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About the Course – Public Health

Public Health is concerned with the principles of education, preventative medicine, environmental dangers, and proper sanitation, and it aims to improve and protect the health of the communities. Public Health Studies  how health is related to all aspects of human life, and how societies serve the health care needs of their people. Public Health cares about the greater good of human beings.  Public health policies are meant to contribute to entire community’s health. Public Health policies aim to directly improve the environments we live in so that our health improves as well. The underlying mission of public health is to improve the conditions and behaviors that affect health so that all people can attain it. It prioritizes not only the practice of public health policy, but the research of public health issues to improve the health of people regionally, nationally, and globally.

Listed here are some of the principal objectives of the course.

  • To prevent disease, promote health, and prolong life among the population as a whole.
  • To encourage and promote public health education within the framework of legal, ethical, moral and professional standards.
  • To provide leadership within the public health profession.
  • To collaborate with other professionals, staff, communities and consumers in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of health education programs.

Career Prospect

Public health jobs give the opportunity to improve the lives of a whole community ranging from a local area to international level. Graduates can find jobs in local authorities and government, the NHS, private healthcare companies, charities, and in higher education/research. Roles are varied – encompassing everything from school nurses and substance misuse workers to public health consultants and epidemiologists, which means there is no standard route into this field.

Career Opportunity

Epidemiologist, Public Relations Specialist, Health Educator, Program Coordinator, Health Services Manager, Health Promotion Specialist , Health Policy Advisor, Community Health Director,

Employment Opportunity

A highly specialized degree program can influence which sector of employment the graduate is most appropriately suited for, as well as how much salary can be earned.  Pursuing a career in Public Health, your average annual salary will be around $64,700 and with a career growth of 16%. There are many factors that determine  salary for your role within the field. These factors include your level of education, geography of employment, sector of employment, occupational responsibility or management level, economy and other factors.

Course Available by Providers

The courses are generally provided at Foundation, Diploma, Bachelor (UG) and Master (PG) levels.

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