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About the Course – Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a study of pharmaceutics (how medicines are made) and pharmacology (how drugs interact with the body). It is concerned with chemistry, human biology and physiology. You will gain professional pharmacy skills, and learn about legal and ethical issues, and how to interact with patients. This program uses a combination of academic research with more vocational training. Students will  learn about prescriptions, drugs, medications and clinical practice. Pharmacy degrees are typically taught using a combination of lectures, seminars and practical exercises. Pharmacy is linked with health sciences with chemical sciences and aims to ensure the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical drugs. In Pharmacy, students mainly study the effects of drugs within a living body and how these two interact.  The topics that you will have to study under Pharmacy include learning about the therapeutic and toxic effects of different drugs and poisons; drug absorption and how drugs interact with different foods and nutrients; and methods of drug delivery and targeting.

 Listed here are some of the principal objectives of the course.

  • To Accurately dispense medications 
  • To assess the patients’ health conditions thoroughly and accurately
  • To explain and properly dispense commonly used medications, formulations, and drug products
  • To identify and assess drug related problems relative to specific patient cases 
  • To provide health and medication information to patients and effective counseling services

Career Prospect

Pharmacy careers are available in many different places, including research labs and academic institutions, hospitals and doctor’s surgeries, veterinary care, the armed forces, national regulatory bodies, and pharmaceutical companies. Although people recognize pharmacists as working in pharmacy store dispensing medicines, it is very broad as a profession. Within each of pharmacy careers, there’s scope for career progression by taking on a managerial role, and/or by pursuing further expertise within a particular field of medicine. You will need to continually update your knowledge of the latest research, products, discoveries and regulations in all pharmacy careers.

Career Opportunity

Pharmacist, Biochemists and biophysicists, Medical scientist, Pharmacy Technicians, Physicians and Surgeons,

Employment Opportunity

The median annual wage for pharmacists is $128,090. Most pharmacists work full time. The number of pharmacy schools has grown in recent years, creating more pharmacy school graduates and therefore more competition for jobs.

Course Available by Providers

The courses are generally provided at Foundation, Diploma, Bachelor (UG) and Master (PG) levels.

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