachelor’s degree require a bit high academic. Also, University will have big class size where I can study in small class size in college so that I can get personal attention from teacher so that I can improve my academic growth. Also, studying directly in University will cost high as most of the university’s fee structure is above 22,000AUD per year. I will complete my 2 years advance diploma from University Namein just 14,600AUD so that I can complete remaining 1.5 year to 2 years course from the University so that it will minimize my total cost to complete bachelor’s degree. I have planned to complete my further Bachelor of IT course from University Name as it offers affordable fees structure and also located in Sydney. Also there are other university where I can apply for Bachelor i.e. Central Queensland University, Western Sydney University and Australian Catholic University. After completion of my bachelor’s degree with credit from diploma advance diploma, I will apply for Post Study Work visa for 2 years and return back to my motherland with Australian bachelor’s degree and working experience. PSW will increase my level of confidence, competitiveness. As we have seen the technology field developing rapidly in Nepal, I believe by the time I come back there will be more opportunities available and also demand for professional IT personnel will increase. Thus, what I learnt by studying about Information Technology will definitely benefit any company I will be working for in future. There are some big companies in Nepal i.e. Nepal Telecom, NCELL, Verisk information technology, leap frog, brain digit IT solution, websoft Nepal where I want to work as IT manager and specialist, IT Administrator, Network administrator in those companies with the competitive salary. Also I can apply for the IT specialized in different banks of Nepal. Initially they pay 50,000 to 70,000NR per year salary and with the experience it will be increased. I am confident that I will get competitive job here in Nepal with Australian degree and experience. If I am unable to find the competitive job here I can also apply for the international job based on my degree from Australia. I am confident that I will get that much skills and knowledge from Australian degree. But my journey towards success is still a few more miles away. I need to sparkle my career with a degree in my relevant field, without which my career would not be fulfilled. Therefore, I request you to accept my purpose and make me move ahead in my career with more confidence and venerable knowledge.

As per my financial regard my family members are supportive towards my decision of pursuing my education in Australia. My family members have agreed to sponsor me during my stay in Australia so I can assure that there will not be any financial issue. I have already paid my more than 1 year full tuition fees to my college and for rest expenses i.e. living, traveling I have attached my financial documents. My parents are well aware about my further study plan after my current course and they are ready to support me to complete my planned course from Australia.

As I am only son of my family, I have great responsibilities towards my family and all the valuable assets we own. Although we don’t have the tradition of leaving our parents after 18+ and living on our own, I have promised myself to be with them and serve them in their old age. This indeed is every child’s desire. I want my parents to be with me and watch me promoting the Nepalese discoveries globally. And I believe it would worth more than anything to my family members. Therefore, I have no intention at all to stay in Australia after my study. To speak the truth, I have no other options rather than returning to my own country. I always move forward with a proverb that a true happiness lies not in the comfort living in an established country but in the hurdles that we overcome on the journey to build one.

As I am applying for student visa, I will be given higher education visa subclass 500. This visa allows me to stay in Australia to study a full-time higher education course. Under this visa I will be bound to certain conditions. Most importantly my Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) policy must cover the full period of my visa. I am allowed to work maximum of 40 hours per fortnight. I cannot undertake work until I have started my course. I have to maintain my attendance of at least 80%. I need to score 50% in each subject to pass. I must notify my University/DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) of my residential address in Australia within 7 days of arriving in Australia and if I change my residential address I have to notify my education provider/DIBP within a week time. I cannot change my university or program for first six month.

I believe that the education I pursue from Australia will be resourceful and I hope this will help to develop my career entirely. In addition, I will be obedient and follow each and every rules and regulations of Australian High Commission and of University Name College.

Waiting for your positive decision,

Thanking you,


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