Statement of Purpose (KES01OLI)


I am Applicant Name, a permanent resident Applicant Address, born on D.O.B A.D. I am the eldest son of my family. We have seven members in our family, grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, my wife and my brother named Family Member Name respectively. I also have younger sister married and settled in Nepal. My father Father Name owns a business named “Company Name“. My brother Brother Name is working in Company Name, Location as a Manager. My mother Mother Name is a housewife and does agriculture. I got married to Spouse Name on 08 February 2018 according to Hindu traditions. In laws we have three members; father in law, mother in law and younger brother in law. My father in law Father-in-law Name just retired from his job. He had been working at Company Name. My mother in law Mother-in-law Name is a housewife and my younger brother in law is currently studying at class 12.  My wife Spouse Name is currently working at Company Name, Location, since Date.

Academic Background

Concerning my academic qualification, I have completed my Secondary School Level Certificate from School Name with Score% percent in Year A.D. under the Board of Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education. After that, I completed my intermediate level (+2 Level) in science stream from College Name in Year A.D. with Score % under Higher Secondary Educational Board of Nepal (HSEB). I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from University Name in December Year with Score %. and the course duration of my Bachelor’s Degree was Four Years. I scored 7.5 in listening, 8.0 in reading, 6.0 in writing, 6.0 in speaking with overall band score 7.0 in IELTS examinations (IELTS test report form enclosed) which was held on 14 March, 2019 at Kathmandu, Nepal.

Gap Explanation

I served as a Surveyor/Engineer at Company Name from 27 December 2015 to 06 April 2016(work experience letter enclosed) where I Performed detailed assessment of earthquake affected residential buildings and collected socioeconomic information of families living/used to live in those buildings. From 25 April 2016 to 25 November 2017(work experience letter enclosed), I got a chance to work with Company Name as an engineer  where I was Involved in inspection works of buildings constructed under “Housing Reconstruction Program” of Nepal Government. And also conducted site verification, design and drawings works, quality control, layout and quantity survey. Later from Date till Date (work experience letter enclosed) I am working with Company Name as Senior Engineer and served as a Lead Trainer in 1 event of 7 days TOT training, 16 events of 3 days retrofitting techniques and correctional/exceptional manual trainings, more than 24 events of seven days’ mason trainings and more than 5 events of refresher trainings for masons. During my tenure with Company Name, I was also involved in different monitoring and inspection activities of training and construction projects undertaken by Company Name. Moreover, I was also involved in Proposal writing and Report writing. My work experience with different governmental and non-governmental agencies enhances my technical skills relevant to my field and also my social capabilities. 

After leaving Company Name, I went through various researches for my higher studies. I checked various websites of universities and education consultancies. Moreover, I have visited many education consultancies seeking a proper guidance on my abroad studies. I discussed with my family and prepared for the financials required for abroad study. Various countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia etc strike on my mind. Finally, I went to KIEC education consultancy where I got a chance to interact with certified counselor and upon his advice, I choose Australia as my destination for my Masters Degree. Now comes to the University many universities are there in Australia providing better higher education. After careful consideration I choose University Name for my Master Degree in Engineering and without any delay I applied at University Name and later my application was accepted on Date. Within 2 working days, I accepted the offer and all my financials were approved on Date. Upon the requirements and suggestions from University Name officials we completed all the procedures along with fee and OSHC payment and requested for COE on Date.

Reasons for not studying in Nepal

With an objective of acquiring best education and upgrading my base of knowledge, I started searching for courses in best academic institutions in Nepal for my Master’s Degree. However, acknowledging the fact that, people studying in International Universities have more knowledge and better employment opportunities after returning to Nepal, I developed a strong urge to do the same. In my home country Nepal, Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University, Kathmandu University and Mid-Western University offers Masters in Structural Engineering in Masters level. Pursuing degree from colleges in Nepal could have been a good choice, however given their limited number of seats and quota system to marginalized and disadvantaged people, I dropped the idea. Similarly, one can’t deny the fact that Nepal’s education system is still in primitive stage, I believed that such education is not sufficient for a student to complete his/her chosen program. Moreover, the expertise and facilities offered in my country’s educational institutions are deficient. Comparatively, the education system of our country does not fully address the international standards of the modern business world and the degree doesn’t have global recognition. 

Reasons for not studying in other countries like USA, UK, Canada, Europe and Asian countries

It was only after that, I opted to pursue graduate program from International Universities. But there again was a dilemma to choose a country among vast choices. I carefully, analyzed each country with academic excellence and good living conditions.USA, UK and Canada have high tuition and living cost as compares to Australia. USA has high crime rate and always on news because of its involvement in anti-terrorism, gun policy and racial discrimination. UK laws are not supportive to international students and has gone through a lot of education provider closure in the past causing a lot of problems for students. No Tuition Protection Service (TPS) avails. The extreme climatic condition of Canada compelled me not to choose Canada as it will not be favorable. These countries on the other hand do not provide Post Study Work, Tuition Protection Service and other international students friendly laws like Australia does. European countries like Germany, Norway and Asian countries like Japan, Korea have language barrier and studying their local language is mandatory to adjust in their society during the study period. The exchange rate of USD, CAD and GBP is very high as compared to AUD causing the education expensive. 1 AUD – 77.56 Nrs., 1 USD – 110.73 Nrs., 1 EURO – 125.99 Nrs., 1 GBP – 140.07 Nrs., 1 CAD – 84.58 Nrs., as per the exchange rate provided by the Nepal Rastra Bank on 30 June 2019.  

Reasons for Choosing Australia for further education

Dynamic and progressive education program with a reputation for excellence, globally recognized courses and qualifications, an enjoyable, relaxed and safe lifestyle are unavoidable features of Australia. The learning process in Australia is quite different than my country. Colleges and Universities of Australia are more focused in practical way of teaching and I believe that practical knowledge is always better for developing skill so studying there would help me to gain international experience and will also train me to be a qualified engineer. With these fascinating features of Australian education system, moderate climate, and welcoming society, I decided to gain an international degree from Australia. I always had keen interest to gain an international degree that is globally recognized, and Australia proves to be the best destination. This country is one of the leading countries in the field of Engineering and thus Australian degree and qualification will make me more valuable in the job market. As many international students chose to study in Australia, I too preferred Australia as my abroad study destination because of its quality education with global recognition, variety of courses offered, affordable cost, accommodation, friendly natives and vast technological advancement in education. Australia secure the paid tuition fee of students with its Tuition Protection Service (TPS) and they have ESOS Act (Education Services for Overseas Students) for the support of international students. The courses and institutions in Australia are registered in CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) for enrolling international students in the courses offered by any institution. Australia provides PSW (Post Study Work) rights for the students after the completion of studies. Post Study Work also plays an important role in providing adequate work experience for the graduates so that they can implement the knowledge when returned to their home country.

Reasons for choosing University Name

After a lot of brainstorming and web exercise, I shortlisted handful of Universities in Australia that matches with my education qualifications and academic requirements, financial structure, accessibility and ranking and reviews by other students. La Trobe University, Swinburne University, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Flinders University, Griffith University, Federation Universityare some of the Universities that deliver Masters level education in Civil Engineering located in different locations of Australia. In Victoria State (Melbourne), I found La Trobe University (AUD$ 35,600), Monash University (AUD$ 32,100), Swinburne University of Technology (AUD$ 34,010), Federation University (AUD$ 28,800), Central Queensland University (AUD$ 29,250) and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) (AUD$ 36,480). Comparing the fee structure, and other related features among these universities, I realized that the college fee in other universities is higher than the University Name. Moreover, University Name is also offering scholarship to the deserving students. I received 20% tuition scholarship for the entire duration of the course which made the cost even affordable with the quality of education they provide. The program of my interest Master of Engineering (Civil Engg) is registered and fully accredited by “Engineers Australia”. Hence, after analyzing minutely, I selected the University Name, Location to pursue higher degree.

University Name was founded as Queensland Institute of Technology (QIT) in 1967 in Rockhampton and granted full University recognition in 1992. University Name is a renowned research institution and is a leader to engage and collaborate with communities and industry.  has 16 campuses (Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Rockhampton, Townsville etc.). University Name is Australia’s most inclusive University with the students from disadvantaged, mature age, and other backgrounds. University Name graduates are highly employed in their respective field with 81.1% employment rate. It is among the top 600 Universities in the world as listed by the “Times Higher Education World Rankings 2019” and is among the best “young universities” by both the “Times Higher Education World Rankings” and “QS World University Rankings”. This places the University Name among the top 2% of universities worldwide. Accessibility, flexibility, excellent student support system, 10 weeks of internship program is some of the features of University Name. University Name was awarded five star ratings by “The Good Universities Guide 2019” for its ratio of first generation students, full time employment, overall experience, social equity, starting salary and teaching quality. University Name is a research university conducting research above and well above world standard in 22 research categories.

Besides, I intend to study University Name, Location because it is one of the regional Victoria’s largest and most popular educational hub for international students with a modern and progressive quality vocational and higher education system. It provides students with the skills and knowledge with social skills and equity. It is a leader in a quality education providing a career focused approach and unique training program with affordable fees and accommodation services, excellent facilities and equipment’s to study. A wide range of degrees offering with friendlier and supportive environment are other features which attracts students from international level to make it as a future study destination center. This campus boasts modern teaching and research facilities and services with well-equipped library, highly supportive and conductive environment to study and grow. It offers excellence in teaching with qualified, professional and experience teachers making students feel more comfortable helping about to achieve the academic goals of the students.

Reasons for choosing Melbourne

Melbourne, a coastal capital of the southern Australia state of Victoria, is the second most populous metropolitan area in Australia. I like Melbourne as it is among the most livable cities of the world and has many educational institutions offering quality education. Melbourne is Australia’s leading student city. The city of Melbourne provides a range of services, advice and support for international students. Studying in Melbourne ensures living in a safe and vibrant environment that offers world class study options. The temperature is favorable and will be easy to adapt during the period of my study in Australia. In Melbourne, I will be looking for some kind of shared apartment as I will be travelling with my spouse. I can find such apartments through different websites such as www.flatmates.com.au, www.studymelbourne.vic.gov.au, www.student.com, www.rent.com.au, www.accommodationsdirect.com. The average cost for renting apartment will be around AUD 150 to AUD 300 depending on the location and the availability. 

Reasons for choosing Master of Engineering (Civil)

Students with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering have training in general civil engineering subjects and often a specialty education in one particular focus area within the field. A master’s degree offers an advanced curriculum with deeper focus on the individual subjects, providing engineers advantage for climbing the ladder within their chosen area of study. At University Name, the Master of Engineering (Civil) provides the opportunity to focus on a wide range of topics within the areas of construction, structural, transportation and environmental engineering. This education is designed to further prepare engineers for trends in industry globalization, renewable energy sources and new technologies. In addition to honing mathematical and analytical skills, master’s degree students strengthen the professional and leadership abilities they will need in further careers. Civil engineering students who attain master’s degrees often have advantage in gaining competitive positions as engineering managers by leveraging advanced skills in communication, decision making, problem solving and delegating tasks.

 The Master of Engineering (Civil Engineering) is a 2years course with 8 units and 96 credit points which allows students to obtain skills and knowledge about the environment, sustainable development, social and political aspects that impact upon the work of the civil engineer. The total annual tuition fee is AUD$ but after the scholarship provided, it will be AUD$ 23,400 for this course. To complete Master of Engineering (Civil), students need to complete a total of eight units plus major research projects (96 units of credit) with Civil major. All international students are required to complete an internship in Australia to get the experience of working in Australia in an engineering work place. Completing full time internship is the requirement to be satisfied by the professional recognition body for engineers “Engineers Australia”. In this course, we need to study subjects like Structural Design I and II, Advanced Water Engineering, Project Management concepts, Mining Engineering Systems and Legislation, Sustainability Studio, Advanced Transportation Engineering Design etc. This program is fully accredited by Engineers Australia. 

Apart from the theoretical knowledge related to Engineering, this course provides an opportunity to develop professional skills such as teamwork and communication skills as well. At the beginning of this course, I will study about Australian engineering practice and three project units. After that we can choose four topics and take 10 weeks internship. Finally, I need to complete a major research project to demonstrate the ability to work as a professional engineer. The 10 weeks of internship program as provided by the University plays a vital role in the career of an Engineering graduate. Graduates will get real work experience and an opportunity to work in the workplace to know the developments and to implement the knowledge gained in the class room. This will be an important point to add in the resume as well. The knowledge and experience gained can be used in the home country after the completion of the study in Australia. The internship program will qualify to register in “Engineers Australia”, a professional body of recognition for certified Engineers in Australia. 

During this program, the students can learn different aspects related to the civil engineering field. The graduates of this program will acquire knowledge to lead diverse and complex teams, communicate effectively across a range of contexts, demonstrate critical self-review, self-management and lifelong learning, plan and execute a substantial research based project with autonomy, apply advanced technical knowledge and skills in the design process, design innovative solutions that satisfy stakeholder requirements, identify, interpret and analyze stakeholder requirements in diverse, complex, multidisciplinary scenarios.

Future Career Plan

After the completion of my Master’s Degree, I would like to apply for some jobs under PSW option as provided by the Australian government. It will be an opportunity for me to learn the trends and developments in a developed country like Australia which I can follow in my home country after my return. This opportunity will add a valuable point in my CV and career as well. After completion of The Master of Engineering (Civil Engineering) course, I would be eligible with new ideas, acquiring knowledge and gain skills in technical issues related to the development of spaces to live, work and play, to develop urban and regional plan, research and development sector. This course will make me obtain employment opportunities in the mid level to higher level positions in the industry with career progression into the managerial levels. There are many significant opportunities of employment here in my home country in various local governmental and non-governmental organizations, contracting companies, private and public firms etc. I can seek my career as a Local governmental engineer or Civil engineer, Project engineer or as Structural engineer etc. As an engineer in technology, I have to develop technical advance skills together with the knowledge and appreciation of the environment, sustainable development, social and political aspects that impact upon the work of the civil engineer. There is huge potentiality and significant opportunities for employment in this related field within my nation and throughout the rest of the world. As a developing nation, I know, my home country needs many new and advanced technologies for its infrastructural development and as a technology engineer, I can help to make a model of new equipment’s, conduct experiments and work in laboratories, on construction sites, in offices or at industrial and manufacturing plants. The Master of Engineering (Civil Engineering) gives analytical, computational and communication skills to practice in the profession of engineering technology at an advanced level. This course will help me to develop a sense of professionalism with a commitment to the highest standards of ethical principles and pursuit of excellence in careers. 

This course will open a door to many career opportunities. The graduates can work as transport engineer, irrigation engineer, planning engineer, project engineer, traffic engineer, and as an engineer in different sectors of government and private projects. I will get different opportunities here in Nepal with the world class degree and recognition. I can apply for the government jobs and other private jobs as demanded in online portals, Medias like print media and video medias. I can search for the vacancies through government sites loksewa or different online sites as well like merojob.com, ramrojob.com, kantipurjob.com. I can expect to earn Nrs. 70,000 to Nrs. 80,000 per month working as an Assistant Engineer at the beginning of my career. After knowing the current scenario and improving myself with the education and skills gained from Australia, I can expect to be promoted to Senior Engineer and earn Nrs. 100,000 and above. I can work in the construction companies like Nepal Adarsha Nirman Company Pvt. Ltd., Kalika Construction, Lama Construction and many more. I could involve myself with the government multiyear projects also related to road construction of high-ways, hydro power projects and many more other reputed projects. 

The demand of Civil engineer with international exposure is very high in Nepal as my home country is a developing country and carrying out different projects nationwide. I am confident that the investment I am doing on my career will yield a very positive and prosperous result for me and my family. I will have different career opportunities here in Nepal and contribute from my side in the development of my country.  Many projects are being carried out in Nepal through government and private sectors for the development of the nation. Many highways like Kathmandu – Terai fast track, outer ring road and many other multiyear projects are being carried out. Cable cars are being installed in different parts of Nepal. Many housing companies are working for making the settlements organized. I can be involved in some of the projects to utilize my knowledge and to get placements. With just Bachelor’s degree from Nepal, I am earning Nrs. 30,000 to Nrs. 35,000 per month but after the education and degree from Australia with an international Master’s degree in Civil Engineering, I can expect to earn Nrs. 70,000 to Nrs. 80,000 per month which I expect to increase to Nrs. 100,000 per month after few years. This way, I can get my investment back in few years and my career as well. 

Reasons to Return Back to Home Country

After completing my studies, I will return back to Nepal and start my own career here in Nepal as it is more enjoyable, safe, and prestigious to live and work in my own country than in any foreign country. Family bonding and responsibilities are other major factors that strongly encourage me to return back to Nepal. I am strongly attached to my family members as I am grown up in joint family with great values and norms. Also my mother who loves me a lot expect me to stay nearby to her being a responsible and caring son which I cannot neglect. Furthermore, being the eldest son of my family, I have to take the major responsibilities of my family. My family have provided me all the support for my education morally and financially till now and it will be my responsibility to take care of them after the completion of my study. I see my future very bright and aspiring here in Nepal staying with my family, achieving my future career goals. Value of my family assets worth Nrs. 52,037,811.62 (AUD 672, 931074) will definitely create sound environment to live here in Nepal after returning back. 

 Visa Conditions 500

It is very much necessary for international students like me to know about visa conditions and be aware of the obligation for students under higher education subclass 500. Some of the important rules that I am well known about are as follows: 

  • I must maintain overseas student health cover (OSHC) for the duration of student visa. 
  • I am not allowed to work more than 40 hours fortnightly.
  • I cannot change education provider for six months upon enrolment.
  • I must maintain 80% of attendance throughout the study period.
  • I must maintain 50% pass grade throughout the study period.
  • I must notify to the university DHA within 7 days if any changes in contact and residence address.


I would like to end my statement of purpose by saying that the above-mentioned facts are genuine and to the best of my knowledge. The only purpose of visiting Australia is for my study and getting a globally recognized degree which will help me to grab my future goals. To sum up, I believe that studying The Master of Engineering (Civil Engineering) course from University Name. Location, will be the gateway for my future becoming successful in Engineering sector here in Nepal, a dynamic career that involves a great deal of human services and nation building. I will be thankful for your kind consideration for my desired educational plan in Australia. 

I look forward for your positive response which will be crucial for shaping up my future career ahead. 

Thanking You.         

Applicant Name

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