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About the Course – Craft and Design – ( Ceramics )

Craft and Design – Ceramics program helps students  develop new skills and ideas in pottery, sculpture, and design to begin an exciting career. You’ll learn innovative methods for crafting and designing such as wheel throwing, hand-building, mold making, slipcasting, clay/glaze formulation and firing salt/soda, wood, pit, gas, and electric kilns. Professional events, workshops, competitions, and exhibitions in galleries and museums provide students with real-world experience by engaging them with the local and international community.

Career Prospect and Opportunity

Careers in this field are associated with the process of planning, designing, and constructing buildings and structures. Architects, planners, designers, and landscape architects design, plan and manage a wide variety of buildings and landscape areas for commercial, industrial, recreational, or residential uses. Additional careers in the planning, design, and architecture industry include draftspersons, urban planners and interior designers and decorators. Interior designers utilize interior space and organize it in a way that enriches living and workspaces for residential and commercial areas.


Ceramics designers create designs for a range of pottery objects that  can include:

  • ceramic sculpture
  • domestic and commercial tableware and kitchenware
  • garden ceramics
  • giftware
  • jewelry
  • wall and floor tiles

Employment Opportunity

Graduates work in a creative environment. Some become self-employed artists.  There are diverse opportunities in this field and you can work independently. Ceramics designers produce commercially successful designs and turn them for mass production. Ceramics designers who are self-employed or work for small companies are more likely to both design and make their own limited edition designs. Depending on if you are employed or self-employed, how experienced, successful, and well-established you are, and how active and skilful you are at promoting your work, salaries will vary.

  • Starting salaries for those in an employed position can be around £15,000.
  • Experienced ceramics designers can earn more than £30,000.

Self-employed ceramics designers could earn very low in the early stages of their career. However, the earning will significantly grow as they add value to their resume, gain experience and innovative skills.

Course Available by Providers

The courses are generally provided at Diploma, Bachelor (UG), and Master (PG) levels.

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