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About the Course – Banking and Finance

This program focuses on particular areas pertinent to today’s monetary climate. One example of this type of course is one that focuses on modern-day events, the history main up to the event, how industry leaders spoke back to the event, and if any monetary reforms were established via the authorities or banking leaders. Some different examples are applied corporate finance, by-product protection markets, and valuation, and capital market theory. Courses are on hand for undergraduate and graduate students, as nicely as working professionals.

 Participants in these guides are often exposed to new experiences backyard of their unique tutorial courses. Other benefits encompass the specific study of topics that aid the work completed in other lessons or benefits when applying for graduate programs. Professionals who participate in these publications frequently get new job opportunities. With the completion of publications in this area, graduates frequently find positions in the world of banking and finance. They can also work in central banking or regulatory agencies. Some members are already at work in these positions and use the path to earn certificates that allow them to work as financial intermediaries, monetary market analysts, or management accountants. Some go on to pursue doctorate degrees.

 Some common concepts taught in banking courses include:

  • National and international monetary institutions
  • Commercial and consumer lending
  • Investment
  • Auditing
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Ecommerce
 List of Banking Classes
Principles of Banking Course
Money and Banking Course
Commercial and Consumer Lending Course
Law and Compliance Principles Course
Financial Statement Analysis

 Listed here are some of the most important goals of the course.

  • They can display competence, knowledge, and skill in key commercial enterprise purposeful areas like accounting, finance, marketing, and management
  • The verbal and writing talent for conversation will be enhanced
  • The potential to work in team professionally and correctly shall be enriched
  • Scholars can advance an grasp of various and rapidly altering international commercial enterprise environment
  • All the graduates will be equipped with detail know-how about the operation of banking and financial intuition
  • MBA pupils ought to follow decision-making techniques, the usage of both qualitative and quantitative evaluation to management issues
  • Students will be in a position to analyze and consider ethical issues that manifest at all stages of business selection making
  • Upon completion of the degree, scholars will be in a position to access and analyze the risk related with commercial enterprise organization
  • The strategic analysis using both theoretical and realistic application would end up easier for the college students

Career Prospect

The banking, credit, and finance subject encompasses the storing and protecting of money, the creating and retaining of wealth, and the receiving, distributing and usual managing of money that is imperative to the success of every business. Very wide areas, banking, credit score and finance professionals can be observed in each industry supporting agencies as nicely as individuals. People coming into these fields have to be educated of techniques of savings and withdrawals, loans, pastime rates, budgets and financing, stocks, bonds, credits, investments, financial systems, and economic institutions.

Skills required for Success

  • Aptitude for analyzing, organizing and interpreting numerical data
  • Ability to explain financial terms and transactions to others
  • Strong ethics
  • Analytical & precise
  • Computer skills
  • Ability to handle money
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Able to communicate with a diversity of people
  • Attention to detail

Career Opportunity

  • Financial Planner
  • Investment Banker
  • Bank Manager
  • Bank Teller
  • Credit Manager
  • Credit Counselor
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Investment Counselor
  • Stock Broker
  • Actuary
  • City Manager
  • Claim Representative
  • Bursar
  • Controller
  • Insurance Agent and Broker
  • Accountant
  • Budget Accountant
  • Financial Aid Officer
  • Internal Auditor
  • Treasurer
  • Branch Manager
  • Credit Analyst
  • Educator
  • International Bank Officer

Professional Associations

  • International Banking, Economics and Finance Association (IBEFA)
  • American Bankers Association (ABA)
  • Commercial Finance Association (CFA)
  • Credit Union National Association (CUNA)

Employment Opportunity

The Banking Industry is predicted to advance at a solid rate of extra than 20% for the following 2 to 3 years. While the Retail banking region will be the key development area for banks, exclusive areas like Corporate Credit, SME Banking, strategically pitching of different monetary gadgets and administrations like Insurance, Mutual Funds, fee-based sources of pay and mechanical up-gradation will likewise be the key improvement drivers.

Finance and accounting careers have low unemployment fees and open roles are expected to enlarge at a rate faster than the average occupation. In fact, business and monetary careers are projected to grow 10 percentage by 2026, adding 773,800 new jobs to the field.

A person working in Banking in Nepal usually earns around 89,100 NPR per month. Salaries vary from 27,600 NPR (lowest average) to 180,000 NPR (highest average, the actual maximum revenue is higher).

This is the average month-to-month income together with housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries fluctuate extensively between unique Banking careers. If you are fascinated in the profits of a particular job, see below for salaries for unique job titles.

Job Title

Average Salary


AML Analyst

122,000 NPR

Assistant Bank Branch Manager

111,000 NPR

Assistant Bank Manager

145,000 NPR

ATM Manager

117,000 NPR

ATM Service Technician

33,800 NPR

Bank Accounts Analyst

45,800 NPR

Bank Accounts Controller

59,300 NPR

Bank Accounts Executive

92,600 NPR

Bank Accounts Manager

102,000 NPR

Bank Auditing Manager

104,000 NPR

Bank Branch Manager

144,000 NPR

Bank Clerk

26,300 NPR

Bank Compliance Specialist

76,000 NPR

Bank Manager

163,000 NPR

Bank Operational Risk Manager

160,000 NPR

Bank Operations Head

166,000 NPR

Bank Operations Officer

69,100 NPR

Bank Operations Specialist

107,000 NPR

Bank Process Manager

90,500 NPR

Bank Product Manager

111,000 NPR

Bank Programme Manager

121,000 NPR

Bank Project Manager

139,000 NPR

Bank Propositions Manager

120,000 NPR

Bank Quantitative Analyst

83,200 NPR

Bank Regional Manager

171,000 NPR

Bank Regional Risk Officer

84,900 NPR

Bank Relationship Manager

132,000 NPR

Bank Relationship Officer

58,600 NPR


57,900 NPR

Banking Business Analyst

89,300 NPR

Banking Business Development Officer

55,300 NPR

Banking Business Planning Executive

121,000 NPR

Banking Product Manager

105,000 NPR

Banking Reference Data Manager

95,300 NPR

Banking Risk Analyst

83,300 NPR

Banking Technical Analyst

46,400 NPR

Bankruptcy Coordinator

60,600 NPR

Budget Analyst

86,900 NPR

Cards Marketing Manager

108,000 NPR

Cash Management Manager

147,000 NPR

Check Processing Manager

114,000 NPR

Commercial Vault Associate

87,800 NPR

Corporate Dealer

92,400 NPR

Credit Analyst

65,400 NPR

Credit and Collections Manager

120,000 NPR

Credit Card Fraud Investigator

87,200 NPR

Credit Portfolio Manager

167,000 NPR

Credit Risk Analyst

98,200 NPR

Credit Risk Associate

94,600 NPR

Direct Bank Sales Representative

63,000 NPR

Financial Bank Planning Consultant

108,000 NPR

Financial Banking Analysis Manager

131,000 NPR

Financial Banking Assistant

40,400 NPR

Financial Banking Systems Manager

122,000 NPR

Foreign Exchange Manager

124,000 NPR

Fraud Analyst

90,300 NPR

Fraud Detection Associate

64,600 NPR

Fraud Detection Manager

140,000 NPR

Fraud Detection Supervisor

74,200 NPR

Internal Bank Audit Manager

155,000 NPR

Internal Bank Auditor

86,800 NPR

International Banking Manager

175,000 NPR

Loan Analyst

87,700 NPR

Loan Area Manager

102,000 NPR

Loan Audit Team Leader

95,700 NPR

Loan Branch Manager

99,800 NPR

Loan Business Development Officer

51,200 NPR

Loan Clerk

31,500 NPR

Loan Collection Manager

101,000 NPR

Loan Collector

27,700 NPR

Loan Examiner

38,900 NPR

Loan Processing Manager

91,500 NPR

Loan Processor

40,200 NPR

Loan Quality Assurance Auditor

86,100 NPR

Loan Quality Assurance Manager

101,000 NPR

Loan Quality Assurance Representative

64,000 NPR

Loan Review Manager

102,000 NPR

Loan Team Leader

86,400 NPR

Mortgage Advisor

62,500 NPR

Mortgage Collection Manager

100,000 NPR

Mortgage Collector

29,500 NPR

Mortgage Credit Analyst

45,600 NPR

Mortgage Credit Manager

101,000 NPR

Mortgage Development Manager

110,000 NPR

Mortgage Document Reviewer

39,500 NPR

Mortgage Funding Manager

112,000 NPR

Mortgage Operations Manager

158,000 NPR

Mortgage Payment Processing Clerk

33,100 NPR

Mortgage Processing Manager

104,000 NPR

Mortgage Processor

38,800 NPR

Mortgage Quality Assurance Auditor

90,100 NPR

Mortgage Quality Assurance Manager

98,300 NPR

Mortgage Servicing Clerk

31,600 NPR

Mortgage Servicing Manager

95,500 NPR

Mortgage Underwriter

38,600 NPR

Online Banking Manager

156,000 NPR

Payment Processing Clerk

30,300 NPR

Personal Banker

62,500 NPR

Personal Banking Advisor

65,400 NPR

Phone Banker

40,900 NPR

Private Banker

65,100 NPR

Reconciliation and Investigation Specialist

74,700 NPR


29,300 NPR

Trade Officer

35,500 NPR

Trade Product Manager

107,000 NPR


42,600 NPR

Treasury Operations Officer

78,100 NPR

Some of the jobs with their growth rate and average annual income

Financial Analyst

Average Salary: $85,660

Job Outlook: 11 percent growth


Average Salary: $70,500

Job Outlook: 10 percent growth

Budget Analyst

Average Salary: $76,220

Job Outlook: 7 percent growth

Financial Examiner

Average Salary: $80,180

Job Outlook: 10 percent growth

Management Analyst

Average Salary: $83,610

Job Outlook: 14 percent growth

Financial Manager

Average Salary: $127,990

Job Outlook: 19 percent growth

Loan Officer

Average Salary: $63,040

Job Outlook: 11 percent growth

Personal Finance Advisor

Average Salary: $88,890

Job Outlook: 15 percent growth

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