STATEMENT OF PURPOSE


I am very glad to introduce myself to the student visa committee. My name is Applicant Name, son of Parents Name and a permanent resident of……, Nepal (now, Municipality, Nepal). I was born on DOB. My family consists of four members (Father, Mother, an elder brother and me).


Academic Background and Gap explanation

Regarding my academic background, I have completed my S.L.C. (Year 10) from School with 63.88% in 2010 AD. After SLC I had decided to join science in +2 levels and studied College and passed Higher Secondary Level with 60.1%(aggregate) in 2012 AD. After completion of class 12 examinations, I have decided to join Campus, Kathmandu for the bachelor level. In 2012 AD, I completed my Bachelor of Science with a major in Environmental Science from there. I worked as environmental assistance in Office from 21 March 2017 to 30 March 2018. After that, Now, I am working as an environmental specialist in …… Pvt. Ltd, Kathmandu. Now, I want to study masters of environmental science and management in Australia to upgrade myself in the higher level. So, I took the IELTS examination on 3 March 2018 in which I was able to score overall 6.0 with Listening: 5.5, Reading: 6.0, Writing: 5.5 and Speaking: 6.5 (Score sheet Attached).


Living Arrangement in Armidale:

Armidale, a city of NSW, one of the world’s “most livable cities”. The internationally recognized qualifications gained in Armidale will pave student way for a rewarding and successful career. Also the Armidale living standard is high yet it is an affordable study destination. For accommodation, Firstly, I have already filled the free accommodation form which is provided by UNIVERSITY NAME for selected international students. Also, I have explored apartments near UNIVERSITY NAME via several websites, and I am sure that I will get affordable apartments as the cost per week for shared apartments will not exceed AUD $250. Armidale’s weather is arguably the best compared to other states and cities in Australia which is easy to adopt than other study destinations. There are many of my previous friends from Nepal currently studying in Armidale, they will definitely help me to book apartments.


Why Not in Nepal?

In Nepal, there are many colleges where we can study environmental science and management related courses but when I have enters the syllabus I found a vast difference between Australia and Nepal. The education in Nepal is theoretically more than practical and courses are old and not revised for many years. As well many of my friends, senior brothers, and sisters of previous colleges are studying in Australia. They are totally satisfied with the education system as well as the education environment of Australia. So, I thought of getting an international degree from Australia. For this, I visited various education consultancies and also search through the internet and I decided to apply for the University Name(UNIVERSITY NAME). Moreover, in Nepal there is lack of efficient manpower for the engineer program studies and the intake available is only one also the student need to appear the entrance exam where there is a limited number of seats available and it is difficult to grab the seat with the limitation in the availability of seats. If the student does not get this opportunity then he has to wait for the next year’s exam and reappear the entrance exam which will be a loss of a year for the student. Education systems of abroad countries are practical rather than academic result-oriented (only in terms of marks). The internship is qualitative and quantitative in Australia whereas in Nepal Internship is just a curriculum where the industrial exposure is very low. They have regular updates in the course or teaching methods as necessary courses offered in Nepal have been outdated for a very long period of time. Nepalese qualification is not globally competitive. Also studying abroad is something different where I can meet students from many countries, can make many friends globally, can exchange different cultures and ideas. Also, international degree-holders get high priority for the job in Nepal compared to local degree holders and salary also will be high. So, considering all these factors, I decided to study in Australia not in my home country Nepal.


Why in Australia not other countries?

Australia is one of the best destinations for international students to gain highly qualitative education in prestigious and top-ranked universities which will benefit in future flexibility. Australia’s policies are highly favorable for international students which made me choose Australia over other countries. I researched through the internet about Australia using different websites such as www.studyinaustralia.gov.au, www.homeaffairs.gov.au, www.cricos.education.gov.au, etc and collected information about the visa system, living cost, ESOA Act. AQF and many more. So, after comparing so many things with other countries I felt that in Australia I can learn more about environmental science and explore my mind on an international level. Australia has currently the top-ranked education providers in the world and its degrees are recognized worldwide. Nowadays, the world’s top universities are from Australia and pioneer in the technology and research field. It also caters to a variety of education courses. Even students from Europe and America come to Australia to pursue their education. Australia is a safe place to live: the crime rate is low, 24 hrs-7 days police assistant. Colleges and Universities use modern tools and technology while teaching. They update the syllabus and curriculum with the change of time. Most of the inventions like Black Box, WIFI, and Ultrasound Machine are invented in Australia this shows that there is a higher involvement of practical exposure in Australia.


The Australian Government has laid out Education Service for Overseas Students (ESOS) laws for all international students to have a safe, enjoyable and rewarding time in Australia. These laws are laid out for the promotion of quality education and consumer protection for immigrant students and are the ESOS framework which is Education Service for Overseas Students Act (ESOS Act) 2000 and the National code 2007. For an international student in a course listed on CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Intuitions and Courses for Overseas Students) ensures that the overseas students get their student (fees, course, modes of study, etc) rights protected. Consumer protection makes sure that the students receive a refund if they do not satisfy the visa conditions. Australia also has the Tuition Protection Service (TPS) laid out for those students whose education providers are not able to completely fulfill all the parameters of the course of study. It ensures a refund for an overseas student if they are not able to complete their course. Australia has led the world in TPS and also helps find an alternative course or alternative means of refund if some unlikely event occurs. Australia also has a compulsory health insurance system. Australian qualification is highly demanded in my country and will get high paid job compared to local degree holders. Therefore, I choose Australia as an ideal country for study. Therefore, I choose Australia as an ideal country for study.


As I found the USA, UK, and Canada, etc. are very good options and they are also English speaking countries and it is easier for me as my previous education are in English medium but education in these countries are more expensive than Australia. To get admission to the Universities of the USA I have to complete other courses like GRE  for the admission which takes a longer time to complete. In the UK, the cost of living and tuition is high there is not Tuition Protection System in the UK like Australia. Also, the master’s degree course in the UK is just 1 year where I will have fewer chances to participate in the research units.  The constant amendment in policies regarding international students and in other various rules also makes it quite unstable to stay there. To get admission in most of the European Countries student has to learn their own language for admission which takes a longer time. Fees structure is more economic in Australia for the same and similar course than the university in the USA like the University of Pittsburgh, US (43,922 EURO~61,000 AUD/Year), INTO Oregan State University (27,700 EURO~45,000AUD/Year), Depaul University (US$40,551~AUD$58,000/Year). Similarly, Canadian universities like the University of Toronto, Canada (CAD $ 48,747~53,000AUD/ Year), whereas Edith Cowan University (31,700 AUD/Year only). Canada has cold weather and it is not confirmable for me where Australia has an almost similar climate like Nepal. I also compared the currency conversion rate of USD, GBP, Euro, AUD from NPR where I found 1 GBP = 150 NPR, 1 USD = 110 NPR, 1 Euro = 130 NPR where 1 AUD = 80 NPR. It seems that I need to invest less amount in Australia.


Reasons for choosing to study at the University Name(UNIVERSITY NAME), Australia

Many of my friends are studying in Armidale, Australia. UNIVERSITY NAME(U.N.E.) is also located in Armidale so, I found it a more suitable destination than other cities in Australia as I don’t like overcrowded areas. Apart from that based on my research over the internet and recommendation from friends, family, and experts, I am eager to go to Australia for my further education. While searching I found UNIVERSITY NAME(U.N.E.) as the best option than other universities and I decided to achieve master’s in Environmental science and management. It is highly ranked public University nationally and internationally providing quality education in the multicultural study environment. There are many other universities in Australia where we can study master level in Environmental science and related courses but as compared to UNIVERSITY NAME the fee structure and IELTS requirements are high. The U.N.E. helps master’s level students for achieving more practical knowledge with research work and makes them more creative. The U.N.E. focuses on different learning outcomes such as Lifelong learning, demonstrate cognitive and technical skills learning which I do not found in other universities. Other learning outcomes such as creativity, ethical practice, knowledge of the discipline and cultural competence really impressed me a lot for selecting U.N.E. for my master’s.


University Name(UNIVERSITY NAME) is an Australian university located in Armidale, Eastern Australia. It is one of the top-ranked universities in Australia. I have gone through the website of many other universities of Australia including Macquarie University AUD 38000 per year with IELTS requirement 6.5/6, Edith Cowan University AUD 29000 per year with IELTS 6.5/6 and Southern Cross University AUD 28000 per year with IELTS 6/5.5 etc. The applied research-based learning opportunity led me to choose this university over the other universities in Australia. All qualifications are internationally recognized and the graduates from this university are considered to be some of the most employable in the world. In addition, it offers flexible study hours, allowing learners to tailor family, employment and other commitments. Teaching staff at the university are all highly experienced in their fields in which they work. The university also has highly managed premises, classes, and the library in comparison to others. The facilities and opportunities for international students in this university are incomparable to others regarding the tuition fees. The academic and IELTS requirement to enroll in this university are fulfilled in my case. So, due to these above-mentioned reasons, I have chosen UNIVERSITY NAME to pursue my master’s degree. Besides, UNIVERSITY NAME is based on Eastern Australia, a vibrant and safe city to live in. In addition, I would add to the diversity of class, interacting with people of various backgrounds and cultures. In the process, they can learn more about my beautiful country, Nepal. I believe that this course In (U.N.E.) will provide me perfect knowledge in a spectacular environment. I am fully confident that analyzing my academic performance, the university will provide me the chance to fulfill my aim to achieve knowledge regarding a general as well advance introduction to key features of modern Environmental science and management practices. Having this qualification under my procession would be an advantage to me in so many ways. Firstly, it will create better career opportunities for me in different private and governmental sectors. Moreover, the most crucial part of my life is to achieve knowledge and study along with pursuing my academic dreams and aspiration. I have tried my best in it throughout my study years. Secondly, Australia is a developed country, which provides a chance for international students to achieve a degree in different subjects. Apart from being a great place to get a worldwide education, it is also an outstanding place to live. Not only that, one of the prior reason for choosing UNIVERSITY NAME(U.N.E.), AUSTRALIA for my further study is that it is the best-suited destination for international students like me in the context of tuition fees, climate, and environment compared to other countries like the USA, UK, and Canada.


Why Masters in Environmental Science and Management?

In my bachelor degree, I have taken Environment Science along with other science-related subjects, this will help me to study the master of environmental science and management. Moreover, I have learned about interaction with teachers searching and evaluating more detail in different subjects. It broadened my knowledge and idea to handle different requirements for making a successful dissertation. This experience and my environmental science background at the bachelor level will really help me in the future during my master’s degree in Environmental Science and Management.

I want to achieve an international degree in Environmental Science and Management in advanced modern teaching technology which will secure my future here in Nepal.  In this fast-paced world, the exploitation of natural resources really impacts negatively on the environment for a sustainable environment this course plays a vital role with a wider scope in this modern world. Nepal is an underdeveloped country where the investment in the environmental sector is limited which impacts negatively for the students who want to do more in it. The outlines of environmental science and management at the UNIVERSITY NAME(U.N.E.) emphasize the application of communication skills to design innovative contributions to professional practice in the environmental science and management sector. Not only that it reflects critically on a complex body of specialist knowledge and understanding of recent developments and methods applicable to the field of environmental science and related disciplines. I have studied the same course previously so it is related to my previous studies as well.


Course Understanding:

The course that I have chosen involves advanced postgraduate training for graduates who have an appropriate first degree for a career in environmental science and management, environmental protection, consultancy, and industries such as mining and agriculture. The program is also particularly valuable for candidates who are currently employed as resource managers and wish to upgrade their qualifications for either professional or academic reasons. The course consists of a total of 98 credit points in the whole course. I have to study several subjects along with practical activities which are, biology, chemistry, ecology, calculus, sustaining rural development, plant physiology, and anatomy, plant diversity, aquatic ecology soil science, invertebrate zoology, agricultural and natural resource extension, plant function and environment wildlife ecology and management, ecological methods, conservation biology, natural hazards, remote sensing, and surveying, etc. The total fee of 2 years (4 semesters) Masters level course in Environmental science is AUD $67712. It is needless to say that a master’s degree in Environmental Science and Management is one of the best degrees for anyone who seeks to be involved in some environment-related projects. The rising demands in projects which are related to the environment really grab my attention and I realized that no other qualification would be more comprehensive and give me in-depth knowledge. There are different types of national and multinational companies that offer very skilled manpower. So, I am quite certain that international knowledge in environmental science would add more advantages in my life to exalt the broad concepts, knowledge, and skills in the related field. While talking about the career opportunities after this course I can work in non-government and government programs in soil conservation, endangered species conservation, water resources management, biodiversity conservation, pollution control, environmental management, and natural resources management. Graduates are also qualified for employment in research organizations such as CSIRO, universities, environmental protection agencies and environmental planning consultants.



Regarding my finances, Class ‘A’ Bank of Nepal (GIBL) agreed to provide me an education loan to study at UNIVERSITY NAME. Evaluating the properties and the income sources of my family members, the Bank agreed to provide NPR 32,00,000 (In words Nepalese Rupees Thirty-two Lakhs) and deposit of NPR 17,76,436 (NCC Bank and Global IME Bank Limited, NPR 12,75,933 and 5,00,503 respectively). The main income sources of my family are; land lease and house rent in ……. from which we earn NPR 9,60,000 and 6,00,000 respectively (In Words Nepalese Nine Lakhs sixty thousand and Six Lakhs) annually also my father …….. works as a basic level teacher in School in……, Nepal, his Salary is NPR 3,90,000 ( In Words Nepalese Rupees Three Lakhs Ninety Thousand) annually. All the members of my family inspire me a lot to achieve an international degree and are happily supporting me for a better and bright future.


My Future Career Plan:

The demand for Environment Science and Management is very high in many countries (including Australia and Nepal) as this course plays a vital role in the conservation of the environment. Worldwide, environmental science is becoming more intensive. As a result, different projects require skilled manpower within strategic planning and management of the environment, which are both features of this course.


In the future, after completing a master’s in environmental science and management, I want to work in the field related to it. Nowadays, competition is high and it is very tough for a person who has limited knowledge and education. Studying abroad normally broadens the horizon in a person’s thinking. Many seniors who achieved a degree from abroad are highly valued and respected. In my case, I want to achieve an international degree from the UNIVERSITY NAME(U.N.E.) and want to work in the relevant field, performing optimally. This course will definitely help me to secure my life in Nepal. After the successful completion of my degree; I would apply for the post-study work visa for two years. I would try to find jobs in the field of Environmental Management and Conservation, Natural and Protected area management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Tackling Global Warming and Climate Change etc. in different NGOs, INGOs and professional consultancies which will provide me a chance to gain international level working experience in the related field. Furthermore, I can enhance myself as a professional expert and deploying all my skills and knowledge in organizational practical platform contributing to the development of self. After that, I will be back in my country Nepal and will use my skills, knowledge, and experience in the field of environmental management and natural resource conservation. In fact, I will gradually work to start up my own NGO in near future and give full effort in the field of Natural Resource Conservation and also contribute towards the development of the economy of my country. Besides, with a world-class degree in hand, I can land the job with a lucrative salary in government environmental departments, NGOs and INGOs and get paid amount 80,000 to 1,00,000 NPR per month in the initial stage which will increased in future. The organizations like National trust for Conservation, WWF Nepal and ICIMOD pay even more. After getting some years of experience I can get the promotion and raise in remUniversity Nameration as well. With a good amount of saving I can get the return on investment in my education in Nepal. Every day I can see various vacancies of Environmental Scientist in online job portals in Nepal such as https://merojob.com, www.jobsnepal.com, www.naukri.com, etc, so I am sure that I will easily find a job in Nepal once I complete my course in Australia. I am aware that I will be eligible to get the Post Study Work (PSW) visa to gain experience in Australia. I know that there are various online job portals in Australia such as www.seek.com.au, www.alljobs.com.au, www.careerjet.com.au, www.careerone.com.au, etc. which helps us to find a job in our relevant field. So, after completing my proposed course, if I find a job in my relevant field in Australia and I realize that it will help me in my future career, I will work there for two years If I got the PSW visa and return to Nepal; otherwise I will immediately return to Nepal once I complete my study there.


Reasons to return back:

Nepal is lagging behind its development in every sector due to the lack of skilled and experienced human resources. Thus, being a gentle citizen of this country, it’s my responsibility to work for the development of the country and contribute a lot to its economic prosperity. My parents are going to be older day by day so it is my responsibility to look after them. We have the property of approximately NPR 30 Million and I have to manage it. My family is the most important part of my life and it will be the best thing for me to enjoy my success with and live my life full being physically present in Nepal. I have a very strong desire to make my family proud by working and becoming a success in front of their eyes. I don’t have any family ties in Australia. I am not planning to maintain ongoing residence through this student visa. I strongly oppose the brain drain and believe that study abroad should be just to gain knowledge and skills. I can achieve both money and recognition staying here in Nepal. Moreover, as being an honest and sincere student I am sure that I will complete my course at the proper time, obeying all rules and regulations, while I remain in Australia. I assure you that I will prove myself as a good student and learn new things and utilize them properly.


Visa condition:

I’m also aware of the visa guidelines as mentioned in the visa conditions of visa subclass 500: I must provide evidence of adequate health insurance. Health insurance can only be by the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). I must maintain a minimum of 80% attendance in my college. If there has been any change in contact details, then I must inform the college administration within 7 days of changing it. I am not allowed to work for more than 40 hr. per fortnight. I should pay fees before the due date. I need to have a minimum 50% pass mark in each subject.


I look forward to your positive response from your side. Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,

Applicant Name


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