I, Applicant Name feel honored to introduce myself. I am a permanent resident………, Bagmati Zone, Province No.3. I was born on Sept 05, 1998. I am the daughter of Parents Name. I have always been hard working, disciplined and a sincere person since my early age. Failure has never disappointed me. Throughout all the decisions I made in my life, studying abroad is also one of my dream in order to enhance my capabilities.


Talking about my academic qualifications, I studied my School level in School, ……where I achieved a good quality of education and completed my S.L.C (School Leaving Certificate) in 2069 B.S. and scored 75%. In order to get higher education, I joined ……College , as a Business Management student and completed my +2 level in 2015 and scored 57%. After that, I joined Bachelor in Interior Architecture, and completed in 2019 and scored 3.06 GPA (90%). English is not my first language so I have taken PTE classes for 1 months and I appeared in the PTE Examination on 14th Nov 2021 and scored an overall band of 6.5.


This is my first attempt at a student visa application but I have travelled to different countries through tourist visas ( Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan).


After I made the decision to study abroad, it was not easy for me to select the country. Students have the option of countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and Germany and so on. But I found Australia to be the best country that fit me. The ever finest quality education compared to other countries provided by Australia has been a reason that I have been enchanted towards it. Australia is a globally recognized country and the third most preferred destination of international students after the USA and UK. I found Australia to have 5 out of 30 best cities in the world. I found Australia as the finest leading global education powerhouse with the world’s best educators and best facilities providing the students with a wide range of quality study options. The large number of courses and institutions available here has given the facility to study any subject as per the Student’s interest. Similarly, Australia has the Tuition Protection Service which helps the students for the protection of the tuition fees. I could also have studied in my neighbor country like China, but language barrier is the problem as we have to speak their native language for study purposes. Similarly in countries like the USA, we have to sit for the exams like SAT for getting admissions which is time consuming. Similarly, the security of one’s life matters the most.

Similarly, the crime rate of Australia is much less in comparison to other countries like the USA and UK. And being a female, security is an important aspect for me which is available in Australia in a well-organized way. The other plus point is the weather of Australia is similar to that of Nepal which will help me a lot to adapt in that environment. In Addition, Australia being an English speaking and multicultural country, will be helping me a lot to increase my fluency in English language and to compete with the several students of different cultures. Beside this, the other facility available is the post study work for international students after master’s degree which gives the international exposure to the international students. Australia has been the best in providing education. The local people of Australia have a very welcoming nature towards the overseas people. And all of these positive parts of Australia have influenced me to get my further education in Australia. I also checked the website of the Australian government www.border.gov.au, www.studyinaustralia.gov.au, www.australianuniversities.com.au and studied about the education system of Australian Universities, visa policy and conditions. After doing this much research, I am fully satisfied with Australia. 


There are only a few master’s opportunities in interior architecture in Nepal. Education system in Nepal lacks practical skills as the education system of my country gives more importance to theoretical knowledge which is limited for the short term. The colleges and universities in Australia are some of the best ranked in the world which means that the education in foreign country is highly recognized and international qualification gives me more value in my profile and trains me in the depth and advanced level so that I could prepare myself as a confident and efficient manpower to work in the chosen specialization. Also, it has been a long time, I studied in Nepal and I want to gain international knowledge and exposure where I will have an opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world so that we can exchange ideas and knowledge of each other. Thus, I planned to have my higher studies in Australia.


I am fully satisfied with Australia. Australia is a country with a large population of multicultural people. Canberra is one of the few planned cities in the world, which is clean and sustainable. The town is surrounded by farmland and forests as well as 53% of the total area of the city are covered with nature reserves and parks. Less than 35 microns of plastic bags are banned in the city. As compared to other cities in Australia, Canberra’s air quality is cleaner, which makes it safe to live. As a modern, vibrant and clean city, Canberra has no traffic and pollution.

According to a British daily middle-market newspaper – Daily Mail, Canberra is named as the most livable place in the country. The third year in a row, it has been rated as the best place to live in Australia. In terms of affordable housing, careers, good job opportunities, health services, and safety, Canberra rank on the top. Canberra is well-connected, and therefore, there is a short commute involved. International students can easily find accommodations close to the university. Those who are living further out from universities can commute via bicycle trails and paths. Canberra boasts one of the lowest crime rates compared to other cities in Australia. Not only national but international students also feel safer going for an evening stroll, heading to University, or walking and cycling around beautiful lakes and parklands. Canberra is an affordable destination with a high standard of living for students as compared to Sydney and Melbourne.


Choosing the right education provider is the most important step for every international student. After surfing through the internet and counseling with experienced counselors and researching various institutions, I found the UNIVERSITY Name as the best match for me from every dimension. The UNIVERSITY Name is a public university in Bruce, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. The UNIVERSITY Name is one of the globally ranked University among the available choices in Canberra, I chose the UNIVERSITY Name because of its affordable costs and the available scholarships available. Besides, I am very impressed with its growth.

According to the Times Higher Education, it is ranked 193rd in the World University Rankings and 34th in Young University Rankings. Furthermore, most of its graduates get higher starting salaries than the graduates of the other universities. Alongside these rankings, its vision of intertwining academics with entrepreneurship is what lured me. Also because of its location right in the capital city of Australia. The facilities for my course in this university suit my needs and requirements. Because of its affordable fee structure and location, I choose the UNIVERSITY Name over other universities and colleges.  I would consider it a privilege to study at such a renowned university. The UNIVERSITY Name offers a refreshing environment that will give a platform to explore my interests and give a definite direction to my goals. The programs of the UNIVERSITY Name are flexible, customized, experimental, and reflective learning.

I am eagerly waiting to approach this program with enthusiasm and hard work and use the opportunity to advance my learning skills professionally. There are many colleges and universities providing this course but they do not meet my requirements. The University of Sydney has a very high fee structure with AUD $43,500 per year. For my course i.e. Master of Architecture, I have researched many universities. However, the UNIVERSITY Name is the best choice of mine in many ways. I chose the UNIVERSITY Name as I like the location and the course structure they offer. Besides this, it’s extensive student support services that aim to endeavor for an international student to gain academically, socially, and culturally is very impressive in comparison to support services that other universities in Australia provide. The UNIVERSITY Name also offers a scholarship to an international student. The UNIVERSITY Name is in the top 10 rankings as per Australia’s ranking order. And some of the preferred universities are not available in my chosen location. So, the UNIVERSITY Name is the one with a reasonable tuition fee and preferred location.


The Master of Architecture is a professional degree in architecture, qualifying the graduate to move through the various stages of professional aspects. It consists of work in design, building science, structural engineering, architectural history and professional practice.  We came to know that this course is designed to prepare for details of the buildings, space management and many more. Architecture is one of the rare professions that allow you to be both creative and analytical on a daily basis. For example, on a typical work day I might calculate and compare multiple floor area options. Then later in the day I will sketch up a design for a particular detail or portion of a project. It is a respected and esteemed profession that generally pays well. We would get a chance to work for many different clients. I believe that we can pursue what we aim or dream of and applying for a Master of Architecture has been one for me which I adore. Architecture field is one which is growing quickly. I believe that my interest in this field will enhance me to do the best in the future. So I would like to study for a Master of Architecture.


After the completion of my planned course, (Master of Architecture). I will apply for Post Study Work and will work for 2 years to get international work experience and then I will return to my country and will make a contribution by using experience and knowledge gained from Australia. I visited many job portals to find out the career option for me after completing my study. I have researched about the different links such as www.merojob.com, www.jobsnepal.com, www.naukri.com, www.ramrojob.com, www.kumarijob.com, www.nepalijob.com etc. Most of the jobs in Nepal are still locally advertised so I am fully aware that there are very good career opportunities for me once I return back to Nepal. This qualification allows for multitasking. It gives me a number of career directions with my international qualification experience.      


My parents are well aware about my study decision and fully consent to it. Their happiness equals my happiness. They have compromised their dreams for my achievements. My parents strongly believe in parenthood, they want me to achieve success. What I am today is due to the support and love of my family members. My parents are well capable in terms of finance. My parents are happy to sponsor my study and my living expenses. I have the full support of my parents and they are financially sound to cover all the expenses including living costs in Australia.


Up to this stage, my family has always been supporting me. I have the responsibility to pay them back for their countless sacrifices. So, after the completion of my course from UNIVERSITY Name, I would be in my country looking after my parents. I have the responsibility of conserving my tradition. Then, I will start to work in my study related field in architecture to apply my knowledge, skills and ideas gained from Australia. So with an international Australian qualification, I would use the knowledge to live in the land I was born in, maybe with little less earning and quality of life but with enough dignity, pride and self- worth. Australia is a learning place for me and Nepal is a land to use the excellence of that learning for my growing. Also as a citizen of Nepal I have my responsibilities towards my nation and I want to employ my skills and knowledge gained in Australia from study and experience for the betterment of my own country. And with the international and globally accredited degree from Australian university, it will not be a difficult task for me to get jobs in the different commercial sectors of Nepal. I will not be able to live away from my family for a long time. I have everything I need here- my bright future, my family, my friends, my relatives that no one wants to leave to start a new life from the very beginning in any other place on earth. I have the most beautiful fortune in my country and people who like to see success in every step of my life are here in my country Nepal. In our country parents and their children do not stay separately. I can’t even imagine living my life alone, ditching my country and people around. So, I will definitely return to my country to share my dreams with my family, friends, and society as a whole. Thus, I am highly motivated to return back to my home country upon completion of my course in Australia.


I am aware of the visa conditions where I have to maintain academic growth, 80% attendance per semester, OSHC requirements. I need to notify my education provider and if by any circumstances I change my address the provider has to be informed. I should meet the overseas student health insurance cover during my entire stay and study period in Australia. Hereby, I want to assure you that I understand these above mentioned conditions. I am a person with a broadened mind and a high ambition. All the details I provided are genuine. I have the confidence that the UNIVERSITY Name would be a great place to achieve my dream and horizons.


At the end, I kindly request you to consider my student application positively. Being a sincere and a disciplined applicant, I will be grateful to you for granting access to study in your college.

 Hoping for positive response

Yours Sincerely,

Applicant Name




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