Staring into flight after flight from the apex of my house, once upon a day back then in my high school, I started to wonder if this robust human invention had really been derived from the principles once put forward by a very ordinary boy who just questioned himself about the fallen apple. I was startled to discover that the fundamentals of flight mostly depended upon a very simple and easily understandable laws provided by “Newton’s laws of motion” but was completely unaware of the fact that there are underlying complications and challenges in it which I got to realize only after my familiarization with the subject matter. This made me feel more galvanized that ignited an enthusiasm within me which triggered my predilection to be known as a successful aeronautical engineer.

Talking about my educational antiquities, I commenced my steps for primary and secondary education at School Name securing Score% in Year, after that I joined College Name to pursue my higher secondary education where I acquired first class with Distinction division securing Score% in Year. And, since Bangalore has its very own reputation as Technology hub of India with universities offering engineering courses on different domains, I ventured from Nepal to Bangalore (India) in pursuit of my bachelor degree on Aeronautical Engineering and joined University Name on Year. My BE kicked off with basic subjects which dealt with fundamentals of engineering and it was from 2nd year of my BE when I was introduced to subjects like Thermodynamics, Manufacturing process, Aerodynamics etc. I was very much intrigued by structural science of air vehicles which drove me to start my B.E. project on “Project Name”. I and my project team also wanted to perform dynamic state analysis as well as fatigue strength analysis in each and every material imposed but due to lack of resources within the college premises we could not attempt it.

After my baccalaureate, I was selected for a job opportunity in a company named Company Name through college placement with a profile of Technical Records Assistant where I served for 12 months. During my tenure, I was assigned to team Assemblies where my prime role was to trace back to birth history of life limited parts of engine, gear and APUs. Working by accepting targets and delivering it on time is what I had really wanted but somehow, I felt I am lacking in my education and sensed the necessity of completing Masters to kick start my career.

During my tenure of Company Name, I had been shifted to migration department got few opportunities to visit client’s base.

Australian Universities have always been an educational hub all across the world because of their consistent qualitative education, effective administration and remarkable deliverables. This is one of the major reasons that I have a high reservation on selecting an Australian University. Apart from being a better place to live in, Australia has multi-cultural, secured and diverse societies that makes me ensured about my peaceful stay there. Economic aspect of Australia is another part of attraction that allures most of the students worldwide. Any student can easily get the complete assurance of their sustainability there. Almost all the universities in Australia are government recognized which makes the student safe about their future and education. It has ESOS Act which deals about the rights of the international student. It has TPS (Tuition Protection Scheme) to make fee safe and secured.

I could have chosen to study in my home country and my neighboring country India but I have been studying here for 16 years and I cannot get the real based knowledge which is required by today’s business world. It has same old techniques of teaching, students always fail to show their knowledge in practical which is a main drawback of education in Nepal. Talking about India then, the education system is somewhat same there. Another reason for not choosing my home country is I cannot develop my self-confidence and I will not get to know international market and new cultures if I study in Nepal. I want to be more reliable in what I do. So, I have chosen Australia over my home country and neighboring India.

Questions may arise that why I have not chosen other popular destinations like Canada, UK, USA, etc. Firstly, its very time consuming process for these countries. Also, student have to go through tough exams like GMAT, GRE. There is no PSW opportunities for international students like Australia have. ESOS act which protect the rights of international students, TPS ensures the safety of tuition fees of international students, is not available in the countries like UK, USA, etc. Another important factor is safety. I have heard that these countries are not safe for international students, expensive living cost and tuition fees. So, these are the genuine reason for not choosing other countries.

Now, especially coming to the University Name, the exposure, degree program and the learning environment available to students in University Name has always overwhelmed me and getting in for graduate studies is an opportunity that I absolutely do not want to slip. Established in 1991, University Name has grown rapidly into a quality university with excellent student satisfaction and internationally recognized research. Students and graduates at University Name are amongst the best in the world, with many fulfilling crucial roles in the society. Its outstanding achievements have been recognized throughout Australia and internationally through awards, grants, scholarships and prizes.

University Name is one of the best universities I have found till date where anyone can enroll for our higher studies which have almost 27,000 students where 4300 are International Students. It has well managed course structure and different scopes of courses with reliable fee structure and friendly nature of Professor and students and guidance to international students. I found that this university provides maximum specialist course and the range of options to choose elective subject is it’s another best part for me to choose this university. Integrated learning methods from this university have led to highly talented graduates which offered them a high employment rates. Hence, I strongly believe that the qualification and professional skills that I will gain after completion of this degree from University Name will help me excel in my future academic and career quests and will bring the best of me so that I can implement this knowledge in my mother country.

Today, mechanical engineering is one of the broadest and most versatile of the engineering professions. This is reflected in the portfolio of current research and education activities in the department, one that has widened rapidly in the past decade. Its faculty and students are involved in projects that aim to bring engineering solutions to a spectrum of global challenges. Mechanical Engineering plays an important role in areas such as energy and environmental systems, materials, transportation, robotics, manufacturing, information technology, biomechanics, and health care, many of which are national priorities. To conclude, I look to pursue a Master’s degree in order refine my knowledge and skill in areas of my interest, and graduate study at your university will be the most rational expansion of my academic pursuit and a major footstep towards attaining my goal of career as a successful Mechanical Engineer.

I come from a middle-class family where my father is an austere businessman who owns a Hardware retail store having bit of his investment in real estate too and my mother apart from her household works assists my father on his business. Fortunately, my family had always been a strong supporter in education and believes on the fact ‘’ the course of learning never ceases ‘’. I am married to Spouse Name on Date in accordance with social custom. My wife will accompany me to Australia. Her presence will be huge support for me in a strange place.

Mechanical engineering not only interacts with all other disciplines of engineering, but increasingly with other disciplines such as medicine and biology, supported by sophisticated computer technology. You will develop a breadth of skills and depth of fundamental knowledge, which will open up a wide variety of possible career directions.

Career opportunities exist in a diverse range of industries from aeronautics, automotive, robotics, manufacturing and environmental consultancies, to management and financial organizations. Emerging technologies in bioengineering, materials science, and nanotechnology will create further opportunities. Talking about my career plan then I will be heading back to my home country and will be working as systems analyst, data architect, business process, data modeler, enterprise resource planning (ERP) analyst, etc. in companies like Tractor Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Nepal Hydro and Electric Ltd., etc. I would be thankful if I am bestowed with an opportunity to pursue my study in your institute.


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