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About the Course – Orgamizational Behavior

This course is for all who are interested in gaining knowledge of the Human Side of the organization. The course will focus on the human aspect conduct of the organization. It will draw attention of the students to the dynamics of Individual, Group, and Organizations. It covers theories and functions dealing with subjects like perception, motivation, choice making, group dynamics, negotiation, conflict management, leadership, and organizational culture. Different periods at some stage in the route will create a sense of development for the learner. Each session builds upon previous training by starting at the individual level, then transferring on to a team level, and sooner or later adopting an organization-wide stage of analysis.

 This route lays the basis to grasp the human behavior in organizations, providing students with a complete exposure to organizational behavior theories, research, and place of job problems illustrated with case studies and examples especially inside an Australian an Asia-Pacific context. Topics consist of an overview of OB, personnel selection, individual differences, work motivation, work attitudes and values, occupational stress, high-performance teams, training, overall performance appraisal and careers, leadership, organizational design, organizational culture, organizational development, and change, and organizational verbal exchange and conflict.

 Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. define, provide an explanation for and illustrate a range of organizational behavior theories;
  2. analyze the behavior of men and women and businesses in agencies in terms of organizational behavior theories, models and concepts;
  3. apply organizational behavior concepts, models and theories to real-life management conditions via case analysis;
  4. demonstrate a vital perception of organizational behavior theories and current empirical research associated with the subjects included in this course; and,
  5. communicate efficiently in oral and written forms about organizational behavior theories and their application using fantastic concepts, good judgment and rhetorical conventions.

Career Prospect

A management degree can assist you maintain up with these changes and facilitate organizational enhancements that decorate workforce overall performance and economic results. Graduates are adept at altering a company’s culture, improving morale, retaining exceptional employees, decreasing turnover, and balancing staff expectations towards the company’s policies and resources. A graduate degree in management and organizational behavior prepares you to assume essential management roles in business, government, and civic organizations, or you can also decide upon the variety and flexibility of working as an independent administration consultant. Whichever path your career may also take, this degree will help you acquire treasured management capabilities and understanding of human conduct that you can put to use in the workplace to manipulate the human facet of the commercial enterprise and improve your career.

Career Opportunity

  • organizational behavior consultant
  • market research analyst
  • sociologist
  • recruitment consultant
  • human resources assistant
  • talent management coordinator
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Training and Development Managers
  • Employee Relations Managers
  • Organizational Development Consultant
  • Technology Consultants

Employment Opportunity

The in-demand jobs have had the following number of positions available and average yearly salary during the past year:

  • Business/Management Analyst: 217,766 positions available, average salary $80,000/yr.
  • Operations Manager: 91,754 positions, average salary $80,000/yr.
  • Training and Development Specialist: 45,274 positions, average salary of $62,000/yr.
  • Human Resources/Labor Relation Specialist: 156,486 positions, average salary $54,000/yr.
  • Human Resources Manager: 51,980 positions, average salary $75,000/yr.
  • Training and Development Manager: 12,089 positions, average salary of $65,000/yr.

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