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About the Course – Photography

The art of photography never lags behind other forms of arts. Although the technology is changing rapidly, photography will always play an important role in day-to-day life. A degree in Photography can promote an artist’s talent and teach the skills necessary to be a professional photographer. In this program, you will study academics with real photography experience. You will be benefitted by the experience of qualified and established professionals in the field.

 Most graduates with a Photography degree are attracted towards advertising, fashion, museums, galleries, film, television, video production, or editorial photography. If you are passionate about photography and want to expand your knowledge and skills, you should choose one of the options of Photography and explore the art of photography.

 Photography is a creative profession, and it requires inherent quality, passion and devotion than any other profession. As a photographer, you will require an aesthetic sense as well as technical expertise. A good photographer has qualities like creativity, an aesthetic sense, good communication skills. The ability to translate original ideas into fantastic images is a must.

Career Prospect and Opportunity

There are various areas of specializations like journalistic photography, fashion photography, advertising photography, wildlife and outdoors photography. Being a graduate of Photography, you can pursue a career in one of these fields:

  • Commercial photography
  • News photography or photojournalism
  • Fine art photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Industrial photography
  • Scientific and forensic photography

 Significant growth in communication network, advertising and media, and fashion industry has created myriad of career opportunities in photography. Photography has now become a profession with great commercial value. Be it print or electronic media, photos are an essential part. Photography degree offers great scope for those who want to grow as a professional. Photographers are always sought for different areas of media industry, including newspapers and magazines, book illustrations and television. A photography career offers you exciting job prospects and career options, with a variety of opportunities in different fields. As a professional photographer you can work as freelancers, working on a project or on a contract basis. Working with newspapers or large corporations on a monthly salary basis is also a good choice.

 You can perform differently as a professional photographer, such as

  • Press photographers also known as photojournalists
  • Feature photographers essentially involves telling a story in pictures
  • Portrait / wedding photographers
  • Advertising photographers
  • Fashion photographers
  • Nature and Wildlife Photographers
  • Forensic Photographers which involves photographing a crime scene. And,
  • Freelancers.

Course Available by Providers

courses are generally provided at Diploma, Bachelor (UG), and Master (PG) levels.

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