Introduction:    My name is Applicant Name, son of Parents Name born on 3rd October 1999 and I am a permanent resident of Biratnagar-04, Morang, Nepal. I have always had a prodigious willingness to have an international degree, to learn in a multicultural environment, to groom myself in an advanced, sophisticated and modern corporate culture so that I can compete in this competitive world and for this my parents have been my motivational factors. Therefore, I have decided to study a Diploma of Information Technology Networking + Advanced Diploma of Network Security at University Name.

Academic Background:
Talking about my educational background and qualifications, I have always been a genuine and diligent student. I have completed by secondary level namely School Leaving Certificate (SLC) in Nepal in Year securing good grades of Score from School Name, Biratnagar. Similarly, I have passed my higher secondary education in Year (known as +2 level in Nepal) from College Name in science stream securing Score Then, as per my further study plan, I appeared for IELTS Examination held on Date, where I was able to get an overall band score of XX (Listening-XX, Reading- XX, Writing- XX and Speaking-XX

Why Australia rather than other countries?
I undertook a lot of research relating higher education in my own country, as well as other countries like US, UK, Germany, University Name in Finland, Australia, Denmark, New Zealand, India, China and finally, chose Australia as my study destination. After my research, I came to know that Australia has multicultural and peaceful cities, mild climate with a high-quality education. Furthermore, students who study in Australia can take advantage of the country’s impressive technology and research resources. Besides the United States and the UK, Australia is the best destination for international students to go for further studies. Australia has got some of the best colleges in the world if we look at the list of top colleges in the world. I found that after getting a degree from universities of Australia, students achieve practical knowledge and they can perform excellence in a workplace around the globe. Studying information technology is very sensitive as there are very new innovation and technological advance day by day. Technologically, Australia is advance, forward-thinking country and their innovation and technology have profited millions around the world and faster than other countries. For instance, Millennium is the highest rates of internet access in the world. Millions of people around the globe rely on Australian innovation. With a population of about 23 million, Australia has already received 15 Nobel Prize.

The cost of studying IT is extensively lower in Australia than they are in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is a fact that the USA is a better destination for IT students due to its highest level of

technological advancement but the specific requirement like SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) and ACT (American College Testing) for the universities were time and money consuming as well as news about gun violence and terrorist attacks was also threatening. Australia has a modern education, highly educated culture with a thirst for knowledge and research. In order to make a high standard, the system is carefully regulated by an Australian government. There are incredible support services from colleges of Australia for whatever students need to beat the troubles of being an international student, relating with the study, language improvement or social engagement For me, studying should not get only focused on the course syllabus rather it means learning new ideas, new cultures, the way how to get involved and participate in overall development that could build up a strong confidence to grab the future goal. International student gets oppoitunities for specialized research training that develops skills in research and get knowledge of new technology and development. Also, Australia has The Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) framework which protects the rights of international students studying in Australia and Tuition protection service (TPS) which ensure international student to complete their studies in an alternative institution or refund their unspent tuition fees if a suitable alternative is not found. Moreover, the Post Study Work (PSW) which allows international students to work temporarily in Australia that helps students to widen and broaden their knowledge and gain experience which we can utilize to provide services to the nation.Hence, these are the realistic facts and reasons that have convinced me to choose Australia as my study destination.

Why not my home country, Nepal?
Though IT courses are available here in Nepal along with opportunities, there is lack of graduates in our country. There are few educational institutions which provide education on course related to Information Technology. Not only that, but the education here is also theory-based rather than practical and provides facilities. I discussed with my father briefly about giving continuity to my further study in my home nation or in abroad. After understanding the education system of my country we preferred abroad for my further education. Also, it has been more than decades that I have been studying in Nepal and now I want to study in a different environment where I will have an opportunity to meet people from different nations so that we can exchange ideas and culture too. Nepalese qualification is not globally competitive in compare with an Australian degree. So along with the full support of my father I preferred Australia for my further education.

Why Sydney?
I have decided to go to Sydney because it is rated top for international students. It is a well-planned metropolitan city with top-notch transportation along with the peaceful environment and world-class telecommunication facilities. Sydney is Australia’s financial and educational hub where many prestigious colleges and universities are located in offering world-class education. It is a multicultural city where thousands of international students come to fulfil their educational ambition. Moreover, the climate in Sydney is similar to Nepal, thus it won’t be harder for me to live

there sustainably. So, studying in Sydney will definitely give me international exposure to shape up my career.

The reasons to choose University Name.
With the decision of studying VET course and going through the Diploma of IT Networking and Advanced Diploma of Network Security, I started searching for VET providers. There were hundreds of education providers and choosing one from them was really difficult. After doing plenty of research finally I chose UNIVERSITY NAME because I believe it is one of the most exhaustive and globally recognized institutions in Australia that offers many programs and courses over the wide range of study area. Besides this, its extensive student support service that aims to endeavour for international students to gain academically, socially and culturally is very impressive in comparison to support services that other institutions in Australia provide. UNIVERSITY NAME offers practical industrial experiences that will be really good for me and also offers tremendous experienced and highly qualified teachers as well as they have significant industry real-life experience and take that in the class. UNIVERSITY NAME also aims to provide us and professionals with increased skills to enable us to enter and compete in the Australian marketplace. Its training offerings start with introducing students from schools and universities to the employment market through job readiness courses. The digital infrastructure supports a place where students, employers, and educators engage and participate in learning and assessment, with access to information and learning support services. Studying in modern, outstanding campus facilities with the latest pieces of equipment in UNIVERSITY NAME was a boon for my undergraduate study. It will help to build my career. Some of its courses include internship or industry placement opportunities, which provide students with real-world experience. Another reason for choosing UNIVERSITY NAME is much affordable as compared to other education providers such as TAFE NSW, Wentworth, HIBT, Strathfield, Sydney Metro College, Pacific College, Harbour College, ATMC etc. UNIVERSITY NAME regularly hosts exciting social events, such as Australian Day breakfasts, Student Showcase Exhibitions, and afternoon teas for their current students. UNIVERSITY NAME campus is located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD and is easily accessible from Central Station and Haymarket. So, after evaluating all these factors I finally chose UNIVERSITY NAME for my further study.

Why Diploma of Information Technology Networking and Advanced Diploma of Network Security?
I chose the Diploma of Information Technology Networking and Advanced Diploma of Network Security instead of Bachelor Degree because directly going for Bachelor Degree can be hard to understand the international concept. I don’t just want to get the degree but also the knowledge and concept which will be very fruitful in the future. It will help me to build a good base for the study in Bachelor and I believe that a building will only stand tall if its foundation is strong. After completion of my Diploma of Information Technology Networking and Advanced Diploma of Network Security, I will apply for Bachelors of Information Technology with all possible credits in any University. Then after the bachelor degree, I will apply for PSW (Post Study Work) which will be

of 2 years so that I will have both International work experience as well as international degree. Regarding the Diploma of Information Technology Networking that I have planned to pursue, it is a qualification with a course length of 52 weeks that consists of mainly eleven elective units and five core units and Advanced Diploma of Network Security is a qualification with a course length of 39 weeks that consists of mainly seven elective units and five core units which are: Design and implement a security perimeter for ICT networks, Produce technical solutions from business specifications, Configure an enterprise virtual computing environment, Design, build and test a network server, Contribute to copyright, ethics and privacy in an ICT environment, implement server virtualization for a sustainable ICT system(Diploma Level),

The reasons to choose Information Technology and its future opportunities:
I have been studying Computer subject from grade 4 and always got good marks in it. The reason behind not choosing computer in my +2 level was because my parents want me to be a doctor. So with family desire pressure in mind, i went for biology. However, IT was throughout my mind. During high school time, i get to know more in-depth knowledge of what IT can do in the current scenario and kept trying to convince my family. After noticing my strong desire and career i can have, they agreed for me to go for IT subject for further studies. IT has played a vital role in the 21st century. It is the noble field with many opportunities. All these have been possible through information technology like telephone, fax, telex, computers, internet, email etc and are becoming a part and parcel of our lives and are transforming lifestyles and habits of people all over the world. IT is such a subject that incorporates new technology and its definition keeps on changing with time. There are fun, creativity and money in this profession. I dream of working as an IT expert or any other renowned IT firms in future. Also, there are very few qualified IT professionals in the market due to which there is high demand for IT professionals in the days to come. Since my childhood, I was fascinated by computer related things. The dynamic world of IT and communication requires skilled expertise in computer technology, telecommunication, multimedia as well as the knowledge of the network. After completing the course I will have different opportunities like Business Analyst, ICT Project Manager, Network Specialist, Software Developer, Web Developer, Systems Analyst in well known IT industries of Nepal such as Nepal Telecom, Ncell, Verisk Information Technologies, Deerwalk Services, BrainDigit IT Solution, Sprout Technology and many more.

Financial Sponsors
I am well prepared financially to continue my course in Australia. Regarding my financial sponsorship, my entire course and stay in Australia will be sponsored by my father, mother, and grandfather. My grandfather’s name is Grandfather name and has the pension source income of NRS. Amount annually. Similarly, my father, Mr Father Name is a program coordinator in Campus Name and earns a yearly income of Amount and my mother works as an operator in Company Name. with an income of NRS. Amount in a year.

Also, the income from land lease sums up to NRS Amount. Overall, my parents have a total income of NRS. The amount which is equivalent to AUD Amount Currently we hold bank balance of NRS Amount in Nepal SBI Bank Ltd. which is equivalent to AUD Amount which is enough for my year living expenses and travelling. I have already paid for my tuition fees in advance of AUD Amount and separately for my OSHC for the entire duration of course. I and my parents believe that investing in education never goes waste and they are willing to spend for my career plans in an international platform as they want me to excel further in the days ahead. I, therefore, want to reassure that my parents are financially capable to invest in my study and stay in Australia.

Career Plan
Studying in Australia would open up plenty of opportunities for me to excel in my career. First of all, I will complete my Diploma and Advanced Diploma. After that, I will complete my Bachelor. After the completion of a bachelor’s degree, I will able to gain many computers related skills on the job that will be specific to the unique needs of the employer and company. I will get back to my country once i have Bachelor degree along with 2 years of work experience (PSW). I will get my increased professional value, demand, and position offer in Nepal. Developing country like Nepal needs numbers of skilled IT professionals to take part in developing nation. This industry is rapidly growing and shows great potential for having a career in this field. After pursuing bachelor degree and 2 years experience, I think I will easily get a job in leading IT companies like Nepal Telecom, Ncell, Deerwalk, Verisk Information Technology, Avenue, Braindigit, sprout technology and also in leading internet service providers (ISP) like Worldlink, Broadlink, classic tech, Subishuete in different positions like network engineer, network specialist and many other positions. Among these huge possibilities, I will prefer to work as a Network Engineer at Nepal Telecom which is a governmental institution with a good salary and secured future. While working as a network engineer at this prestigious institution, I hope I will earn 70,000 to 80,000 NRS per month and I believe the salary will increase as per my performance. Thus, an international degree will definitely make a larger impact on me individually as well as to boost up my future.

Visa conditions
As I am applying for a student visa, I will be given the visa subclass 500. The visa allows me to stay in Australia to study a full time. Under this visa, I will be bound to certain conditions. Most importantly my Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC) policy must cover the full period of my visa. I am allowed to work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight. I cannot undertake the work until I have started my course. I have to maintain my attendance of at least 80% in each subject to pass and don’t get involved in any kind of criminal activities. I must notify my education provider/ DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) of my residential address in Australia

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