Statement of Purpose


I am glad to introduce myself as Applicant Name, Daughter of Parents Name , born on DOB and resident of …….., Nepal. I have a younger sister and a younger brother, I got married to Spouse Name of Parents Name, permanent resident of ……. Talking about my spouse qualification, he has completed Bachelor in civil engineering from College Name affiliated to University   in 2017. He is currently working at engineering associates as a water supply engineer. I am writing to express my intention and motivation for applying to the Master of Construction Management in UNIVERSITY  NAME (University  Name) after 3 years of working experience as a senior Architect in Aarshi associates.

Academic Background

Regarding my academic qualification, I completed my school leaving certificate (SLC) in 2010 A.D. with 72.50% from School, located at…., Nepal. After that, I completed my higher secondary education in 2012, securing an aggregate of 71.10% from College, Nepal. Similarly, I completed my Bachelor of Architecture (Science & Technology) from College,  affiliated to P.U. (Purbanchal University), securing a 3.54 GPA out of 4.0 in 2018. The course duration of my Bachelor’s degree was 5 years, but it took me 6 years to complete due to the earthquake of 2015 and delay in exam-taking and result publishing in P.U. In the same way, I worked as an employee for Associates as a Senior Architect from February 2018 to November 2021.

My starting salary was NPR 23,000/- per month (AUD 271/- approx.)

Last drawn salary was NPR 28,000/- per month (AUD 330/- approx.)

I took my PTE test on 18th November 2021 and scored 56 Overall (L-56, R-55, W-63, S-50).

Work Experience and Gap Explanation

During my internship, I got a chance to work as an Architect in the prestigious government firm Municipality from September 2017 to February 2018. In this period, I designed residential, commercial and traditional buildings. I performed a detailed assessment for preparing detailed drawings, 3d renderings, and report writing. After the internship, I moved to another company to explore my design and career further. I joined associates as a senior architect and kept working in preparing a plan for residential and commercial buildings, governmental projects, landscape design, interior works. I have enclosed my work experience letter, which I have worked till now. During my working period, I was also involved in different project monitoring and implementation activities of training and construction projects. Moreover, I was also involved in site visits and supervision. My work experience with other governmental and non-governmental agencies enhanced my technical skills relevant to my field and my social capabilities. My career goal from the beginning was to be an entrepreneur and lead my Architecture firm and Construction Company, as well as work as a Construction or Project Manager in various projects in the engineering and architecture field. Over time, I found the knowledge I obtained from my Bachelor’s course is insufficient to achieve my goals of establishing and running an architectural business firm. So, I decided to obtain my Master’s degree in construction management from a reputed institution that would provide me with specific professional capabilities and knowledge in the building field, which I believe will help me develop skills and progress in the dynamic and technological era.

Reasons for not choosing home country for higher education

In Nepal, education and educational institutions are not able to supply the demanding course across with international recognition. Hence, the programs and study in engineering faculty are not available, which can equip students with a substantial grounding in professional knowledge in related fields. Although some colleges and universities provide similar courses that deal with the study based on Engineering, like ACME Engineering College, Ritz College of Engineering and Management, Nepal Engineering College, the development infrastructure regarding the education sector is not often quite well maintained. Management, rules, regulations, practical classes, etc., are critical to getting a qualitative education. Furthermore, only a few colleges have the materials essential to perform tasks related to experimental and laboratory uses. Considering these all issues, I planned for the abroad study, which seems to be effective for my future career.

 Due to qualified professors having a wide range of teaching skills, it would be possible to be well trained and achieve the best skills and knowledge in Construction Management. It would have an opportunity to study in a facilitated environment with various experiences. Also, I would upgrade my self-esteem and independence. Furthermore, foreign graduates are highly preferred and offered higher starting salaries with handsome incentives in job market these days in Nepal due to the exposure and the international knowledge.

My research on other countries as an option for my higher education

I have always had a keen interest in gaining an international degree that is globally recognized. It was my own decision to study abroad after my research and counseling through experts, education fairs, and exhibitions. However, my parents and in-laws family also encouraged me to experience the study at the international level.

Although studying abroad is an experience that will foster immense growth professionally, academically, and in our personal lives, the diverse culture, language, and lifestyle give students a sense of maturity. Therefore, after surfing the internet, searching in Google, and visiting counselors, I made a list of countries like Canada, UK, China, New Zealand, the USA, etc., for my further study. I searched about the education system, programs, scholarships and accommodation, climate, immigration procedure, etc., and I found Australia would be the best-suited destination for my further study.

Applying to other countries like Germany, Poland, Japan, Korea, Singapore, etc., causes language problems. We need to study language courses as well, which is time-consuming. Applying to USA, U.K., and Canada is also affordable, but the climate and life standards of these countries are not favorable for Nepalese students. On the other hand, the compulsion of extra tests like the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) to enroll in universities, especially in the USA, was not a good idea because it would cause time management problems. Most preciously, the reason behind not choosing to continue my education in other overseas countries such as the USA, U.K., Canada, Ireland is that Australia is a far more peaceful, safest, and secured country than others. In similar ways, the living standard in Australia is among the highest. Still, the expenses and the tuition fees are comparatively lower than most developed countries and affordable too.

Universities which I have researched in USA:-

  1. Columbia University

MS Construction Administration

2 Years

USD 81,576/-

Purdue University

MS in Construction Management Technology

2 Years

USD 61,080/-


Universities which I have researched in UK:-

University of Manchester

MSc Construction Project Management

GBP 27,000/-

Liverpool John Moores University

MSc Construction Project Management

GBP 16,100 /-


Universities which I have researched in Canada:-

Fanshawe College

Graduate Certificate in Construction Project Management

1 Year

CAD 14,750/-

University of British Columbia

Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering

Project and Construction Management

1 Year

CAD 31,585/-


Reasons for choosing Australia for my higher education

Australia is well known for its diversity, warm climate, fabulous beaches, and exceptional higher education system. Australia has top-ranked universities as well as colleges that are globally recognized. Australia possesses a globally recognized qualitative degree of education recognized by all over the world, including the U.K., USA, Canada, etc. The wide variety of courses and degrees offered with sustainable accommodation, fees structures, and cultural diversities attracts international students to study in Australia. Australian education believes in practical and theoretical knowledge and producing skilled, creative human resources. Australian Education systems offer 2200 courses and AUD 200 million scholarships, mainly for international students, while other countries do not. It also provides ESOS and TPS services that protect international students’ rights and includes tuition fees protections services mainly for international students. But other countries do not focus on these facilities. Australia has mandatory health insurance policy for international students as Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC). The courses and institutions are registered in CRICOS and the courses are offered according to Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Studying in an abroad country also provides a golden opportunity for students to explore more about their new culture, traditional places and be a part of their lifestyle. Australian education system allows every interested person to be a part of their education. So, it will be an excellent chance for me to know about people along with their nationality, custom tradition culture by being a part of Australia.

Reason for choosing University  Name

It was a tough decision for me to choose the institute because all universities, institutes, colleges of Australia are top-ranked.The University of Melbourne (Master of Construction Management, AUD 44,512/-), University  Name (Master of Construction Management, AUD 31,200/-), University of South Australia (Master of Architecture, Construction Management, AUD 35,900/-), Deakin University (Master of Construction Management, Professional, AUD 38,600/-), and Swinburne University of Technology (Master of Construction and Infrastructure Management, AUD 38,600/-) are the Universities which offer my desired course, i.e., Master of Construction Management. (Source: www.cricos.education.gov.au). But I found that the fees structure, courses offered, accommodation, and other facilities are pretty reasonable and good in University  Name compared to others.In addition University Name has offered me International Student Scholarship, which is 25% reduction in the tuition fees for the duration of the study.

Other than the above, UNIVERSITY  NAME has a high graduate placement rate of 79.5%. Compared to other universities mentioned above this rate is quiet high. This to me indicated the quality and acceptance of UNIVERSITY  NAME graduates by employers.

Also, during my research, I came across the following highlights about the university:

  1. Established in 1967 in Rockhampton
  2. In 2008 became UNIVERSITY NAME UNIVERSITY  NAME has 12 campuses. Out of which the following are the most prominent campuses:
    1. Rockhampton
    2. Adelaide
    3. Brisbane
    4. Melbourne
    5. Sydney
    6. Bundaberg
    7. Mackay
  3. 24 hours online library accessible for the students
  4. Student support services such as:
    1. Accommodation assistance
    2. Academic learning centre
    3. Career counselling
  5. UNIVERSITY NAME offers Business, IT, Engineering, Health Science and Arts programs.
  6. UNIVERSITY NAME offers qualifications at Diploma, Bachelors, Masters, Masters by Research and PHD level.

Overall my research led me to chose University Name over other Australian universities.

Reason for choosing Master of Construction Management course

In the context of Nepal, Architectural entrepreneurship and Construction Management have a great scope. With the rising living standards and infrastructures, people in Nepal are now aware of the benefits of well-designed and constructed buildings. Only architects can certify the design of buildings and structures in Nepal. So the demand for Architects, Architectural firms, and Construction Companies is rapidly rising. In general, an Engineer’s usual remuneration is NPR. 25,000/- to 35,000/- per month. I was also earning within the same bracket. The real benefit goes to the firm owners and construction companies. In Nepal, the firm owners earn NPR. 1,50,000/- to 3,00,000/- per month on average, sufficient to maintain a high standard of living in the country. Nepal is a developing country. Various infrastructures are being constructed these days like Residential buildings, Corporate towers, Shopping malls, Hospitals, Roads, Bridges, Schools, Banquet halls, Conference halls, Hotels, Resorts, etc. Besides, many government projects are being launched like the Construction of State Guest House, Parliament buildings, Quarters, Parks, Stadiums etc., where creative architects with proper management and business skills from the private sector are highly demanded. The economy of Nepal is growing, so; Businessmen are seeking good architectural consultants and Construction Managers for the great design of their buildings. Therefore, I can see a great scope in this field in Nepal. So, I have decided to start up my Architectural firm and Construction Company. I will have to obtain enough experience in this field as an Architect and Construction or Project Manager. I have a strong belief that this course will help me to work as a Construction Project Manager, which in the long run will help me obtain my career goals which are the reason why I am looking forward to completing the course: Masters of Construction management. The course is accredited by the Royal Australian Institute of Building (AIB).

Course Contents for Masters of Construction Management (CRICOS 0101470)

I have decided to study the course at University  Name, being familiar with its contents. Every student must complete 14 units to cover 96 credit points over 2 year period. Students must complete 2 units as stated below:


PPMP20007                Project Management Concepts

PPMP20008                Initiating and Planning Projects                                            

PPMP20009                Leading Lean Projects

PPMP20010                Executing and Closing Projects

BLCN28001                Construction Procurement

BLCN28002                Construction Risk Management

BLCN28003                Construction Contract Administration

BLCN29001                Construction Technology


BLCN29002                Construction Land Planning and Building Legislation                     

BLCN29003                Construction Measurement

BLCN29004                Construction Procurement and Cost Planning

BLCN29005                Building Information Modelling (BIM)

ENRP20001                Engineering Research Project Planning

ENRP20003                Engineering Research Project Implementation

Source: UNIVERSITY  NAME ni Handbook


Understanding the Students Visa Condition and Financial Sponsor

I am aware of the obligations for students under higher education visa sub-class 500. Australia’s education system is based on the ESOS Framework, which protects the right of International students, and University  Name‘s obligation is under the ESOS Act and New Code2018 with VET Act 2020.

  • I need to maintain 80% attendance.
  • Student are allowed to work part time.
  • I need to clear 50% of the subject in each term.
  • I cannot change the university for 6 months upon enrolment.
  • I must notify university/ DIBP within 7 days if I change the address or contact details.
  • International students like me must maintain the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) policy for the whole duration of the study.

As I am married, my parents and parents-in-law will financially support me as they have a solid financial background. Thus, it will be easier for me to be in Australia for a shorter period. I am very much thankful for them as they have planned and intend to be my education sponsorship. So, I will not have any financial crisis during my stay in Australia. I will always be indebted to them for their significant contribution towards my education and future. My father-in-law Mr. …..works at ……. Pvt. Ltd as a load/unload incharge and part time truck driver and earns NPR. 744,000/- per year. My Brother-in-law …….. owns a business named ….. Pasal and earns NPR. 1,275,344/- per year. Apart from these we have income from house rent as well of NPR. 480,000/- per year. My father ……. owns a business named …… Stores and earns NPR. 1,975,345/- per year. Altogether we have our family income of NPR. 4,474,689/- (AUD 51,880/-) per year. For the purpose of our study abroad study plan, My father-in-law has deposited NPR. 5,200,060/- (AUD 60,290/-) in Bank Ltd. We have our property of land and building with value of NPR. 28,408,920/- (AUD 329,378/-). 

Given the financial stability and security of our families in Nepal, I really do not have any inclination to stay back in Australia. There is no point in starting from a scratch where as we can in Nepal build ourselves to a better and more stronger future.

Please find enclosed net worth certificate for your reference.

Future Career Opportunities

My goal as mentioned earlier is working as a Managing Director of my own Architectural and Construction firm. So, I aspire to return my home country and work here as a Construction Manager for few years and apparently own my business in the same field. My country Nepal is a developing country and I have decided to study this course realizing the scope of Entrepreneurship especially in engineering field in Nepal. Getting Master degree from Australia will make me capable enough in exploring my knowledge and skills to create a strong background for achieving my goal in business sector in my home country. There will be a lot of opportunities for me in the International arena after completion of my master’s degree too where I can achieve some valuable skills and experiences. In Nepal there are lots of opportunities in architectural and engineering business field.


An architect after completion of his/her bachelors in Architecture course and some work experience can start up his own architectural firm and work as a Managing Director. But the problem is that, he/she won’t have Construction managerial and business skills. We won’t get enough pay or profit however hard we work in drawings and designs. To an architect, this post-graduate degree in Construction management is a plus point, path to success. First of all, by doing Master’s degree, my education will be of higher value. I will get higher remuneration than any other engineers without Master’s degree in any company. Also, I can apply for job in multi-national companies and in bigger engineering projects. With the combined knowledge of architectural fields as well as construction managerial functions, I will be able to work in construction sites as Manager, Supervisor or Project Architect cum Manager. With experience, skills and knowledge I collect in the work for few years, I can commence my own firm, lead my team, deal with clients and win projects as well as uplift my company towards success using the skills I learned from master’s course.


Where architects and engineers are in major need, Nepal has variety of new small to large scale projects like designing housing, corporate and business towers, hotels and resorts, hospital buildings as well as industrial buildings. Also many projects are being inaugurated for expansion of prime old buildings and other infrastructures as well. Soon after I complete my Master’s degree in Australia and return Nepal, I can apply for job as an Project Architect/Manager cum Construction Manager in top architectural and engineering firms of Nepal like: Vastu Paramarsha Pvt. Ltd.,Design Cell Pvt. Ltd., A for Architecture Pvt. Ltd., Jaru Architects and Associates Pvt. Ltd., Wonaw Architects and Associates, Kalika Construction Pvt. Ltd., Himalayan pre-fab P. Ltd., Mero Ghar Pvt. Ltd., CE Construction, Nepal AdarshaNirman Company Pvt. Ltd., etc. where I will be able to earn initial monthly salary of more than NPR. 100,000/-. After collecting some work experience and exercising in my field, I will be promoted and my salary will raise to more than NPR. 150,000/- which is sufficient for me to sustain a quality life in Nepal. Not only Nepal, I can also apply in top companies in other countries like: USA, UK, Singapore, Dubai, etc. My research says that I can get a handsome salary of $111,025/- annually in the United States (https://www.salary.com/research/salary/benchmark/construction-manager-i-salary) with this Master’s degree, around $112,167/- per year in Australia (https://www.payscale.com/research/AU/Job=Construction_Manager/Salary). If I prefer to work in other regions, my remuneration will beS$82,340/-in Singapore and £67,500/- in UK.


To start up any Engineering Construction firm in Nepal, an investment of NPR. 40,00,000/-to NPR 70,00,000/- is required that includes company registration, office space, staffs salary, office equipment, warehouse space renting, storage, plants, etc. I will use the fund I earned after returning in Nepal by doing job in other firms as well as freelance works. In the beginning, I will start up by designing and constructing residential as well as commercial buildings for private sector. My clients will be mostly private sector house owners as well as business men from the capital city where I live. I can collect clients through working freelance as well as my contacts through my friends and relatives. Also, Working prior in other companies before startup of my business can help me collect clients through contacts and my creative work. Besides, my spouse who is a civil engineer will help me in expanding the number of my clients. Soon, I will be able to form a network of clients within 6 months-1 year period of work in my own firm. I can render architectural and engineering services to private mall and hotel owners as well as community Business groups like Chaudhary groups, Thamserku Groups Pvt. Ltd. CG Groups, Sipradi Automobiles, Harley Davidson, etc. Apart from that, my firm will provide services to government sector like DUDBC (Department of Urban Development and Building Construction) in constructing national buildings like sate guest house, parliament sections, landscape design of government buildings as well as hospitals. I believe my Masters of Construction management degree will help me run the firm, manage the human resource, lead my team, solve the problems, make strategies to win the projects, execute designs and work on time, handle projects to clients as well as organize the overall business. There will be an added benefit for me in terms of gaining international clients as well as business partners as I will study with other international students in Australia, I will have friend in various countries. These friends can be my business partner or my foreign clients. A good relationship with them will help me expand my business in international level and my company will get international exposure as well as international market. This way, I can earn up to NPR.10,00,000/- per month which is sufficient amount to live a quality life in Nepal. Not only the architectural and Construction firm, I can also invest in factories that produce building materials like prefabricated elements such as slab, beam, columns and sections which are high in demand in Nepal as well as international fields.


Besides, I hope to develop the language skills, leadership and organizational abilities, cultural understandings and professional expertise that will make me an effective and successful business person. Above all, I want to develop my better self in every aspect and influence people for better. Besides these career growth options, I have my family and in-laws who are willing to support my education here in Nepal, whom we need to take care of being a responsible child. We have our family assets which we need to take care of.


I eagerly look forward to your positive response.

I appreciate your consideration.

Yours Sincerely

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