I am an Applicant name originally from Permanent Address. Currently, I am living in Temporary Address. There are No.members in my family- my father, my mother, my ****. I am told that I am a fast learner and I believe I can cope with difficulties as well as pressure and I exhibit flexibility in different aspects of life.

Since my school, I was always considered an academically sound student with brilliancy in almost all subjects. My teachers considered me excellent not only in the academic field but in extracurricular activities as well. I actively participated in sports competitions and debates held by my school. I have won the oratory competition held by my school in grade 6. I have also won a bronze medal in inter-school karate championship. I completed my School Leaving Certificate (S.L.C) from School name in Year A.D with % or GPA under the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education. Soon after, I joined the Higher Secondary Level with a biology major in College name which is located in Location.I passed my +2 level in division/Grade with % or GPA in aggregate from Faculty in Year A.D under the National Examination Board. During my time in high school, I took part in the national level boxing tournament held by the Sports Ministry and Nepal Boxing Association (N.B.A)  in 2016.I secured a bronze medal in that tournament which secured a place for me to compete for the youth world championship held in St. Petersburg in Russia. After the completion of my studies, I took my Test Name exam on DD/MM/YYYY and secured an overall score.

After completing my higher secondary education, I wanted to get enrolled into Bachelors of Information Technology (BIS). I consulted many education providers in Nepal including colleges and universities including Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University and many more but even after consulting many of these institutions, I could not find the right option for me. Thus, I decided to pursue my career abroad to be a reputed and a good IT officer. The reasons that I believe that studying IT in Nepal is not best for me is the non-compatibility of Nepal’s education system with present-day demands. The IT graduates from Nepal are unable to handle the overwhelming pressure that comes with the job. Nepal’s education system lacks skills development programs and heavily relies on theoretical teaching methods. Now in this world, I don’t believe owning a degree is sufficient to solve problems. Hand in hand with owning a degree, problem-solving skills and knowledge are also necessary. There are many colleges providing IT education in Nepal but they lack adequate prerequisites like computers, equipment and other teaching materials.

Even though I was sure that I would continue my education abroad, I was quite confused about where. I saw many countries that provided an excellent education in the field of IT. I then started comparing the courses provided by universities in the USA, UK and Australia. I kept in mind about the type of courses, tuition fees, level of education, climate and many more. Nepalese are recognized more in Australia than in any other country. Another reason for choosing Australia is the flexibility of the courses offered to international students. Moreover, I come from a country with a relatively mild climate that does not experience extreme winter or summer. Some parts of the USA and most parts of Canada experience a harsh climate. Australia has a relatively similar climate to Nepal and has somewhat the same time zone. Countries like the USA require additional exams like SAT which is time-consuming and complicated. Also, I came to know about the different policies and facilities like PSW, ESOS act, TPS and OSHC policy existing in Australia. I also came to know from research that ESOS act (Education service for overseas students) sets minimum standards and provides tuition and financial assurance to international students. It will enable our right to receive before enrolling, current and accurate information about the course of studies and other information from our institutions and institutional agents. I am also quite familiar with OSHC policy which entitles us to free hospital covers and 85% of standard doctor’s fee. The TPS ensures that international students receive a refund of their unspent tuition fees. In addition, Post Study Work (PSW) opportunity in Australia enables students to gain work experience after completing their studies. Australian strong economy and low employment rates mean I will not have any problems in finding jobs which will support me meeting my expenses. In my opinion, Sydney is the ideal city where international students like me can easily adjust. On top of that, the climate is good and the city is clean, beautiful and safe.

After I made up my mind to study in Australia, I started searching for the right education provider for me. Some of the education providers I made research on are Deakin University, Federation University ATMC and the University of Sydney. Among these all, I find University name the most suitable for me because it offers the exact course in IT that I want to study i.e., Bachelor in Information Technology (BIS). Moreover, it also offers scholarship which makes this education provider more affordable for me than the rest. Furthermore, the University name allows me to study IT even though I didn’t have math in grade 12.

Bachelor in Information Technology (BIS) is a course that allows students to learn the use of information technology in organizational settings. In other words, students learn theories, principles and applications of information systems to help run a business effectively in the modern competitive market. The students develop knowledge and skills of the latest technological advancement in the field of information technology in relation to their use in the business world. The duration of the course is 3 years which is divided into 6 semesters. The annual tuition fee for the course is AUD 23,700. This course is accredited to the Professional Level by the Australian Computer Society (ACS). After completing this course, students can work in various areas such as systems development, systems analysis, system design, information management, database design and information, electronic commerce and consultant.

Even though I was a biology major, I am good with computers too. Now I believe excelling in IT is a challenge for me. After completing my IT course, I am thinking of pursuing my masters in IT as well but I am not very sure about that as I may start working as well as an IT officer. It will help me achieve my career goal because from a very young age I was fascinated about gadgets and programming and I also want to create a different identity for myself. One of the best things about it is that you can start your career independently as well as work in a reputed company. I am aware of the flexibility of the course. Nowadays IT officers have a very high demand in most of the sectors including multimedia, tourism, software development etc. IT guarantees one thing: a job opportunity. After completing this course, I will mainly be looking for employment in industries heavily relying on software development such as Google, Microsoft, and IBM. Not only in international markets, but I can also apply for a job in my own country Nepal as well. The tourism industry is flourishing in Nepal and IT officers are highly sought after. Although few and a little less beneficial, there are job opportunities in my country as well.

IT courses are available in Nepal as well but they do not meet the international educational standards. Another reason is the weak education sector in our country. Due to political instability, classes do not run smoothly and many colleges provide this course but they are far too expensive and the tutors are not very experienced. I believe I would benefit a lot from studying abroad in Australia. I will get to have a new experience and interact with different people. Moreover, the college I am applying to provides an excellent education.

My family has enough funds saved for my education. My father works for an*****. And my mother *********. In addition, we also earn from agriculture. After achieving an international degree, there are high chances of getting jobs which are very well paid in my homeland. At the same time, relevant work experience will add up some bonus points to advance my career as an IT officer. After completing the course, I will return back to my country and work in any IT sector. There are multi specialized companies in Nepal like CG group, Jyoti group and many travel agencies. I can easily apply for a job in these companies after completion of my course. I can also get an opportunity to work in various NGOs and INGOs that are related to the IT sector.

Besides all, I have gone through visa conditions under visa subclass 500. I know and I am mentally prepared to obey and follow all conditions such as;

  1. I need to maintain at least 80% of attendance (full time).
  2. I need to maintain health insurance during my stay in Australia.
  3. I need to inform DIAC for any change in course of studies, thesis or research topic too.
  4. I must not change my course without approval from the department and cannot work more than 40 hours in a fortnight when my course is in session
  5. I must keep the educational institution informed of my current address in Australia within 7 days.

My previous immigration history is clear. I am craving to be a part of your institute and hoping to lead a skilful life in the upcoming future. I promise to work hard to pursue the degree as part of your academic family by staying under immigration laws. I assure you that I will be a loyal and honest student so that I can deepen my knowledge and extend my horizon.

 I am grateful for your valuable time for considering my application. 

Looking forward to a positive response!


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