Statement of Purpose (SAD01KOI)

Introduction and Family Background:

I am Applicant Name, daughter of Parents Name, permanent residence of Applicant Address. I was born on D.O.B and being a Nepali citizen, I hold a Nepali passport with identification No. Passport Number. Having an extreme enthusiasm and intense desire to study my Bachelors Degree in The UK, I am proposed to write this statement of purpose so that I could express my bona-fide intention to study BA (Hons) Marketing Management (Extended) in your esteemed university, University Name, to pursue Bachelors in Business with Marketing.

Education Background:

As far as my academic qualifications are concerned, I have passed my Higher Secondary Level with Score% from College Name, Location in Management stream in the year Year. I completed my School Leaving Certificate in Year with good academic score of Score % from School Name, Location. My intension to study abroad led myself to prepare for IELTS examination with of course is a mandatory for international students like us. For the purpose, I appeared on the exam held on Date and scored an overall X.X band with All Band Score to meet the requirement of the University for my Bachelors Program.

Work Experience and Gap Explanation:

As I completed my Higher Secondary Level in Year, I searched for some job so that I would not have to stay idle. Fortunately, I applied for the post of an Assistant Accountant in Company Name, Location and was able to get the job and attend the office from Date till Date. After working several years I applied for another job in a Company Name, Location and worked for a year from Date till Date. As I was very busy in attending the office and working there, I was not able to join the college for my further study Since I need to get my degree so that I could pursue my further career in the related field, I need to get to the University. Therefore, I would like you accept my sincere application and provide me this golden opportunity to study in your prestigious university in The UK.

Reasons for choosing The UK over Nepal and other countries:

Being one the big destinations for international students for pursuing higher study is one of the major factors that draws students’ intention to study in The UK. Some of the world’s best universities with lower cost of education is another reason to attract the students. Furthermore, students can have great opportunities to work, get a scholarship in universities and get to experience multicultural society and enjoy social life with unique cultures. In today’s globalised world, the importance of globalisation in management and accounting has also been increased. So what matters is the quality of education with systematic and updated syllabuses and courses. As Nepal’s degree is not globally recognised and is mainly based on low technologies and ancient contents, students don’t get attracted by it. With the advent of leading edge development of required instruments, Nepal is slowly obtaining the latest educational system but still not competitive, good and advanced as compared to The UK. As compared to other countries such as Canada and The USA, it’s a lot more cheaper in terms of living, tuition fees and of course the medicals. The UK has been my first option since it’s a leading global education powerhouse with some of the world’s top educators and facilities which not only provide local but also the international students with high range of quality study options. Similarly, it’s comparatively safer than other countries in terms of criminal activities and natural disasters as well. The British Language is well known language in around the world. We have been taught English as British English in Nepal which will be easier for us to get familiar with the terms and the communications will also be easier for us as compared to other European countries such as Germany, Portugal, Norway, and Asian countries like China, Japan, and Korea etc. Around 81 percent of the people speak English in The UK. Canada can also be taken as a destination from Nepal but it takes quite long processing period and the climate is very much cold as it snows almost for six months. Personally, I could not bear such cold weather as it’s very unfavourable for my health condition.

Reasons to choose University Name:

Surfing through my internet, I have been to a lot of universities’ websites. I did my research on the best university to meet my goal, consulting it with counsellors from consultancy and what I concluded is that the University Name is best for me. Established in 1890, the range of subjects university includes architecture, business, computing, mathematics, education, engineering, humanities, maritime studies, natural sciences, pharmacy and social sciences. In 2012, the University Name was rated as the greenest in the UK by People and Planet Green League Table. The university is ranked in the top 750 by QS World University Rankings. It received a Silver rating in the UK government’s Teaching Excellence Framework. The University Name is one of the excellent universities in the year 2019.According to Complete University Guide 2020, the University Name ranked 2nd in London for Marketing subject. It not only provides high quality education, but also opens the gateway to different employment opportunities and put the students to friendly work situation located in the heart of London. Approximately 20,000 students, local as well as international students from different places have been studying in the University. Apart from these qualities, the tuition fees of University Name are affordable compared to other universities such as University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and Queen’s University which definitely were on my list of potential universities. Furthermore, the university also provides high quality education by the top ranked and excellent teachers. As the students from various countries in the world study in the university, the diversity in culture can be seen which personally allow myself to experience them staying in the same location. In addition to this, it also offers a number of support services, activities and programs to bring successful students outcomes and ensures its students to have the best possible experience during their study period.

Why BA (Hons) Marketing Management (Extended)

Business with Marketing degree is a pathway to provide broad business skills, strategic thinking, project management and grounding in marketing. The degree will also help to introduce myself to business from strategic, analytic and marketing point of view. In today’s emerging issues on various marketing crisis, like financial loss, sustainability and technological innovation, I will be able to gain the skills to manage and develop businesses to high standards. It provides the ideal academic foundation to pursue a career in Business Sector with necessary knowledge and expertise it for employment in numerous professions. The course also gives the opportunity to work with business professionals or local communities on live projects. The work based learning module embedded within course will also helps to develop and strengthen our skills in the workplace and expertise ourselves to enhance with high remuneration as financial strengths.

Course Structure:


Students are required to study the following compulsory modules.

  • Introduction to Management (15 credits)
  • Understanding International Business 1 (15 credits)
  • Business Planning and Development (30 credits)
  • Discover Project Management (15 credits)
  • Principles and Practice of Marketing  (30 credits)


Students are required to study the following compulsory modules.

  • Research Methods (MET) (15 Credits)
  • Customer Insight and Research (30 credits)
  • Personal & Professional Development 2(PPD2) (15 credits)
  • Global Marketing Management (15 credits)
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing (15 credits)
  • Integrated Marketing Communication Management (15 credits)
  • Marketing Management (15 credits)


Students are required to study the following compulsory modules.

  • Research Project (30 credits)
  • Contemporary Issues in Marketing (15 credits)
  • Social Marketing (15 credits)
  • Direct and Digital Marketing Strategy (30 credits)
  • Business and Marketing Strategy (15 credits)
  • Social Media and Analytics (15 credits)

Work Placement and Internship:

Work placement and Internship are available but also it’s an optional for those who doesn’t want to do it. Students are responsible for arranging their placement with support from the university. Many students have secured a placement year at Warner Bros, Sandals Resort, Enterprise-Rent-A-Car and University Name. Work placements are 9-12 months of full-time paid work. Students take this between the second and third years of study. Internship lasts for a minimum six weeks with a Certificate in Professional Practice and valuable employment experience before graduating.

Future Career Plan:

After the completion of my degree, I can move ahead for various career opportunities. As students who major in marketing develop numerous skills that can be used across industries for example, marketing majors develop strong research skills, so the path for various jobs opportunities such as Admission Representative, Brand/Product Manager, Event/Meeting Planner, Fundraiser, Marketing Assistant, Market Research Analyst, Media Planner, Public Relations Representative, Sales Representative, Social Media Manager etc, can be opened. There are various companies/organisations in Nepal I have been looking for to apply for the job in future such as Mayur Faucets Pvt. Ltd, Fuse machines Nepal, Franchise Nepal, JD Internet Ventures, Peace Nepal DOT Com and Klient Scape Pvt. Ltd. These companies will vacant the positions for Marketing Officer, Marketing Director, Digital Marketing Officer, Marketing Executive etc. Such position jobs are most preferred jobs for myself, I am very much eagerly waiting for my graduation. After the completion of my study, I would search the job in these targeted companies through different job portals such as merojob.com, kantipurjob.com, hamrojob.com, kumarijob.com, educatenepal.com etc. Working in those prestigious companies, hopefully I could earn approximately Nrs. 40,000 to Nrs. 50,000 per month and successfully promoted to next level. But first I need to make my entry in the job as Junior Marketing Executive/Junior Marketing Secretary. Working and building good career with work experience in the same organisation, it will help to build my good exposure in the workplace and understanding of organizational behaviour which definitely will be the milestone for my career of several years. In future, I will be eligible to get the position of Chief Marketing Manager in Nepal’s best online shopping and selling market place/logistics company, Daraz which also operates in South Asian markets.

Incentive to Return Back:

After the competition of my degree from The UK, I will return to my home country, Nepal so that I could implement my learning and knowledge in the development of the nation as it is my duty and responsibility to serve my country. This intended course from University Name will certainly broaden my mind so that I could have something different but very unique capabilities than the graduation of the home country. My intension is pretty clear that I will be returning with academic and work related experiences to start my professional career in Business Marketing field.

DECLARATION: I declare that the particulars given above are true and correct in every detail. I understand that incorrect and misleading statements may result in refusal of my admission. I am submitting all my documents as request to consider my application and allow me to embark on my dream to do my further education on international. level.I know that your university is ideal and appropriate for me and have also found that the program suits my needs and answers my requirements perfectly.

Hope for your positive consideration.


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