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About the Course – Dance

Dance is a form of art that mostly involves movement of the body in rhythm with the music. It requires physical expression in a spiritually or performance-based setting. In this course, you’ll grow as an educator, performer, choreographer, and researcher. You will get to work with people of all ages and abilities and learn about contemporary, cultural, and community dance, and other different dance forms. Students who undertake this degree build a foundation to becoming professional teachers by developing skills and attributes. Students along with dance also gain experience and knowledge in physical education. The students will get the opportunity to:

  • take responsibility for their own physique through dance.
  • realize their passion for dance and reach their optimum potential in the core techniques of dance.
  • explore further options of secondary careers in areas such as choreography and artistic direction.
  • develop a professional approach to rehearsals and performances.
  • undertake training for pursuing professions such as Soloist, Choreographer, Dancer, etc.
  • explore a variety of dance styles, repertoire, and music.
  • develop technical skills, artistry, and a broader scope of life as citizens-artists-athletes in a global community.
  • experience theatrical/stage productions.
  • work alongside technical and production musicians, crew, and audiences.

Career Prospect and Opportunity

Dance is an industry-recognized qualification and it will provide you with numerous career options. From tailoring class in your own dance studio to conducting performances as primary or high schools, Dance Education graduates have bright future.


Career opportunities are

  • Dance Instructor (Secondary schools)
  • HPE Teacher (Secondary Schools)
  • Dance Teacher (Private studio)
  • Dance Coordinator (arts industry)
  • Community Wellness Officer (dance)

If you want to make a career in Dancing, you should enjoy the movement of your legs, sole and full body. Once you get started, the rhythm will improve with training and guidance. Nowadays, you may start your career as a Dancer from the early age of 5 to 6. Dance is about how you present yourself. It’s important to network at every opportunity and showcase your work and skills when you can. Keeping an open mind will help ensure that you’ll be able to take advantage of any opportunities that present themselves.

Course Available by Providers

The courses are generally provided at Diploma, Bachelor (UG), and Master (PG) levels.

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