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Source: KIEC Student (SHA21NID)

Statement of Purpose


I, Applicant Name, a permanent resident of Damak-1, Jhapa Nepal, was born on XX November 19XX. I selected Science as a door to my aim and pursued Nursing as my dream and future career. I have been working as a clinical supervisor which has been enhancing my teaching and guiding skills as well as renovating old nursing practices and refining them. I would like to upgrade my knowledge through further study and sharpen my existing knowledge. I have completed my schooling from Gems International Secondary Boarding School, Biratnagar, Nepal on 20XX acquiring XX %. I selected Science for my higher education and passed my higher education from Orchid Higher Secondary School, Biratnagar, Nepal on 20XX with an aggregate of XX%. To fulfill my aim of being a nurse, I joined B.Sc. Nursing in Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital, Biratnagar, Nepal on 20XX which is affiliated to Kathmandu University and completed it successfully on 20XX with an aggregate of XX%. After passing the Nursing License Examination, I worked as a clinical supervisor in Hamro School of Nursing from 18 Jan 20XX to 19 May 20XX. Since then, I am working as a clinical supervisor at Purbanchal University College of Medical and Allied Sciences till date. I am also a teacher in Dynamic Education Complex Morang Pvt. Ltd., Biratnagar, Nepal for Nursing License Registration preparation classes. For the preparation of the IELTS examination, I took classes from Dolphin Consultancy, Biratnagar and gave my exam on 18 March, 20XX scoring an overall of 7 with listening 7.5, reading 7, writing 6.5 and speaking 7.

Reasons for choosing Australia

Australia is one of the most developed countries with a diversity of people of different origins. Most of the top and best universities are available in Australia which ensures quality education and secured career. Being more specific, Australia is the best destination for nursing as the demand for health care services remains in the lead. Australia offers a comfortable and friendly environment for international students to facilitate a clear understanding and learning. It provides a variety of courses and facilitates qualitative research. The educational fee is affordable in Australia as compared to other countries. The educational fee and living cost in the USA, the UK is unaffordable. The study time frame of Masters in Nursing meets the standard criteria of 2years in Australia whereas a very few universities of other countries that I intended to study offer this timeframe. Similarly, the course structure and subjects of universities of the USA, UK lacked those subjects that I am willing to study. Likewise, it offers a Postgraduate work visa which will be helpful to apply the theoretical knowledge in practical life. A person can achieve a sense of satisfaction when they can get an area to explore, learn and expand new and existing knowledge and Australia offers this opportunity to international students. The ESOS act protects tuition fees paid by international students by placing placement and refund obligations on providers in different default situations and through the Tuition Protection Services TPS.

About Master of Nursing International

Master of Nursing International is a two-year course following B.Sc. Nursing designed to prepare nurses for professional roles in the health care system. This course provides a pathway for professional development, knowledge, and comprehension of research and application of evidence-based practice. The total course tuition fee of Master of Nursing International is $52,128.00 excluding insurance and amenities fees. The credit point of this course is 72. A student acquiring this course is expected to study about 14 subjects including and perform a minor project. This course is accepted universally and among one of the highly demanded faculty.

Reasons for choosing a Master of Nursing International

The course structure of Master of Nursing International includes Primary Health, Mental Health, Aged and Dementia Care, Clinical Excellence, Reflection in Practice and Research Principles and Methods. These components will facilitate the all-round development of health professionals to develop professional roles in the health care system. The subjects included in the curriculum of Master in Nursing International of University name are those of my interests and willingness. So, I am willing to study this course and broaden my knowledge in various aspects of health as well as create a pathway to change in health practices. After completion of the Master of Nursing International course, I would like to return back to my home country and search for a suitable job that fits my educational level. As a holder of Masters of Nursing degree, I can get suitable career opportunities in my country in various private and governmental sectors, various NGOs and INGOs and so on. The knowledge I will acquire from this course will ensure my job opportunities in Nepal. There is a strong need for professional nurses in Nepal as they can work as a change agent in the area of practice. They can work as a guide, educator, planner, organizer, manager, change agent, researcher and so on. After a few years of experience, I will continue my further studies. Completion of Master of Nursing at University name will be an excellent catalyst for my future career and further studies. It will provide me a variety of scope in my own country.

Reasons for choosing the University name for my further study.

University name is one of the top and best universities in Australia. It provides a friendly environment for international students in every aspect including research. It is ranked in the top 20 universities in Australia. The study timeframe for Master of Nursing in University name meets the standard criteria. Likewise, it offers quality education and a suitable environment with adequate trained and qualified professionals that guide learners for effective learning. University name is a research-intensive university that facilitates a learning environment across a broad range of disciplines. It works with the objective to provide Academic Avenue for professional development, knowledge and comprehension of research and application of Evidenced-based practice. After completion of the course in University name, an individual can demonstrate knowledge about recent developments in health and knowledge of research principles and methods. She/he can also demonstrate advanced skills as well as use a professional, ethical and holistic approach for excellence in nursing.

Is a similar course available in Nepal?

The educational faculty of Nepal lacks this type of course. Furthermore, I am unsatisfied with the education system of Nepal. Though there is a good emphasis on the theoretical aspect, Nepal still lacks use in a practical setting. There is a lack of practical exposure and the focus is on the completion of the course rather than enhancing knowledge. Likewise, being a developing country, Nepal lacks adequate human and material resources required for learning.

Funding for my study in University name.

I got married to Spouse Name on XX April 20XX. My in-laws will be sponsoring for my further studies and stay in Australia through cash payment.

Applying for Australia with my dependent

I am applying with my dependent on Australia. He will be working in Australia and he will be funding for my education and our stay in Australia.


Prioritizing my short and long term goals, I would like to focus on my foremost objective of completion of Master in Nursing program. I will be very dedicated to my studies and will use my enough effort to acquire adequate knowledge that will be helpful for my future career. I suppose that my background has developed a base to create a pathway to my nursing journey. I have clearly understood the visa conditions for study in Australia. I am aware of the fact that I am not allowed to work in Australia when I will be applying for a student visa. I have also understood that I am expected to have a fair attendance during my course of studies and shall give me enough effort to utilize my opportunity in acquiring enough knowledge. I would also like to clarify that my previous immigration history is clear and I have not been refused for a visa in any country. In fact, this is the first time I am applying for a visa.

I declare that the statement given above is true and correct in every aspect. I am looking forward to being a member of your University as a student and giving my effort in achieving my goal.


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