Statement of Purpose (PRA01SUB)

My name is Applicant Name, permanent resident of Address. The intention of writing this letter is to answer the entire probable questions that may arise during the processing of my student visa applications. Regarding my academic qualification, I have done school leaving certificate (S.L.C) from School Name, Address with XX %. Then I completed my HSEB examination from School Name, Address with XX%. My precursor to study Master of Technology was my four years courses of BE in Electronics and Communication with an aggregate of XX % from College Name, under the Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University in 2016. I was, and still am, passionate about Physics, I wanted to pursue my career in the engineering field; the field, which I believe, brings Physics to day-to-day life and this is how I got into engineering. During my Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Electronics and Communication, I acquired the knowledge of the basics of programming to the intense part of it. Many programs had enough software coursework and I tended to do my own research/practice in software development anyway. It was easier for me to learn software on my own than hardware engineering. Throughout my undergraduate study, programming languages such as Programming in C and Object-Oriented Programming in C++, Microprocessors and Advanced Instrumentation were the field that kindled my desire to secure a graduate degree in Information Technology. There is no gap in my study. After completion of a Bachelor degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, I was offered a job to be a Master Control Room (MCR) Engineer by Company Name. I’m Still Working in this Organization. I am really satisfied with the work and got the opportunities to learn to works in a team and also got a chance to explore a new place and get socialize with new people. During my desks works, I was preparing for the IELTS exam too for planning to study abroad. So, I am able to score overall XX, IELTS exam dated on Date. This helps me to choose the best university in Australia for study. I have a dream to work and contribute in the Engineering sectors since my schooling. I found preparing to contribute to future growth and change in project can be a suitable option for enhancing the knowledge and secure for a better future career. So,Master of Technology (Software Engineering)is the course that I have chosen to study at University Name.

Australia has become the dream country for international students from all over the world. Likewise, it has been my future career building destination too. The opportunities available over there are great enough that one cannot think for others as the first option. The world highest-ranking universities (7 universities out of 100) are there. Students can have enrolled in them without any doubts. I think the use of latest science and technological methodology with more practical basis than theoretical one is the major attraction in teaching methodology for the students who were hurried to explore knowledge and exercise mind as like me. I think the main reason to study Australia is global recognition. Graduates from Australian college and universities are highly valuable in the world due to the reputed Australian education system. Also, Australia becomes the country of English speakers and cultural diversity, friendly natives and high economic opportunities play a crucial role in great charmed of international students over here. Moreover, there is a great standard of living. Australia has the cheapest tuition fee and cost of living as compared to the United States and the United Kingdom. International students are allowed to work as part-time which could be better earning living expenses. And opportunities of scholarship for best students can be the best option to lower the tuition fee for overseas students. So, Australia has become the first option for me to study a master degree program. And the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) framework protects the rights of international students studying in Australia, including our right to receive accurate information regarding our courses, fees, refunds of course money and the Tuition Protection Service (TPS), which is a placement and refund service for international students, which is activated in the event that our institution is unable to teach our course.

The Master of Technology allows me the opportunity to develop professional skills such as teamwork, communication and Australian engineering practice while applying and further developing the theoretical knowledge I gained in my undergraduate study. Software engineering offers a career in many fields like to become a computer programmer, system designer, system administrator, system designer, system tester and many more. TT professional can find a job in every industry like financial services, entertainment, government, hospitality, manufacturing and more. Must of IT process actually varies on creative and problems solving. This lets to come up with solutions to problems faced by your company and lets to use technical skills.

After completion of the course, graduates will be equipped with knowledge through course work and research in project management. There are different units in this course. Among them, the research project can be based on either workplace or issues that are important in general project management. I will be in search of jobs that suit my subject of study. As I said earlier, after post-graduation with world-renowned Australian degree, I may not find it difficult to work in a different organization related to different field stated above. As like in other developing countries, in my country Nepal, there are many projects related to development work are carrying. For this, there is a requirement of different technical and professional officers. So that works can be carried out smoothly and in a sustainable way. So, I wouldn’t feel any difficulty to made career plans in Nepal as well as in the global market. And after completing my course, it will not be difficult to earn the invested money too as per the job placement in the different institute. In Nepal, after completion of “Masters of Engineering,” there are many career options including Private and government offices.

University Name achieved a maximum five rating for teaching quality in a good universities guide from 2010-2014. Federation University has been ranked in the Good University guide from 2010-2014. University Name has been ranked four stars for graduate placement by the Good University Guide. This placed the university in top among Australian regional rankings. So all these details forced me to choose ad go for University Name. According to me, University Name suits me and my interest because it offers what I prefer at a reasonable cost and is a government recognized university. So, I would get a globally recognized degree. So, based on these reasons, I have preferred to study in University Name.     

For the reasons to denying for study in Nepal, first, up all, the postgraduate program that I have chosen is totally new in my country’s universities but the manpower related to this field is lacking. Though there are similar disciplinary courses available in Nepal, they are not based on practical and research motives. In this era of science and technology, my country lack of innovative teaching manpower as well as research where Australia offer the internationally recognized degree with development of critical and analytic skills which is essential for the successful completion of my program “Information technology”. Furthermore, Australian degree can make us ease to seeks and kick the job in a globally competitive market. Though there is a related course in my neighbouring country India, there are not on practical base and study with work opportunities in the related field is rare. So, I decide to study postgraduates in Australia due to the reason that I stated above.

My family will support financially while accomplishing my studies in Australia. My family will support agriculture and animal husbandry. My father and mother have been a tremendous source of support and inspiration to continue my education. They have always been a guide and supportive towards me for the commencement of my journey in Australian education so that the support will be continuous with me and would be the strong source of educational finance. My mother is a public-school teacher, which is one of the sources of income of my family. They are also fully aware of our journey to Australia and ensure full support from their side. In contempt of this, parents can afford enough money for living in Australia.

I am fully aware and well known to the Australian Immigrations laws and rules. Therefore, I would like to assure you that I am aware of the visa obligation of subclass 500. As per my understanding, I must study full time and must attend more than 80% attendance each semester. Similarly, I must notify to College/DIBP within 7 days if I change the address or contact details. Furthermore, I must have to maintain Overseas Students Health Care (OHSC) for the study period. In the end, I would like to assure the Australian High commission that I have been faithful to what I do till date and I will provide my abilities and make myself a very best student of University Name. I declare that I have written this Statement of Purpose myself and have not had assistance writing this. I guarantee that I am a genuine student and a genuine temporary entrant to Australia. I also declare that I have sufficient funds to cover the cost of my tuition fees and living expenses for the duration of my studies.

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