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About the Course – Logistics

Logistics is concerned with  the distribution of goods and services from provider to customer, over a huge range of industries. Logistics publications are often taken with the aid of these wanting to work in product placement and items distribution. Certification, diploma and degree program alternatives are handy through study options that consist of online, distance learning, and lecture room education. Logistics publications discover such subjects as product distribution, transportation management, furnish chain, stock control, and client service. Professionals pursuing logistics publications regularly work in freight and goods, warehouse distribution, transportation management, keep management, product introduction and other items and offerings related careers. Additionally, due to the accelerated glide of goods and merchandise globally, many logistics courses are now incorporating business methodologies and global advertising components into their courses. Through these courses, college students analyze strategies for organizing product distribution and growing plans that ensure efficient product placement. Coursework will cover domestic and global shipping, transportation and logistics systems.

Some common topics in logistics courses are:

  • Supply chain strategies
  • Global transportation
  • Warehouse management
  • International logistics
  • Materials handling

Career Prospect


There are considerable jobs and supply chain jobs as soon as you graduate. It’s in all likelihood that you will attain an overview of the career before specialising – and then progressing to extra senior positions. Employers consist of third party logistics companies, companies that sell at once to shoppers (retailers and supermarkets) and logistics consultancies. Jobs inside logistics and supply chains can include logistics and distribution managers, purchasing manager or warehouse manager.

According to Dr Selviaridis, graduates can also pursue a career in:

  • supply chain design and planning
  • procurement and supply management
  • freight transportation
  • warehouse design and management
  • distribution network design and planning
  • inventory management and control.

Career Opportunity

Possible job titles include:

Jobs where your degree would be useful include:

Employment Opportunity

The predominant employers of logistics personnel are non-public industries, inclusive of retail, as well as local, state, and federal government. Working prerequisites range depending on the occupation. Truckers and some government workers travel often, while stockroom clerks report to the same vicinity each day. Retail people regularly have longer hours around vacation trips and one of a kind sales.

 Most business administration degrees and programs include courses on inventory control and supply. There are precise packages that are central to logistics. Those consist of courses on budgeting, great assurance, low in cost transportation, and client trends.

Managers are generally required to have a college degree and some supervisory experience, though many managers have worked their way up from a logistics position.

Below are the median annual salaries earned with the aid of a range of kinds of logistics workers in 2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Freight and stock laborers: $28,260
  • Order fillers and stock clerks: $25,700
  • Managers of transportation, storage, and facilities: $94,730

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