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About the Course – Conservation and Land Management

Conservation and Land Management course deals with the management and rehabilitation of land that has been degraded due to human activities.

Land can be impacted or degraded due to a number of reasons. Conservation and Land Management includes working on such degraded land sites. Lands are regularly weed infested, vulnerable to soil erosion or have been damaged in some way. Students are taught about the methods used to fix degraded environments and the approaches of implementing ecological restoration practices such as bush regeneration and revegetation works. Assessing sites, conducting vegetation surveys and developing management techniques for degraded bush land areas are additionally the vital components of the study.

Career Prospect

Conservation land managers work for land trusts or other conservation businesses to defend the flora and fauna habitat, biodiversity, scenic value, and different special attributes of preserves and conservation lands. After getting an advanced degree, they are probable to carry out research on policy issues.

Graduate can have these career options: Conservation education foresters, Conservation science officers, Conservation scientists, Environmental protection foresters, Forest ecologists, Foresters, Forestry scientists, Grassland conservationists, Land management foresters, Land reclamation specialists, Land resource specialists, Operations foresters, Procurement foresters, Range conservationists, Range ecologists, Range managers, Range scientists, Resource conservationists, Resource foresters, Service foresters, Soil and water conservationists, Soil conservationists, Timber management specialists, Urban foresters, Water conservationists.

Course Available by Providers

The courses are generally provided at Foundation, Diploma, Bachelor (UG) and Master (PG) levels.

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