Statement of Purpose


Source: KIEC Student (UP21MAM)


Introduction & Educational Background:

I’m (Applicant Name) born on 24th Sep’ 1XXX. My Passport No. is XXXXXX. I belong from very simple and sober family. My father’s name is Mr. ( Parents Name). I’m future oriented from my childhood. The day I realized that education is main key to have successful career, I decided to have my academic journey a rewarding journey.

About My Education Journey I did my 10th standard (S.L.C.) from Mount Manaslu Secondary School (Gov. of Nepal Board), Duhabi, Nepal in 2XXX with XX% and 12th Standard from Araniko H.S.S (Higher Secondary Education Board), Biratnagar, Nepal in 2011 with XX%. Since my childhood I love to care people for their well-being and I was determined to become a competent nurse. For gaining quality education and rigid training in nursing, I took admission in Bachelor of Nursing from Sri Kalabyraveshwara Swami College of Nursing (affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences), Bangalore, India. Our final year examination was held during September, 2XXX and I passed out my BSC Nursing degree with XX%. I conducted a research work during 4th year of B.Sc Nursing program entitled “A study to access the knowledge regarding health hazards of junk food among adolescents in the selected urban community, Bangalore.

About my Work Experience I Worked as a Staff Nurse-Trainee in General Ward from 26.11.2XXX to 31.08.2XXX in People Tree Super Specialty Hospital, Bangalore-560022, India. I returned back to my home country Nepal and prepared for the National Licensure Examination for Nurses. I qualified the examination held on 12.11.2XXX and became a Registered Nurse of Nepal with registration no. XXXXX. Then I started searching for a suitable job for my professional development. Currently I am working as a Staff Nurse in Neuro ICU department since 22.01.2XXX at Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital, Biratnagar-4, Nepal. 

About my Clinical Trainings and Seminars I attended the PALS (Paediatric Advance Life Support) & BLS (Basic Life Support Course) conducted at People Tree Hospitals, Bangalore, India on 02.03.2XXX. I also participated in the nursing activities in the e-learning tool for nursing tasks on 01.09.2XXX. Further on I Completed the ACNS (Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons) Nursing Fellowship and passed the exam held in March 2018. I also participated in Critical Care Nursing Sympoism at Birat Medical College & Teaching Hospital Tankisinuwari-2, Nepal held on 26th May, 2018. 

Meanwhile on 4th March 2017, I got married to (Spouse Name), who is permanent resident of Ward No. 10, Pathari Shanishchare Municipality, Morang District, Nepal. His D.O.B is 8/6/1XXX and his Passport No. is XXXXXX. He has done his Masters in Pharmacy and professionally he is working as a Pharmacist with AMTECH MED Pvt. Ltd., Katahari-4, Morang, Nepal, a WHO-GMP & ISO 9001/14001 Certified company. 

During my job, I realized that I should do something extra ordinary and I generated an idea to continue my further studies from abroad so that I get international education, experience and exposure. Towards this goal I discussed my idea of continuing my further studies from aboard with my husband, parents and my in-laws. As everyone liked my Idea and they further agreed to support me, I firmly decided to do my further studies from abroad. As my parents and my in-laws family are finically sound so they will be taking care of all the funds and fees during my living and studying in Australia. During my visit to Australia my husband Spouse Name will be giving me company and moral support by going with me as dependent. Finally I took my 1st step towards international degree and I gave my IELTS exams on 11th Oct’2XXX and scored overall 6.5 bands with 7.5 in Listening module.

Later on my research started to which country, College/University and Course I should go for. I choose Australia as Australian degree is well recognized in Nepal and it is fast becoming a preferred destination in terms of education among Nepalese students. Australian Universities are of high standards and offers an educational experience that makes a real difference. Australian unique kind of education and a learning style encourages one to be innovative, creative and think independently. Degrees from Australia are very successful in finding jobs and hold prominent positions worldwide. Later on I choose Central Queensland University as my educational institute for my international studies as I was impressed by overall feedback from present and past out students on the website of this university. I was pleased to know that recently two CQUniversity researchers have a prestigious grant worth over $1 million to access whether health service integration is the key to Indigenous children’s resilience and mental health.  Finally I choose Masters in Public Health as it is best relevant course with the help of which I will have ample of career opportunities.

Why not in my home country (Nepal)?

I was looking forward for such setting that will provide me theoretical and practical platform with facility for my professional development in Public Health. B.P. Koirala Institute of health Sciences, Dharan and other three colleges under Tribhuwan University are offering Master in Public Health in my home country. There are many factors on which I’m not doing my further studies from my own country Nepal. According to my research, I found Master in Public Health course in Nepalese Universities of outdated coursework. The course and curricula are not designed in accordance with the standard of higher education of the present day. Generally speaking, the courses are not designed well to fit the need of the students, and they are not well organized, or correctly supervised by the department. 

The primary reason why I did not choose to pursue my masters in one of Nepalese University is because of the educational system which lack practical education, quality of academic resources, competitive teaching pedagogy and institutional facility. In Nepal, these subjects still very theoretically and lacks adequate research facilities. Furthermore, Nepali degree hardly open up my connections and prospect in Nepal and lacks the actual universally accepted public health matters even in theoretical concern. 

For my higher studies I am choosing Australia over Nepal because I wanted to enhance my skill-set, my knowledge base, and properly explore my caliber as a global student, which I cannot do here in Nepal. 

Comparison between Australia and other countries:

I also compared Australia with other English speaking countries such as the USA, the UK, Canada, and New Zealand. I ruled out New Zealand, Canada and the UK due to its weather conditions. Coming from Nepal, I believe that it will be easier to adjust to weather condition of Australia and parts of USA. The tropical weather in Australia is very similar to what we have in Nepal. I ruled out USA and UK due to the security reasons. USA has always been in news due to its Gun policy and numerous shoot out events every now and then. Further, UK and US are always under some or the other terrorist threat. We never hear of such security issues in Australia. For my parents, safety is the first criteria for my overseas studies.  The living cost in Australia compared to the other countries is also very affordable.

Why Australia?

I found Australia to be the best choice for my higher studies for various reasons. Australia is currently the third most popular destination for international students in the English-speaking world, behind the United States and the UK. Many international students choose to study there because of the cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high quality of education. Australia is a beautiful country with almost same or better weather conditions as compared to Nepal. Australia has a low crime rate and strict gun control law makes it a safe place to live. 

Graduates from Australian schools are highly sought after due to the impressive international reputation of the Australian education system. This system is carefully regulated by the Australian government in order to maintain the high standards of education associated with the country. Diversity in Institutions in Australia offer a wide variety of courses and degrees, so international students can easily find the school and field that are right for them. Technology in Australia one of the most appealing aspect of the country for international students is the quality of scientific research. Australia is at the forefront of new technology and innovations. 

International Students visiting the country are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week while they are studying in Australia. This is a great opportunity for students who want to earn their living costs, and for students who want to gain work experience in their field of interest while they study. There is also the possibility of scholarships, which can help to lower the cost of studying in Australia for international students. 

Most importantly, Australian government has shown initiatives to help and facilitate international students by adapting Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act to protect rights of international students while studying in Australia and Tuition Protection Service (TPS) which ensures the safety of student’s tuition fees. On the other hand, the Post Study Work (PSW) allows international students to work temporarily in Australia which helps to widen the knowledge and gain experience that we can utilize after returning to our home country. Australia also has special health insurance coverage called Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC) which covers doctor’s appointment, hospital costs, emergency ambulance and prescription medicines so that we can focus on our studies without facing financial burden in case of unexpected illness.  

Why Melbourne?

In Australia, I have chosen Melbourne, as it is one of the best cities in Australia and well known worldwide. It is home for many international students. The city of Melbourne is a dynamic business and education hub. It has many innovative businesses that increase Melbourne’s business diversity and boost the city’s capability in many industry sectors. ​​Melbourne is the start-up capital of Australia, with over 83 per cent of all businesses in the City of Melbourne. Melbourne is food and arts capital of Australia. It is also known for Melbourne Cup, The Australian Cup, Grand Prix and Cricket at Melbourne Cricket Ground. It has picturesque beaches around, several tourist destination and many restaurants of different cuisine. Melbourne is the capital of Victoria and second most populated city of Australia. It regularly features in the top 10 cities worldwide for its living standards. Melbourne also has a very good public transport system making travelling easy and convenient. It is also has lower living cost compared to Sydney. Melbourne has very good weather. It is not extremely hot or cold with ample rain. Other cities such as Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Adelaide are also very beautiful cities with all facilities available for international students. I have however chosen Melbourne as I found it be the best city in Australia with many opportunities. All the above-mentioned reasons made it easy for me to decide on Melbourne, Australia to be the preferred destination for my higher studies.

Why I choose Master of Public Health?

Public health is a division of the health field that focuses on populations, and prevention and health promotion rather than individuals and treatment of medical conditions. Public health professionals work to prevent health conditions from occurring or re-occurring by implementing educational programs, creating policies, providing services, regulating health systems, and performing rigorous research. The main goal is to both prevent illness and disease and help individuals adopt healthy behaviors. 

I’m interested in learning social prospective of public health skills, knowledge and practice and I want to pursue a career in public health. Masters of Public Health is an innovative course that will offers an array of career opportunities. Since the population is growing exponentially, a high demand is expected for public health professionals. Also, public health professionals make a difference in the community as a whole.

During the MPH Program at CQUniversity, I need to complete 16 units, which includes 10 core units and a choice of electives or of undertaking the project stream. The core units cover different topics such as understanding Public Health, Social Epidemiology, Public Health Action and Evaluation, Global Public Health, Health Research, Cultural Immersion and three cross-cultural communities units. 

When I will complete my degree in Master of Public Health I will find myself a better skilled professional person. I will have different options after doing this course. They are as below:

  • Public health is a broad field, so the job opportunities are diverse and plentiful. Public health professionals work in many different areas, such as communicable diseases, bio-statistics, epidemiology, health education, health policy and management, and environmental health. They also work in varied settings, like governmental organizations, community-based agencies, non-profit entities, schools, and medical facilities. Public health professionals come from an array of backgrounds and can specialize in many different fields. Examples of possible career titles include environmental health specialize, public health policy ad visor, public health teacher, social worker, and bio-statistician. Generally, every specialization within public health provides career options that will make a difference in people’s lives.
  • Public health has a positive job outlook. Employment of public health professionals is expected to grow significantly due to the need to reduce healthcare costs and response to global issues, such as potential pandemics, bio-terrorism, and air and water pollution. Additionally, increased public awareness of public health and wellness has sparked corporate and government support for a variety of prevention and education efforts, like tobacco use, obesity, diabetes, diet, and workplace safety. Examples of positive job growth are health educators, which are projected to rise by 37 percent by 2020, deemed much faster than average for all careers. Employment opportunities in various other public health career fields are also expected to increase significantly in the next decade. As the costs of health care continue to increase significantly, many organizations are looking for ways to reduce expenditures, and public health efforts to provide education and resources are a favorable way to prevent illness and disease.
  • Public health professionals are key individuals essential for improving the health of all members of local, national, and international communities. Public health is an ideal field for individuals wanting to make a difference in the community and strive to look at the big-picture to address current and emerging complex heath issues. These are few Reasons  which made me interested in pursuing a my Further Studies in Master of Public Health

Why Central Queensland University?

Central Queensland University is among top two percentages of universities worldwide and its health related courses has been recognized among the best in the world. CQUniversity offers the best campus-based delivery as well as flexible online and work-based learning. By choosing to study at this University, I will have the practical, academic and professional experience and shall be capable enough to enter in this competitive world. 

Moreover, I was impressed by Fees Structure offered by CQUniversity for Master of Public Health as the fees for 2yrs is AUD$ 57769.00 including Overseas Health Insurance cover where as fees in University of Melbourne for same course and same years Duration is AUD$ 86000.00 and in La Trobe University is AUD$ 80000.00 and in Monash University it is AUD$ 66000.00 and in Deakin University it is AUD$ 60000.00. In addition, CQUniversity has provided me 20% reduction on tuition charges at a minimum for the first year and potentially the duration of my studies. So if I consider cost benefits, CQUniversity is affordable for me. 

CQUniversity is one of the most vibrant Universities in Australia. This University has earned a global recognition in providing quality education and training to the students which helps in making a better career. The main aim of this University is not only to provide quality education but also to prepare students for all the challenges in future. This University has qualified staff which helps in imparting better knowledge among the students. Moreover this University is an innovative place to study. This university provides the local and international students to get quality education and makes them ready to work in international atmosphere. This University focuses on the right balance of practical and theoretical learning and is registered with Higher Education providers in Australia. 

I will feel proud to carry back home an International Degree and to be alumni of CQUniversity.

Career Plan
Master of Public Health from CQUniversity will help me to develop the knowledge and skills to address public health challenges and understanding of current global and environmental health issues, thus broadening my employment opportunities in various INGOs, NGOs, governmental and private hospitals, colleges and other research centers. On the accomplishment of MPH degree from Australian University, I can get a salary starting from NPR 50,000 to more than NPR 80,000 including various facilities and incentives.

Immediately after I completion my MPH, I will apply for Post Study Work (PSW) visa which will help me to apply my theoretical knowledge into practice. Then, I will be returning back to my home country Nepal and look forward the opportunity to join health promotion jobs in various NGOs and INGOs aiming with different strategies and plans in Nepal. Beside that I may get health service administration jobs in Nepal government which will secure my career as I will have accumulated all the required experiences to hold the same. Through proper interventions, planning and implementation of effective policies, my passion is to bring fruitful change to Nepalese health sector and promote people’s health.

I can also work in hospitals as a ward in-charge in various wards (ICU, Medicine, Surgery, Psychiatric, etc.) in one of the following hospitals: Koshi Zonal Hospital, Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital, Birat Medical College Teaching Hospital, Neuro Hospital Multispecialty Hospital, Lifeline Hospital, AMDA Hospital, B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Patan Mental Hospital, TU Teaching Hospital, etc. Moreover, I can also work as a Lecturer or coordinator in one of the reputed organizations such as: Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital, Birat Health College, Nursing Campus, B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Sailaja Acharya Memorial Polytechnic, and Maharajgunj Teaching Campus among others. Moreover I will grab handsome Salary Packages in my home Country Nepal and will feel contented.

Besides my professional career plan, as I am the responsible child of my parents, I need to look after them and support them physically and emotionally in their old days. So after completion of my study, I will return back to my home country Nepal to handle my personal as well as professional responsibilities.

Visa Condition

Being overseas student in Australia, there are certain rules and regulation that must be followed, else will be legally punished according to Australian Government. I am aware about the student visa conditions belonging to subclass 500. Some of the student visa conditions are listed below:

I am allowed to work only 40 hours per fortnight when my course is in session. During the recognized vacation offered by education provider, I can work more than 40 hours per fortnight. There must be adequate maintenance of satisfactory attendance in the course i.e. 80 % attendance should be maintained and course progress for each study period as required by the education provider. I must remain enrolled in a registered course. I cannot change University before 6 months, in dependent case-dependent cannot study for more than three months. I must maintain adequate arrangement for health insurance during my stay in Australia under policy of OSHC. I must inform my education provider about the address where I live in Australia within 7 days of arriving in Australia. If I change the living place, I must inform the education provider immediately. I must not be involved in activities that are disruptive to, or in violence threaten harm to, the Australian community or a group within the Australian community. Further, the subclass also includes that student should have maintained sufficient money to pay for travel, tuition and living expenses for the period of stay in Australia.


I would like to assure you that I will be under the rules of visa subclass 500 and I will give my best effort in learning and developing knowledge and skills regarding my subject matter. I will finish my intended course in exact time with good grades and will return back to my home country for achieving my future goal. With full honesty and due respect, I have put forward my intention & plans.

Now may I request your esteemed highness to grant me visa to proudly carry back home an international Degree.

Thank you

Yours Sincerely

Applicant Name

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