A specialized course under Creative Industries Stream

About the Course – Theatre ( Ceramics )

Students get to explore a range of options before choosing an area of specialization in the Theater program. The students learn to broaden their knowledge and refine their skills in their chosen field of specialization.  Students are allowed to work in a number of full-scale productions in technical and creative roles in a creative and supportive environment. After the completion of the course, students will have achieved high skills and creativity to perform at the workplace. All the skills that students learn will be based in dramatic literature, theatre history, and drama theory. Due to intensive training and practise, students will be able to develop advance skills, and creative and critical thinking. In addition, they will be able to  enhance their singing and voice, acting, dance, and movement skills. They will also gain experience in imagination and performance techniques and styles and cover production-related areas, such as lighting, sound, and stage management.

Career Prospect and Opportunity

There is so much more to the performing arts than acting, directing, dancing, or designing. From technical roles to working in a wardrobe, check out all the amazing jobs you can pursue with a theater degree.  Moreover, many careers in the theater are showing promising growth. Acting opportunities, particularly those in digital media, are growing faster than in most industries. Performing arts teachers are also in high demand, with job vacancies increasing by more than 36% since 2004. Completion of the Bachelor of Theatre will prepare you to pursue employment opportunities in roles such as an:

  • actor
  • musical theatre performer
  • performer
  • director
  • designer
  • theatre technician
  • theatre manager
  • Lighting for Stage/Television
  • Movement for Actors
  • Musical Theatre
  • Acting for Television
  • Voice for Performance

This course also provides excellent pathways for careers in education, creative industries, and arts administration.

Employment Opportunity

Theater  graduates  go on to work across a range of theatre-related roles and in education. You can indulge yourselves in so many different things with a theater degree. Theater degrees are not only for acting and directing, but besides that, you can take the performance experience and work in hundreds of different positions ranging from a dialect coach to a politician. Employment in regional theaters, touring companies, theme parks, cruise ships, and roadhouses are easily available for the theater graduates. Though film/television and live entertainment are very different industries, a degree in theater can provide a good foundation for either.

Course Available by Providers

The courses are generally provided at Diploma, Bachelor (UG), and Master (PG) levels.

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