A specialized course under Agricultural Stream

About the Course – Agriculture Biotechnology

Agricultural biotechnology is a field of agricultural science which involves the use of scientific tools and techniques, including genetic engineering, molecular markers, molecular diagnostics, vaccines, and tissue culture. The purpose is to modify living organisms: plants, animals, and microorganisms. One of the fields of agricultural biotechnology is Crop biotechnology which has been greatly developed  in recent times. In order to modify plants or crops, some features are transferred from a particular species of Crop to an entirely different species. This process helps to develop or form new desirable characteristics in the newly modified crops such as flavor, colour of flowers, growth rate, size of harvested products and resistance to diseases and pests.

Career Prospect

The application of biotechnology in agriculture has a great deal of  benefits to farmers, producers, and consumers. Biotechnology has helped in controlling insects  and weed management has been made safer and easier while safeguarding crops against disease.

 Graduates of this course will have the following options of employment:

Bioinformatics scientist, Business development manager,Environmental sustainability engineer,Fermentation operator,Field scientist,Formulation engineer,Greenhouse technician,Laboratory analyst,Laboratory technician,Manager of Agri-Bio product sales,Marine biologist,Microbial physiologist,Molecular biologist,Patent agent,Plant biologist,Plant geneticist,Plant pathologist,Production scientistProduct marketing associate,Protein biochemist,Quality control specialist,Regulatory scientist,Research and development specialist,Research associate,Science policy director,Technical application scientist,Zoologist

Course Available by Providers

The courses are generally provided at Foundation, Diploma, Bachelor (UG) and Master (PG) levels.

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