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About the Course –Natural Resource Management

Natural Resource Management (NRM) refers to the long-term utilization of the ecosystem. The assets that make up the ecosystem make human existence better. It is the management of herbal sources such as land, water, soil, flora and animals. It focuses on applicable management and protection of the ecosystem so as to higher the quality of lifestyles for both present and future generations.

Recycling has had a huge contribution in natural resource management. Recycling has a huge impact in the preservation of our environment. Pollution is viewed as one of the top causes of degrading and declining natural resources. This course helps a lot in regard to minimizing the air pollution levels throughout the world.

In this course, students learn the science behind creating a sustainable environment and preserving the precious natural resources for the present and future generation. Like other courses, it also uses a practical approach to teaching and learning. Students are encouraged to conduct research, visit fields, develop critical and analytical thinking, and be creative and innovative in their skills.

Career Prospect

Careers in environmental management may be found in the fields of chemistry, transportation, logistics and engineering. Employers may include private businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. As an environmental manager, you serve as an expert in the management of environmental projects.

 Job opportunities in this sector include Forester, Environmental or Science Educator, Field Researchers, Forest/Wildlife Ecologist, Land Use Planner, Naturalist, Wetlands Restoration Specialist,Environmental Lawyer,Chief Sustainability Director, Geologist, Climatologist, Energy Manager, Environmental Planner, Conservationist,  Solar Technician, Park Ranger etc.

Course Available by Providers

The courses are generally provided at Foundation, Diploma, Bachelor (UG) and Master (PG) levels.

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