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About the Course – Screenwriting

In the Screenwriting course, you will study the several aspects of screenwriting through lectures, classes, screenings, and practice-based exercises. The course covers Cinematic and television writing, Writing for the youth market, Adaptation, Writing for games and Web content.

 Creating believable characters and stories is the key in several major fields of screenwriting such as film, television, web series, playwriting, and elective choices including comic books and games. Screenwriting is a complex process that involves creating scripts, outlines, and screenplays for a variety of different mediums, such as documentaries, TV shows, feature films, and commercials. These programs include topics like story development, movie production, film history, and modern mediums. In many cases, a student might be required to complete a full-length screenplay, portfolio, or internship as a requirement of graduation.

Career Prospect and Opportunity

The role of the screenwriter is the most important in movie production because without a script no film can be made and without a good script, a movie can not collect fame. Screenwriters may be generalists or specialists. You as a screenwriter can choose to specialize in comedy, science fiction, drama or horror movies. Specializing in adapting writing from other forms, such as novels, into screenplays is also very common. Some of the specific jobs  related to this degree include:

  • Documentary writer
  • Studio script reader/reviewer
  • Corporate video writer
  • Gaming scriptwriter
  • Film critic
  • Story editor
  • Script Supervisor

 Screenwriting graduates can find work in a variety of settings. These may include corporate film production companies, digital design agencies, advertising agencies, television studios, and publishing houses. 

Employment Opportunity

Media, creative, cultural, and heritage industries are the most common fields to find works. Other media sectors such as publishing and research also provide a range of job opportunities.

 Large broadcasters such as the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky, Amazon, and Netflix, cinemas, independent production companies, newspapers and specialist film magazines and market research companies are the employers that attract many graduates of screenwriting.

 Other types of employer include:

  • advertising, PR and marketing companies
  • organizations involved in the festival and cultural event management
  • cultural and heritage organizations involved in film preservation, curating and archiving
  • multimedia authoring and digital design companies
  • further education and higher education institutions (for teaching and academic research roles).


Course Available by Providers

The courses are generally provided at Diploma, Bachelor (UG), and Master (PG) levels.

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