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Fashion is an intrinsic part of our lives; both are ever-evolving. The fashion industry has always piqued my curiosity. I am deeply fascinated by the creative and innovative world of fashion.

Fashion designing is one of the most exciting and demanding professions of today. I aspire to be a globally renowned fashion designer with my own personal brand. I firmly believe that the Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design at Torrens University, Australia would equip me with the requisite skill set to progress towards my career ambitions.


My formation years of education till 7th grade was developed at school name at my hometown, address. In the year 2013, I relocated to Kathmandu and enrolled at Jupiter Secondary School for my secondary studies. I had secured Academic % marks for my school leaving certificate (SLC), grade X (10th) studies. Recently, I successfully completed my high school education from a highly reputable educational institute in Nepal, Institution name with an overall grade of Academic % (Grade XI & XII). My major subjects were finance and accounting. At present, I am profoundly motivated to study fashion design in Australia. In order to pursue my further studies overseas, I had sat for my IELTS test in October 2017 and have attained an overall band score of 6.0.


Prabal Gurung is my inspiration. Being from my country, he has accomplished great success and I am highly motivated to replicate his global acclaim as a world-famous fashion designer.

Although my academic background is centered on finance and accounting majors; since my younger days, I have had a strong inclination to pursue an enriching profession in the fashion industry.

Growing up, famous celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have invariably intrigued me. Both of them are immensely popular fashion icons. I excitedly follow such eminent personalities for the latest trends in vogue. In-between my high school studies, I have engaged in modeling assignments for a popular fashion retail outlet, fashionista. In my brief work experience as a freelance model, I have acquired an invaluable insight into the multi-faceted world of the fashion industry. Amid my modeling stint, I have been highly privileged to interact with a fashion designer and figures working in the clothing business.

Through such experiences, I have managed to grasp some aspects of the fashion industry; i.e designing, textiles and merchandising.



In Nepal, there are just a handful of colleges/institutes that provide fashion design courses. Those institutes lack the world-class facilities and highly qualified academic professionals that I esteem to learn from. In general, the tertiary education system in Nepal is below international standards and largely theory based.

Significantly, the fashion design courses available in my country neither carters to my academic needs nor my career development. Those courses are not structured to inculcate practical skills and knowledge that are in real demand in the fashion industry.

Furthermore, the political instability and the numerous strikes take occur in my country are detrimental to any student’s education. Studying in a politically secure foreign country that is respected worldwide for its high-quality educational system highly appeals to me.

The opportunity to study overseas would certainly broaden my overall knowledge; both academically and personally. The experience of living and studying abroad would instill in me valuable life skills and attributes that simply cannot be cultivated in Nepal.



I am a highly dedicated person in the field of study. So, I research on education facilities to my courses here in Nepal and abroad. There are many well-reputed universities related to my course. But I wanted to explore my social horizon beyond the boundary of my native land and I want to achieve an international degree. Additionally, I research developed counties like USA, UK.


My country offered my desire course but due to some consequences, I choose to study in abroad. Firstly and fore mostly, our country Nepal is a developing country, it stills lacks proper superintendence regarding the quality of education that have been provided to the students. The way of teaching is quite a convention and rubric. I have experienced more country education for nearly 14 years and I have only got speculative education but not functional. Because of some political issues and its instability create unevenness in the study. Yes I agreed that there are some colleges and universities in my country that are offering undergraduate degree in fashion designing like Tribhuvuwan University and Kathmandu University’s affiliated college like Namuna College of Fashion Technology, IEC College of Arts and Fashion, WLC College Nepal Even so, I believe that getting a degree from Australia will place me in a good position in getting good jobs which will help me a lot in acquiring my career.

United Kingdom: The UK is well known for the strong education it provides but the tuition fee in the UK is quite expensive and not everyone can afford to study. Many students going to the United Kingdom are returning to their home countries because they are finding it difficult to deal with education system there and they are mostly forced to return and this is because of the instability of education provider where institution gets black listed and universities and colleges shuts down without having any tuition protection scheme and keeping my life in jeopardy is something I wouldn’t do.

United States:  Although the United States is home to some of the top universities in the world, the tuition fees and living costs in the US are quite expensive. Cities in the US are not as safe as in Australia. There is a four years bachelor degree program in the US, whereas in Australia the bachelor degree program is three years, which saves valuable. Furthermore, most of the universities in the US require students to give SAT and ACT tests to get an admission which is time consuming.

Australia is a leading global education powerhouse and has the highest number of international students . Australia is the third most popular international educational destination because of its policy and education facilities. It is the sixth largest country in the world and has the population of only 23 million. 7 of the top 100 universities in the world are located in Australia. It welcomes around 400 thousands international students every year and offers 22 thousands of courses from around 1200 institutions. Australia provides attractive scholarships schemes for international students truly willing to study and progress. Australia is also the prolific destination for research and experimental studies. It is a society of people from a rich diversity of cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious backgrounds. Cities are safe and clean. Employment opportunities are high in Australia. Opportunities to meet other skilled students and to explore ideas are available in Australia.

Australia delivers the spirit of mentorship to the developing countries and provides opportunities to boost of the knowledge, experience, innovate in a given field. Australia has TPS, ESOS act which allured overseas student. Australia also provides work experience with post study work (PSW) arrangement. Furthermore, Australia is a full package of top universities which provide recognized education and top cities which are favor by good climate and friendly people. Therefore, these are the points that made me to choose Australia for achieving my professional ambitions. . Sydney is one of the most popular cities of Australia it is also regarded as a financial city and often it is mistaken as the capital of Australia. The reason to choose Sydney for my further study is the institute I have intended to study is located in Sydney. It provides a welcoming and multicultural society with a resident population of more than 100 nationalities and ethnic group speaking more than 140 languages. It is so amazing that people from different cultural backgrounds can melt together so peacefully in this beautiful, clean, friendly and cosmopolitan city. Sydney has a favorable climate and many natural harbor with more than 35 sandy beaches situated within 45 minutes of the city center by public transport. There are also a lot of national parklands, tranquil bays, spectacular cliffs and lush green headlands overlooking the harbor and the Pacific Ocean. The moderate climate in Sydney promotes healthy outdoor living throughout the year while they immerse themselves in this beautiful, clean, modern and safe harbor city.


I have chosen Torrens University as my educational destination. Torrens University is a highly reputable educational institute with a proven record of preparing its students with skills and knowledge that are needed for employment. The university also facilities international students like me to settle down smoothly in a new environment. The opportunity to communicate and collaborate with people from a diverse cultural background while gaining a global learning experience greatly appeals to me. Torrens University situated in 595 Little Collin St, Melbourne VIC 3000 for its unique reasons like it is one of the newest private university in Australia that provides an innovative and diverse learning environment. Studying in Torrens gives me the opportunity to be a part of Laureate International University spread over 25 countries and has been the leading international education network provider in 80 universities all over the world. It also provides a broad welcome to international students of all beliefs, background and up hold a respectful culture. The small classrooms in this university are student centered allowing the student to have a more open interaction session. Unlike other universities Torrens operates on a trimester basis which leads to the completion of many courses in lesser time. Torrens also runs a touch point weekend session which gives the opportunity to build and expand the multidisciplinary network. Moreover, the commitment made by Torrens like globally focused curriculum, teamwork, learning flexibility at every point and so on is very promising. So, I am very eager to get admitted in Torrens University and explore myself as much as I can.

The Bachelors of Branded Fashion Design course at Torrens University is structured to meet the demands of the fashion industry. I am convinced that the undergraduate course caters to my academic aspirations and will provide me with the right platform to progress ahead with my future plans.



After completing my Bachelor course, I will apply for PSW (Post Study Work) and after gaining international work experience, I intend to apply the skills that I will learn throughout my Bachelor studies and ultimately establish a successful fashion brand of my own in Nepal.

I would like to play an integral role in the development and maturity of the fashion industry in my country and serve as an example to other aspiring fashion students/designers.

Besides, I am duly aware regarding the Visa conditions under subclass 500 which are as I need to have a minimum attendance of 80% in every semester. I am required to maintain Overseas Students Health Cover (OHSC). I should pay their fee before the due date. I should inform the DIBP and University within a week. If I change contact details or address in Australia, then I am not allowed to work more than 40 hours fortnight and I need to maintain 50% pass grade throughout the study period. On top of that, I will be a Genuine Temporary Entrant that indicates my intention is for a temporary stay in Australia.

The information given above is true and correct from the best of my knowledge and I anticipate receiving a positive response from you.



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