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About the Course – Coastal Management

Coastal management is all about  preventing erosion to claim lands and a preservation against flooding and erosion to lessen its impact on land.

Coastal zones occupy less than 15% of the Earth’s land area, while they host more than 45% of the world population. Nearly 1.4 billion human beings stay within one hundred km of a shoreline and one hundred m of sea level. With three-quarters of the world populace expected to stay in the coastal zone by 2025, human activities originating from this small land location will impose heavy strain on coasts. Coastal zones contain wealthy assets to produce goods and offerings and are home to most industrial and industrial activities.

Coastal Management is essential to help shield natural habitats and natural resources. If there isn’t a financial risk, governments typically don’t involve in coastal management. Effective coastal administration is very expensive. Coastal management attempts to address a variation of issues associated with population increase and coastal areas.

Career Prospect

Coastal managers are concerned with the preservation and enjoyment of coastal zones. Proper use, assessment, and monitoring of natural resources are important goals for preservation.

Graduates of this program can have these career options: Conservation Biologist, Marine Education Specialist, Marine & Coastal Consultant, Consultant/Project Manager, Watershed Program Coordinator, Environmental EngineerHydrologist/Geomorphologist, Marine Ecologist, Water, Resource Analyst, Salt Marsh Manager, Zoologist, Marine Geologist, Costel engineering expert, Chief Growth Officer ,Field System Engineer

Employment Opportunity

The average annual pay for a Coastal Zone Management Job in the US is $64487 a year.

Course Available by Providers

The courses are generally provided at Foundation, Diploma, Bachelor (UG) and Master (PG) levels.

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