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Introducing myself, My name is Applicant name, born on XX of march XXXX, son of parent name. I am a permanent resident of Biratnagar, Morang, Nepal. I am a young energetic boy having a strong ambition to be successful in the field of network administration in the near future and serve my country well. Thus, I decided to study a Diploma of Information technology + Advanced Diploma of Information Project Management at Institution name, Australia.

Academic Background

I completed my school leaving certificate (SLC) in the year 20XX securing XX% from Eden National Secondary Boarding School. In the same way, I did my +2 in from Kantipur Higher secondary school from science faculty and I was able to get a good result i.e XX%. As per the plan, I appeared for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Examination held on 02 December 20XX, and secured an overall band score of 6.5.

Reason to Study in Australia

After making the decision to study in Australia, I started doing research about Australian education and colleges as well as universities. The technologies used in teaching and learning by Australian Institutions are much updated than that of my home country. Also, it would be an international exposure for me to study with people from all over the world. In addition, it has affordable tuition fee rates and living cost, good visa policies for overseas students, provision and Tuition Protection Service (TPS) under the ESOS Act where the fee is safe and while doing research with another country i.e. the USA, UK there are no such provisions for international students. Moreover, I would have a globally recognized degree after the completion of my course and it would be easy for me to get good jobs from the experience during Post Study Work after my Bachelor’s degree. I am impressed with the system of post-study works, which helps me to get experience in the IT field which will be much more helpful when I will return to my nation. On the other hand, a multicultural aspect, as well as the climate similarities with Asian countries, is also one of the reasons for choosing Australia. While comparing with the UK and USA I came to know that the USA has a very high crime rate where Australia is a very safe country for international students as safety is a very important factor while going abroad to study. Also, it takes a longer time to complete a Bachelor’s degree in the USA than in Australia. In the UK there is no proper safety of student fees i.e. Tuition Protection Service in Australia. I heard previously that there are so many colleges shut down and blacklisted and also students did not get their paid fees refund. Australia is a multicultural country where I will have an opportunity to interact with people from different nations so that we can exchange our culture and ideas with each other. Also, most of the Australian Universities are public Universities and colleges are also well renowned nationally and internationally. That is the reason I have selected Australia for my further study than in other countries.


Reason for choosing Sydney

As the largest and oldest city in Australia, Sydney is also the ideal and preferred city for many international students who are fascinated by it because of its multicultural and cosmopolitan environment. On top of that, it has a moderate climate that promotes healthy outdoor living throughout the year and more Sydney is a safe and modern world-class city with low crime rates. Furthermore, the excellence in Education, the multicultural background of students, value for money, English speaking country and on top of that governmental and institutional support for international students are some good aspects that have made Australia a very attractive destination for students all over the globe.


Why the Institution Name?

The next most important and sensible decision is to select the college that will help me to reach my full potential. I visited many college and universities’ educational blogs, websites and researched about many colleges and universities like an institution name, institution name, institution name, institution name etc but the institution name was more appropriate for me. Taking into consideration, the tuition fee, Good education degree and history of the international student leads me to choose the institution name as my education provider in Australia. The course content is also designed in a very specific way and the course of this college is nationally accredited by the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) and is also developed in partnership with professional and industrial associations. Going through the booklet, I found it is the best college because of the most experienced teaching staff, affordable tuition fee and small-sized classrooms. Well equipped lab and professional counseling service really encouraged me to choose the institution name. It also provides pathways to universities for further education. Moreover, it is the versatile education provider in Australia having a multicultural environment where a student from over 25 countries and from all continents get enrolled for their further study. And, the course is up 2 years with 35 units and 8 terms. Diploma of Information Technology includes 4 terms of 52 weeks and also includes content such as Server configuration and tools, Workplace Safety, etc. In terms of the period and terms, the Advanced Diploma of Information Technology Project Management is the same as the Diploma of Information Technology but it consists of topics like ICT Management and Sustainability, Project Management and Planning, etc. The total tuition fee for the course is 12,600 AUD being 6,300AUD per annum. I will be able to do Project management, analysis and management of the computer system.


Why Diploma + Advanced Diploma?

I find a diploma as a key factor for someone to be successful in the field of information technology because it provides a lot of basic knowledge. I will complete my diploma and advanced diploma and I will apply for the Bachelor course of information technology in Australian Universities (i.e Central Queensland University, Federation University etc) with credit. I will be completing my remaining Bachelor because I will get credit from the college. It will not only minimize the total cost to complete Bachelor than applying directly for a bachelor but it also gives me an opportunity to study in the small-sized classroom as compared to University so that I can get the personal attention of the tutor/teacher which will definitely help my knowledge to enhance and excel. So, I have decided to go to college rather than going direct to University.


Why not in Nepal?

In this modern era, technologies have made the world like a global village. In addition, it has made our lives easier as we can interact and communicate with the aid of technology with people living in every corner of the world which was not possible in the past. Information technology is one industry that is going to change the world completely in the near future. It will help to shape our future for centuries to come. IT plays a significant role in today’s society. Nowadays, people are very much familiar with the computer. People with computer knowledge and skills are always in demand. So my interest grew to choose the field of IT and I have a desire to become an IT professional in my career. Nepal is a developing country with enormous potential in the field of Information Technology. I believe IT will play a dominant role to take society to the next level. After my higher secondary education, I didn’t feel comfortable studying IT in my home country. Though courses of IT are available here in Nepal along with opportunities, there is a lack of graduates in our country. There are few educational institutions which provide education on course related to Information Technology. Not only that, but the education here is also theory-based rather than practical and provides few facilities. I discussed with my father briefly about giving continuity to my further study in my home nation or abroad. After understanding the education system of my country we preferred abroad for my further education. Also, I already studied for a long time in Nepal and now I want to study in a different environment where I will have an opportunity to meet people from different nations so that we can exchange ideas and culture too. Nepalese qualification is not globally competitive in comparison with an Australian degree. So along with full support and agreement of my father, I preferred foreign for my further education.


Plan after Graduation

After course completion, I will have academic knowledge and will do PSW which will increase the level of confidence, competitiveness to find out the better job. I will be back in the home country and will search for a competitive job in Nepal as well as abroad, will be given first priority to homeland if I found a competitive job here in Nepal otherwise would like to do the international job in Nepal or abroad based on my degree from Australia. Throughout the post-study work period, I believe I’ll gain a lot of experience in my own field which will probably help me to get a good post in top companies of Nepal like Nepal Telecom (NTC), an Axiata Company NCELL, Surya Nepal Verisk Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Deerwalk Services Pvt. Ltd, Brain Digit IT solutions Pvt. Ltd & SPI Nepal Pvt. Ltd etc. Every year there are numbers of job vacancies offered in telecommunication companies in Nepal for IT infrastructure solutions manager and software developer for which provides a high salary. Also, there are high demands of IT managers in different factories, banks, universities in my country. My country is a developing nation so I want to serve my best to my own country in the future being an IT professional. I hope to explore various fields of software and become professionally a well-educated technician.



My parents will sponsor for my studies. My parents have income from different sources i.e. the salary of my father, the salary of my mother, house rent and agriculture. I believe I have strong financial support for me to study in Australia as my parents will sponsor for my entire expenses in Australia. Actually, my father and I myself believe that investment in education never goes waste because the achievement of knowledge is a strong and lifetime property of a person. So he is always ready to invest his income and property and savings on my study because he only wants to see me as a successful educated person as an IT professional in the future.


International Student Visa conditions

I understand the terms and condition which have been implemented under the Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF) for all international student which are as follows:

I must maintain the payment of tuition fees on time.
I must maintain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the entire duration of course.
I can generally stay in Australia until my course is finished.
I have to maintain my attendance of at least 80% with academic growth.
I can work up to 40 hours per fortnight but it is not allowed to work before the start of my course.
I must notify my education provider/DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) of my residential address in Australia within 7 days of arrival or change.
I must continue to satisfy the requirements for the grant of a student visa (should have sufficient financial capacity to support my study in Australia).
It is my duty to respect and follow the rules and regulations of any other country. I assure you that I would follow all these rules sincerely during my stay in Australia.
I look forward to hearing from you and request you to grant me an opportunity to study in your esteemed college.

Your’s Sincerely,

Applicant Name

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