I am Applicant name , aged ** years, from Permanent address, currently living with my parents and an older sister. 

I am a High School graduate from College name in Location with +2 degrees in Stream with % or GPA aggregate in Year A.D. I completed my Secondary School education (up to grade 10) from School name and passed the SLC (School leaving certificate) exam from National Board for SLC Examination in MM/YYYY securing an overall score of % or GPA. 

Along with my academics, I was equally involved in extracurricular activities, competing in major sports, art and debate competitions, participating in social/community service events and leadership development exercises such as IT club throughout my schooling period. I also participated in various running, basketball and badminton competitions. I have participated in several Nepali and English extempore speeches in my school years. I also volunteered to help injured people in the hospitals, campus during the devastating earthquake of April 2015 in Nepal. While I was enjoying all these opportunities and exposures during my schooling period with excellent support from my teachers, my family and friends, I had also been curiously exploring about my future ambition and aspiration. It was my desire to be an IT specialist since childhood as I was very keen on technology stuff. I was clearer about my aim and my future. 

I first looked at the Bachelors program offered by the Universities in Nepal like the Pokhara University, Purbanchal University etc. But finding them to be theory based with no practical outlook nor approach, I decided on doing a course from the VET (Vocational education) sector. Despite having many colleges within Nepal that provide IT degrees like British College, Nami College etc., I believe they lack the rigorous and comprehensive syllabus that is required to meet the demand of the international market. The course provided by universities in Nepal is based more on theoretical content rather than practical. Due to this, many IT specialists within Nepal have difficulties in facing reality and hence dropout. Also, I already studied around 12 years in Nepal and now I want to study in a different environment so that I will have an opportunity to experience a different education style than my home country’s education style. In most of the colleges and Universities in Nepal there is B.Sc. IT course with very limited specialization options available where we cannot choose specialization as per our interest. Studying abroad is not only getting a degree as it will give the opportunity to meet people from different nations and also can exchange the culture and ideas each other, can develop personality, understand about the working environment. So, I planned to invest my money and time to study abroad as Nepalese qualification is not globally competitive. 

For someone who believes in learning by doing, I chose to study in Australia for my Advanced Diploma of Computer System Technology due to exposure the Australian colleges provide. Before choosing Australia, one can argue that there are other countries with great education systems or even better than there in Australia. So why chose Australia? The answer is rather very simple. Its safety, facilities, guarantee of secured education and career that the Australian government has kept up with. And then there is also affordability of college courses that just gets students like us more interested in Australia. In Australia, they allow Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC) Legal safeguards like ESOS (Education Service to Overseas Student) Act sets out a legal framework governing delivery of education to international students and TPS (Tuition Protection Scheme) under the ESOS Act for protecting the rights of every international students with the production of tuition fees if, in case, the institution gets shut down and Post Study Work (PSW) opportunity after Bachelor’s degree for international students with the good opportunity to have in international work experience. Most of this is not the case in the UK, US, New Zealand and other European countries, as the universities there are always under the threat of being shut down by the government in the UK. I would definitely not want to push myself in any of such 

situation. Moreover, fee structure is also on the expensive side in the UK. Same is the case with the U.S.A. USA is required to have additional tests like the SAT/ACT for admission which takes time and also it has a high crime rate. New Zealand seems like a small country with limited Universities but with high tuition fees and admission requirements. Most of the European countries require learning their own language for admission. 

Australia is a world leader in tuition protection and offers high quality education services to its international students. Furthermore, the living cost and tuition fees in Australian colleges and universities are quite affordable in comparison to colleges and universities in other countries. Besides this, graduates from Australian colleges & universities are acknowledged worldwide and are prominent jobholders. Sydney as the weather in Sydney is very similar to my homeland, meaning I will not have many problems in adjusting to the weather and climate of Sydney. The promotion of multicultural society by the government and the Australian societies also encouraged me to choose Australia for my higher study. 

Going through my research, I found many institutions in Australia providing world recognizable education. It was literally hard for me to pick one among them. But when I compared in several aspects such as fee structure, quality education, teaching methodology, class sizes and many more, I found  University name very much suitable for me rather than other education provides which offers Information Technology course like, Australian College of Technology, ATMC, Holmesglen TAFE, TAFE NSW, SIBT, Central Queensland University, University of Western Sydney, Australian Catholic University, MIT etc. I found that University name , a college located in Sydney, has been offering the same course that I want to study. The highly qualified and dedicated staff of the institution will definitely help me to flourish myself in the respective course. I have come to know that University name  provides many extra-curricular activities to help make their students be an all-rounder. University name  is renowned for its innovations and Excellence in the quality of education, providing internship facilities, flexible courses, and cooperative learning style. I believe it is the right choice of education provider for my further studies as it offers a globally recognized degree to help students in understanding the global issues of today’s world through practical and theoretical knowledge. The programs are designed for individuals seeking to expand or deepen expertise, to build professional excellence or to enhance their leadership capabilities. They are informed by research, structured on applied outcomes, recognized by industry, delivered by highly qualified and academics and supported through additional specialized student learning and development resources. Definitely, I tried to seek an appropriate provider that can actually meet my expectations. It put me into light that I can pursue my dream course in Australia since I believe through my course (IT) I shall get the comprehensive understanding of the subject that will not only help me to face the challenges but also, I believe it will give me a confidence to thrive as a successful IT specialist which will help me to make my career bright and also lets me to make others. I compared tuition fees, course structure, location, academic and English entry requirements, class size with above mentioned other providers and fully satisfied with IIBIT to start my study plan from the Advanced Diploma level. 

My plan is to complete a Bachelor’s degree in IT course from Australia and for that I want to start from the Advanced Diploma level which will give me pathway for further study. Colleges offer smaller class size than Universities and also most of the Universities require a high academic percentage, IELTS score for the direct Bachelor’s admission and also it takes a high fee. In this case I can complete my Advanced Diploma 2 years course with very low cost than after I will apply for the BIT course with advanced standing from my Advanced Diploma course where I will get approx. 1.5 years credit so that I will complete remaining 1.5 years from the University. It will minimize my total cost to complete BIT course and also it will be easy for me to study in a small class size for 2 years. Once I complete Advanced Diploma with good grade I can apply for the BIT course in different Universities of Australia i.e. Federation University, CQ University, Australian Catholic University, Southern Cross University. University name  is affiliated college with ****** University so I have plan to complete my 

Bachelor’s in IT course in the same college under the  ****** University where I will get more credits from my Advanced Diploma course. I have already researched about the Federation University and its cost for Bachelor in Information Technology. 

The Course structure provided by University name  in its Advance Diploma of Computer Systems Technology is as follows 

The qualification structure it has is that it has 18 competency units among which 12 core units and 6 electives units. The course is so nicely designed that it enables students to successfully satisfy the demand of the workplaces. I need to study units like Create dynamics web pages, Develop complex web page Layouts, Integrate database with websites, Gather data to identify business requirements, Match ICT needs with the strategies direction of the enterprises, Manage ICT Projects, Apply intermediate Object-oriented Language skills, Install, Operates & troubleshoot medium enterprises Routers, Configure , verify and troubleshoot WAN link & IP services in a medium enterprises Network, Install, Operates & troubleshoot medium enterprises switches, Plan, configure and test advanced servers based security, Design, build & test and network server, Design and implement a security perimeter for ICT Networks, Install and manage complex ICT networks, Manage ICT Projects systems implementation, Plan and direct complex ICT projects, Design and implement wireless Network security, Build a dynamic websites. In overall, the total hours will be 1080; there will be 360 hours of online studies and 720 hours of self-paced hours. 

I strongly believe that one should always be passionate and hard working until his/her ambition is fully achieved. So, After completion of my abroad studies in Australia, I will apply in the vacancies available in different IT companies like : Verisk Information Technologies, Deerwalk Services, BrainDigit IT Solution, Sprout Technology, WebSearch Professional, Yomari, Janaki Technology, Eval Technologies, HiTech Solutions & Services, Young Innovations etc. Upon the completion of my preferred degree from Australia, according to my professional studies and international degree, they can give me first preference with salary proposal of Nrs. 60,000 to 70,000 easily initially and it will be increased up to 1,00,000 or above as per my performance in future. I can also apply for the job as IT professional in different Banks or financial institutions in Nepal. I am confident that I will get a competitive job here in Nepal with an Australian degree which will recover my study investment within some years. I can be best selected for the vacant position. And I am quite positive; my study from Australia will earn me a best suitable job on my return to Nepal. If I am unable to find a competitive job in Nepal I can also apply for the international job. 

As being a daughter of a traditional family, I will be able to return to my home country. My parents are slowly moving towards their golden age where I have to support them emotionally and financially. I am very much aware of the regulations and policies of University name  and the Government of Australia. Belonging to one of the communities of Nepal, it would be a great privilege and honor to have an opportunity to complete my further studies in Australia, especially from your Institutions’ firmly believe that Australian provides one of the best education facilities to international students with a pleasant lifestyle. The knowledge I will gain by studying in Australian Institution will surely be applicable all around the world which will eventually help me enhance my future career in national and international areas. I am aware about the visa conditions for international students in Australia such as health insurance requirements, academic growth requirements, address update, working limitation etc and I will strictly follow those conditions. Also, I do not have any wrong immigration history. 

Regarding the financial arrangement I have already paid my first year full tuition fees and health insurance from other than shown funds. For the living and travelling expenses I have provided Bank Balance documents with source of fund. Also, my family have good income source and they will be fully supporting me to complete my 

study from Australia. So, I will not face any financial difficulties with the help of my parents and sponsors to complete my planned study. 

In conclusion, I would like to share my excitement and readiness for the challenges and opportunities ahead of me to be an international student in University name Sydney- a city that has often been ranked as the best for international students. I am confident that this is the best choice, and that I will do the best with this education. I believe my background shall place me in a better position in exploring the rising methodologies of the subject area. I look eagerly forward for hearing your positive consideration of my interest and application. Please let me know if you would like me to further elaborate any aspect of my interest and achievements. 

Thank you. 

Sincerely, Applicant name

Passport Number : – *******

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