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My name is your full name. I was born on the date of birth. I am an 18 years young, energetic and enthusiastic person, a permanent resident of the full address. I am the son of the father’s name and mother’s name. My father is a Government officer, he works in the company name. My mother is a Private Sector Trainer. My family shares a strong bond and I have received all the positive love and support from my family members.


Talking about my educational qualification, I completed my S.L.C (School Leaving Certificate) from school name in the year 2016 with your GPA. Right from my initial stages, with different exposes, my school helped me to develop my skills in the field of Science and mathematics which became my inspiration to continue my secondary education in that subject. So, for the intermediate level, I decided to study Science. I enrolled myself in the institution name in the faculty of Science in the year 2017 and completed it in May 2018 with **** CGPA. After completing high school, I realized the importance of international exposure and its implication on my entire academic and practical knowledge gained throughout high school education. So, for that purpose, I joined the IELTS class of 45 days commencing from May 25, 2018, from Kathmandu Infosys Education Centre. I took an IELTS exam on September 15, 2018(IELTS certificate attached) and secured an overall score of 6.5 (8-L, 6-S, 6.5-R, 5.5-W). As I got my IELTS score, I started looking for universities in Australia. After a lot of research, I found the university name as the perfect option for me. So, I applied for the offer letter of university name on, October 4, 2018. Later, I got a Conditional Offer Letter from university name with a 20% international student scholarship on my Tuition fees on the date October 23, 2018. Right from that moment, I started preparing for GTE. For the purpose of preparing GTE, initially, I started researching the Banks for my education loan purpose. As the required property for sanctioning loan is situated in Bhaktapur. I started looking for the A-class commercial bank there itself. After visiting some of the A-class banks, Everest Bank offered quick and swift service and Education loans with a comparatively low-interest rate. Then, the procedure of the loan took a few weeks. On the date November 14, 2018, my GTE was submitted to the university and I got my GTE approval on December 7, 2018, and got my COE on 27th December 2018.


Australia has been one of the most preferred destinations for Nepalese and other International students. Australia is currently the third most popular destination for international students following the United States and the United Kingdom and the 2nd most popular for Nepalese Students. This isn’t surprising as Australia has seven of the top 100 universities in the world. It is highly selected for education because it has got over 22,000 courses across 1,100 institutions where international students can easily find the school and field that are right for them.

Australia has 5 of the best 30 cities in the world for students in terms of affordability, quality of life, safety, which are all important elements for International students when choosing the best study destination. There is a positive outcome in terms of a number of graduate students from Australian universities and colleges. Education provided by Australian universities is recognized globally and qualification gained is globally accepted. Education in Australia has been flourishing in recent years with an edge curriculum and high-quality teachers. The institution in Australia come in all size and location making it easy for students to find a school that rightly suits them and their motives. Besides, employers and universities all over the world recognize the Australian degree thus the graduates are successful in finding jobs and holding prominent positions worldwide. The standard of living in Australia is among the highest in the world. Similarly, the weather and climate condition is like that of Nepal. So, it could be easier for me to adapt to the environment.

Moreover, there is the Education Services for Overseas Student (ESOS) Act that sets out the legal framework governing the delivery of education to the international student in Australia on a student visa. The ESOS Act covers everything from financial protections and laws protecting the rights of international students through to work rights, student welfare and complaints along with Tuition Protection Service (TPS) and Overseas Student Health Cover (OHSC). The Tuition Protection Service (TPS) assists international students whose education providers are unable to fully deliver their course of study whereas OSHC is health insurance arranged to assist the hospital and medical costs. This shows the dedication of the Australian government to provide quality education and protect the rights of international students due to which there is a safe environment for international students.

By analyzing various factors of Australia and Universities of Australia such as affordable fee structure, course content, climate condition, safety, practical education, scholarship opportunities, low crime rate, cultural diversity, drives me to choose Australia for higher studies.


Nepal has very limited development in the sector of technology and insufficient education materials for IT students. The quantity of universities is also very low. There are only 5 universities that are officially verified by the Nepal Government. Still, those university examinations and results are never held as per schedule because of political influence.

Moreover, what I realized until now is that the Nepalese study is totally based on the theoretical system rather than focusing on its practical implications. Lack of study materials, resources and very limited specialization subjects available for postgraduate study are leading to less skillful manpower in this fierce global competition.


Studying abroad and getting an international degree has been a priority for so many students today. There is no doubt that there are various countries that I can apply for my postgraduate degree but there are various reasons for not choosing the countries like the USA, UK and Other European Countries.

USA: The requirement of GMAT and GRE courses along with high tuition costs is the main reason for not choosing the USA. The cost of living is also high in the USA. ($1=NRS 116.02)

European Countries: The major reason for not applying to European countries is due to the language barrier. On the other hand, the weather is not favorable as there is an extremely cold climate. (1 EURO= NRS 126.51)

UK: The cost of living is high and low job security for international students. The constant amendment in policies regarding international students and in other various rules also makes it quite unstable to stay there. (1 POUND = NRS.131.53)

On the other hand, Australia is one of the best destinations for international students to gain highly qualitative education in prestigious and top-ranked universities which will benefit in future flexibility. Comparing the exchange rate of Australia and other countries, Australia has a lower exchange rate which makes the fee structure affordable for international students (1 AUD = NRs 83.88). Moreover, Australia’s policies are highly favorable for international students which made me choose Australia over other countries.

(The exchange rate is dated on November 10, 2018)


After doing a lot of research online and other ways I came to know about some universities that offer the course that I am intended to learn about such as X University, Y University, Z University. The fee structure of all these universities is higher than that of university name with an annual fee i.e. University name (AUD XXXXX), University name (AUD XXXXX), university name (XXXXX), whereas annual fee of university name is (AUD XXXXX) and has also offered 20% scholarship which has made it more affordable. So, comparing all these universities, I found that university name is best among all of them in every sector and I have identified the university name as an institution whose values align with mine.

University name originally began as the Queensland Institute of Technology in 1967. It was granted full university status in 1992 and was named the university name in 1994. By 2006, the university was operating its four Australian International Campuses at Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, and Melbourne. The University restructured its international activities in the period 2006 to 2009 and rebranded its image in 2008, changing its brand from university name to university name.

University name is for the first time recognized among the world’s top educational institutions by the international QS World University Rankings system. university name ranks among the world’s top 600 universities according to the prestigious and trusted Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2017–2018). university name now has more than 30,000 students spread across 24 campuses and locations Australia-wide and is regarded within the sector as Australia’s most inclusive and engaged university. It has firmly established itself as one of the largest universities based in regional Australia, with campuses in Adelaide, Brisbane, Bundaberg, Cairns, Emerald, Gladstone, Mackay, Melbourne, Noosa, Perth, Rockhampton, Sydney, and Townsville.

University name is committed to student success because this ultimately defines the success of the University. university name offers several support services, activities and programs to bring about successful student outcomes and ensure their students have the best experience possible during their study journey. university name provides the student with a variety of service that assists and help the student to achieve their intended goals through different student support facilities relating to counseling, proper guidance, different student mentors’ programs, financial assistance, and scholarships. university name also pays special attention to student’s health and welfare along with a range of facilities to a student with a disability.

University’s name provides a wide range of learning support to its students. The Academic Learning Centre gives academic advice and guidance to assist in becoming confident and independent learners. ALC provides the students with different facilities relating to, Academic Communication, Computing, Mathematics and Statistics through on-campus workshops, personalized online services and one to one meetings. It expects to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of its students and make them realize their potential rather than expecting every student to become a so-called successful. The university has a huge student success rate likewise it has always supported students even overseas to be capable enough to lead and progress. Graduates from university names also have some of the best employment outcomes indicating that there is full-time employment 80.4 percent of the students according to the data released by Graduates Careers Australia. The data released by Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) also proves that university name is best among so many universities of Australia in terms of study support employment and salary outcomes of graduate students.

A combination of all these elements- highly experienced faculty, leading-edge course structure, advanced research facility, global outreach, inclusiveness, engagement and plenty of options that cater to students’ interests and experiences, has led me to apply for the Bachelor’s in Information Technology at university name.


Bachelor’s in Information Technology (BIT) is a completely technical course that has always grasped my attention and has remained my dream since college days. Science and Mathematics is the subject I have always been passionate about and I intend to pursue Bachelor’s in Information Technology as I am backed up by my keen interest in science and technology. Due to the huge demand and growing industry, the earning potential of an IT specialist has increased so far. Enrolling as a technology student I can work both physically and virtually for any company all around the world. This kind of technical course offers a boundless opportunity to learn new things and be updated in this era of technology.

BIT enhances a student with professional skills with Data management, software development, communication technology, economics, statistics, and Business law. It is a suitable course for graduates who are interested in employment in computer and Technology. This program is suitable for me to meet the entry requirements and seek a career as an IT specialist in an IT company. This course offers the opportunity to gain crucial life-long learning and transferable generic skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving.

BIT is three years full-time course with six semesters in which I must study 8 unitswith48 credit points which I have listed below:

Core Structure

COIS12036 Human-Computer Interaction

COIT11222 Programming Fundamentals

COIT11223 Information Technology and Society

COIT11226 Systems Analysis

COIT11237 Database Design & Implementation

COIT12208 ICT Project Management

COIT11238 Networked Infrastructure Foundations

COIT11239 Professional Communications Skills for ICT


Elective Courses

COIT12204   Web site development

COIS11011    Foundations of Business computing

COIS13034    Cloud-based smart application management

BUSN19024   graduate Employability skills

COIT12209     Data science


I am motivated and determined in pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Australia through a bachelor’s program at university name as this course will help me build a career in the field of computer and technology.


An internship is an opportunity offered by an employer to potential employees, called interns, to work at a firm for a fixed period. Students must do an internship as an opportunity to experience in a professional environment within the Australian workforce related to the chosen discipline. It is a way to test drive possible jobs and explore different career options.

By doing the internship I will be able to develop different essential qualities and skills such as Leadership skills, technical skills, time management skills, communication skills and so on. It will help me to understand and adopt different Australian culture and work practices. The internship will not only get me to participate in multiple tasks, but I will also be able to gain hands-on training and feedback that empower me and provide me the confidence to tackle any task at my next job.


After the completion of my study, I will be returning to my home country and working in the potential fields of employment. BIT leads me to a top-notch career in my life. I shall also gain relevant practical experience and skills in order to perfectly implement my education into effect.

Choosing CQU and BIT as my course of study will help me to catch my dream careers. After getting a BIT degree I can employ myself in the potential fields like Application programmer, Computer programmer, Chief information officer, Enterprise Architect, Security Analyst, System analyst.

Moreover, the Post Study Work Visa Permit will help me to acquire international working experience and exposure in Australia. The Post Study Work (PSW) visa allows graduates to work in Australia temporarily after they finish their studies. After the completion of the BIT, I expect to get the PSW as it will strengthen my knowledge regarding the concerned field. It offers extended options for working in Australia to eligible graduates of a higher education degree. Students get two years of PSW visa which will help me to acquire international working experience and exposure in Australia. It will help me to implement the theoretical knowledge learned into practical experiences. It will provide real work experience as well as will give me the opportunity to enhance my skills related to technology, computer and software management. In the two 2 years of PSW visa, I am planning to work in different companies such as Sunflower Lab, Parangat Technologies, Diceus, Cyber Infrastructure Inc and so on. In case if I am not able to achieve the PSW option, I have planned to return to my own country and will execute and explore hereby with the knowledge acquired in a Three-year bachelor’s degree.

Ultimately, Post Study Work Visa will help me to gain different international working experience and global exposure which will be one of the most important aspects to shape my future. I can also develop technical knowledge, professional communication skills and know the workplace culture. The Knowledge I obtain from all during my PSW visa will also help me a lot after I return to Nepal as it will be a plus point to my career and help me to get a good job in one of the renowned companies here in Nepal.

As per my research, after returning to my home country I can see huge potential for an intelligent and competitive candidate in the different related fields of communication and computer systems. A country like ours is in the developing phase and there exists a high scope for highly qualified candidates. There is a great demand for young manpower who understand technology and communication system to create innovative solutions to help people and benefit organizations. They still need well educated and experienced and creative mind to handle various projects for the growth and development of their respective companies. I will be seeking a job in different companies and expect good packages after completion of a bachelor’s degree from CQU. I intend to apply for potential employment profiles of a Computer programmer, Chief information officer, Enterprise Architect, Security analyst, a System Analyst in a different organization like Braindigit IT Solution, Microsoft, IT Expert Nepal, NGO’s, INGO’s and even work virtually for different Kickstarter companies all over the world and so on. Technological advancement, information explosion, and increasing competition have created enormous pressure on organizations to change not only what they do but how they do it as well which has created a high demand of the potential employees who can foster their ideas and knowledge in a more prominent way. So, holding a BIT degree with my experience with international companies will help me to deal wisely and change the working procedure in a more effective and efficient way which will ultimately uplift my career. Some of the portal from where I can hunt the job in Nepal are:MeroRojgari.com, JobsNepal.com, MeroJob.com, KantipurJob.com, KumariJob.com, etc. Analyzing the various aspects regarding Nepalese and International degrees, the international degree is more preferred than the degrees we obtain here in Nepal. It also reflects the growing demand for international degrees as the education system of abroad is high better than the Nepalese degree in terms of quality, practicability, exposure. Statistically, the average salary of an international degree holder is about NRP 50000-60000 per month according to the job because Nepalese companies prefer International degree, especially from Australia whereas the average salary of Nepalese degree holder ranges from 20,000 to 30,000 which is half of the average salary gained by an International degree holder.

Basically, the return on investment of my education expenses is the amount of salary and the incentives. The amount of salary will help me recover a lot of expenses in my studies in Australia. Moreover, engaging with companies will enhance my knowledge and make me financially stable which will support me to see myself as successful within 5-7 years. So, even though the cost of studying is a bit higher, it will benefit and help me to outgrow my career in a lot better way leading myself towards a successful life. To conclude, I intensely believe that the unique structure and flexibility of the course will allow me to develop my capabilities in a progressive manner and expand my professional networks and real-world experience.


Well, after gaining so much knowledge on the subject and spending my valuable years, the time will arrive when I must get back to my own land. As I am applying for a student visa in Australia, my major focus will always be on my studies. So, after completing my study there in Australia, I will be returning to my hometown as my whole family is residing here. Since my childhood, I have always thought of pursuing higher education, holding a degree, working in a successful organization and become a successful person and so are the wishes of my parents. Since we belong to a typical Nepalese family, there is always the tendency of living together and my parents have great expectations from me. Like every child, I have a strong attachment towards my parents and I cannot even think of living apart from them.

As a responsible child, I also believe that I have a responsibility to take care of all the assets and properties including our house and the lands. My parents have always encouraged and inspired me to be a better person and have always been there throughout my studies. So, it’s my turn to give them back all the happiness they deserve, and I believe that I have a lot of responsibility towards them.


I am mentally prepared to obey all the visa conditions under visa subclass 500 which I have highlighted below in brief:

  • I need to maintain 80% attendance.
  • I can work 40 hours per fortnight on a part-time basis.
  • I need to clear 50% of the subject in each term.
  • I cannot change the university for 6 months upon enrolment.
  • I need to maintain the health insurance until I remain in Australia.
  • I must notify to universities/DIBP within 7 days if I change the address or contact details.

As we know that opportunity doesn’t knock one’s door time and again so, one should be able to open the door with the right key in order to grasp the opportunity. So, I hereby with the letter commit to follow every laws and regulation of the university and government, live as a law-abiding student in Australia. I am very much focused on this program and wish to make the best out of it by studying in CQU.



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