Intended Field of the study: 
I am applying for Masters of Applied Science (Agricultural Science) at University Name.

I am Applicant Name daughter of Parents Name permanent resident of Permanent Address, with having D.O.B and passport number Passport Number . I was always motivated and determined student during my academic year. I know the importance of education from reputed and recognized university. To take my career in the next level I decided to complete my master degree from one of the reputed university of Australia and applied at University Name.

Giving brief description of my academic qualification, I have completed my School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examination in Year  from School Name, with GPA / Score. I have completed my Higher Secondary Examination in the year Year with GPA / Score  from School Name. Then after I started my Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Science at University/College Name is Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science at Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science and completed it in the Year with GPA / Score. After completion of my bachelor degree in the Year, I got an opportunity to work at Technical Training and Research Institute which is CTEVT affiliated research institute as a Senior Instructor from Date. While working there I learn my duties and responsibilities include some important knowledge. After some years of experience in the related I thought of expanding my knowledge and education with international degree so that I can expand my career in the future and thought of continuing my master degree in on the top developed country like Australia. With the great interest to study abroad, I prepare for my TOEFL examination for around three months gave it on the Date and Score / GPA in overall (TOEFL SCORE SHEET IS ATTACHED). During my TOEFL preparation class I also researched about Australian education system, about the university and colleges which offered Master of Applied Science (Agricultural Science), tuition fees and scholarship amount they can provide to the international students, location and career prospects after the completion of course from Australia. After I got my TOEFL result, I decided to apply at University Name which matches my admission requirements.

Reason for choosing Australia
The education standard of Australia rank among the highest in the world. Through research, I have found that Australia is also well known in terms of excellence and advance educational programs and quality living condition. Australia has become a global leader in education as well as third top educational destination for international students in the world behind only the United States and the United Kingdom despite having a population of only 23 million. Australia has eight of the top 100 institutions of higher learning in the world and 5 out of 30 best student cities in the world. Australian university system is in 8th in the world which is ahead of UK, Japan, and Germany. It provides 22,000 courses and degree which is globally recognized with the strong international reputation of excellence from 1,100 institutions to the students.

Australia is dynamic, vibrant country with energetic, friendly people and education system of Australia is expensive. Multicultural Australia is English-speaking country and a safe and friendly society in which students can learn and travel freely. Australian institutions offer courses which are flexible and equipped with a global perspective, which will provide me a unique kind of education and learning style. The Australian education system will encourage me to focus on practical learning, creative, independent thought and to be innovative. Australian universities offer a high level of support to international students, including foundation years and pathways, academic support, English language support and consumer protection. The Australian government has also invested nearly 200 million AUD on scholarship for international students. Australian institutions also focus beyond the regular classes by providing different programs such as foreign exchange programs, volunteer service and internship opportunities which helps students to sharpen their skills and knowledge above regular classes. Apart from this, the Australian government, with an intention to have overseas students to have a safe, enjoyable and rewarding place to study, has ESOS framework and they include the Education Services for Overseas (ESOS) Act 2000. This Australia’s laws promote quality education and consumer protection for overseas students. Similarly, the quality maintained under CRICOS ensures that international students receive the same standard of education as Australian students from other Universities and educational institutes. Other than being an outstanding place to get a quality education, Australia is very welcoming to newcomers and friendliest, dynamic, multicultural country with low crime rate than other countries. Australia also has a national regulatory and quality agency for higher education the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) which was established by the Australian Government to monitor the quality and regulate university and non-university higher education providers against a set of standards developed by the independent Higher Education Standards Panel. The Health Scheme, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) assist international students to cover hospital and medical cost during health emergencies. Apart from this, the tuition fees and living expenses in Australia is considerably lower and affordable by students like me in comparison to UK, USA, and Canada. Australia is a livable destination and is rated as a 4th happiest country in the world with suitable climate and location, which is a positive aspect for international students. Therefore, Australia is the best option for me because of its safety, multi-cultural society, friendly nation and a unique environment with more opportunities to gain diverse knowledge and learning experiences.

Why not USA, UK and other countries?
USA: United States of America (USA) is the first choice among many international students but American universities are known to have massive tuition rates depending on what kind of school you attend. The tuition fees in USA are comparatively higher than Australia. Furthermore I found visa processing time is longer and would also consume more time in preparing GRE as well. Regarding the quality of life Australia has the better quality of life. States capital cities like Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, are all in the top 10 most livable cities in the world. Whilst no cities of America are in that list. Also, USA has high crime rate than Australia where Australia is very safe country.

UK: United Kingdom is second most popular destination among international students as it offers diverse and flexible range of courses in globally ranked institutions. But the first thing discouraged me to choose UK is because of the expensive tuition and living cost compared to Australia. The second thing is due to extremely cold climatic condition which is quite unacceptable because I am from pleasant climate with average summer and winter temperature. UK also do not have Tuition Protection System like Australia and  also do not offer PSW facilities for international student.

Canada: Canada is another most popular destination for international students because of its diverse variety of opportunities and experiences. It is also known for its vast expanses, multicultural cities and natural beauty. But on the other hand tuition fee is most expensive averaging around 42000 CAD (~US$32,000). Furthermore, climate in winter could hit to below freezing point which is really unacceptable at my condition.

I also researched some other European countries such as Germany, Norway, Austria, Denmark for the same course but I found that most of those countries also require to learn their own language for the admission. So I ended up choosing Australia for my further education.

Reason to choose Location 
Location is the best place to experience a quality education in an extraordinary location. Z is also known for its pleasant, temperate climate, internationally-significant wilderness and heritage sites, and cosmopolitan lifestyle with a strong arts culture. Location is known globally as a place of unique beauty. It is famous for its picturesque wilderness with more than 40 per cent of the state protected in national parks and reserves. This Place was also listed in Lonely Planet’s Top 5 Must Visit Destinations 2015, and as one of the Top Five Islands of the World by Travel and Leisure Magazine. Location is proud of its excellence in education and teaching, with a curriculum focused on preparing students for success in higher education. My program is focused on building academic strengths as well as personal development, critical thinking, creative thinking and developing communication capabilities. This place has a lower cost of living than most other regions of Australia, with some of the lowest average weekly costs for students in the country.

Why not study in Nepal?
Though Nepal is a small country it is a piece of heaven on earth because of its numerous mountains, evergreen hills, rivers and lakes, and fertile plains. Unfortunately, there are many flaws in the educational system of Nepal. Due to the improper location of colleges and universities (i.e. they are centered in capital city only), shortage of adequate funds, poor teaching staffs, poor and outdated syllabus, the current education system of Nepal is considered still young in the world. The education provided in Nepal has no standard which is not recognized all over the world while Australian degrees have worldwide recognition.

In Nepal, the curriculum and syllabus are still un-updated and have been following the same method since then. The theoretical knowledge is more focused in Nepal rather than practical exposure and gaining real workplace experience. The expertise and facilities offered in colleges and universities of Nepal are limited and they teach students with exam oriented mindset rather than testing knowledge. Another motivating factor to study in Australia is the return on investment. I have chosen Australia in spite of higher study cost compared to Nepal. In terms of personal satisfaction and career potential, Australian degree is more portable which is sellable around the world which the same degree from Nepal can’t give me. Overall return from Australian education is higher in long run. So, I have chosen to study in Australia. Most of the multinational and big renowned company in Nepal prefers the graduates with an international degree, who has obtained practical based exposure and skills and knowledge on practice for most of the jobs which highly paid. Therefore, investing to study in Australia will help me to gain an international degree with international level learning experiences skills, practices, and knowledge, which will be fruitful for me in the long run when I will be back in my native country. Another reason for not studying in Nepal is there are very limited universities and college offering my currently chosen course and its hard to get admission due to limited seats. Tribhuvan University is offering this course in Nepal but it has very limited seats. Also, I already studied long time in Nepal and now I am more interested to experience a different education from abroad. So, I have decided to study abroad.

Reason to Choose University Name 
While searching in the internet, I found many universities and colleges in Australia offering master degree program but limited university is offering my intended program which is Master of Applied Science (Agricultural Science). I also compare the tuition fee as well. Some of them were La Trobe University with fee structure of AUD: 33,000, the University of Queensland with fee structure of AUD:  30,176, and Australian National University with fee structure 0f 48,000, The university of Western Australia with fee structure of AUD: 39,000 and so on but University Name due to the affordable structure which is only AUD: 21347.25 with the 25% scholarship which is very affordable and also most of those other Universities do not offer scholarship. The University Name ranked in the top 350 universities worldwide and one of Australia’s premier universities for teaching excellence, recently receiving more teaching awards than any other Australian university. The University has 38,000 students of which 6,500 are international students from 100 nations. In the prestigious Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), University Name jumped eight places to be rated 284th internationally. (ARWU 2017) This places the University in the top 2 percent of universities worldwide and reaffirms its reputation as a premier research institution. The QS World University Rankings result of 287 is another leap forward for the University, climbing seven places and ranking amongst the best in the world for Earth and Marine Sciences and Agriculture and Forestry. The World University Ranking released by Times Higher Education (THE) also reflect the University’s achievements as a world leader in research, placing it in the top 350 universities in the world. With more than 38,000 students, It provides a creative and stimulating academic environment and vibrant campus life. University Name is highly regarded internationally for teaching and academic excellence. The lecturers and tutors have the opportunity to engage with students individually and offer the personalized advice and guidance. The University’s diverse range of degrees, student exchanges, and learning experiences offer students a unique educational experience and excellent preparation for their future careers.  While maintaining a distinctive  identity, the University  offers a truly international curriculum and broad access to a diverse range of degrees, student exchanges and learning experiences to shape future global leaders.

Reason to Choose Masters of Applied Science (Agricultural Science)  
The challenges of a rapidly growing population and the limitations of land and fresh water all affect the ability of agriculture to meet the demand for food, fibre and fuel. Agricultural Science provides the research, technology and information for the sustainable, profitable and ethical development of the agricultural industry. The Master of Agricultural Science covers the integrative disciplines within the animal, plant, soil, food and social sciences continuum in 2 years. Select from one of three specialized fields of study to gain comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge. This course establishes a strong understanding of a range of agricultural disciplines including crop and pasture production, animal science, horticultural science, soil science and land management, entomology and plant pathology. Agricultural Science is a broad field of science that focuses on economic and social science in correspondence to the understanding of agriculture. It is a very regional science and is directly linked to local areas. With a Master of Applied Science (Agricultural Science), students take the first step toward a rewarding career.

Agricultural science can be linked to many other scientific disciplines, such as Biological Engineering, Environmental Science and Animal Science. If we are interested in improving the nation’s crop, improving sustainability, and use and exploitation of resources, then these issues and more are examined with a Master of Applied Science (Agricultural Science). This course also provides me with the opportunity to acquire advanced current knowledge in Agricultural Science. In addition, I will develop a capacity for independent research and problem-solving that can lead to workplace research. Under this course I need to study units such as Microbiology, Pasture and Animal Science, Soil Formation, Function and Fertility, Crop Physiology, Animal Production Systems, Microbes and Man, Experimental Design and Analysis for Agri-Food Research, Farming Systems and Business Management, Agricultural Technology and Innovation, Advanced Food Safety Management, Food Microbiology, Applied Environmental Microbiology, Insect Ecology and Behaviour, Master of Applied Science Project

This course will established a strong understanding of a range of agricultural disciplines including crop and pasture production, animal science, horticultural science, soil science and land management, entomology and plant pathology. It also develops analytical laboratory skills appropriate to various disciplines of agricultural science, advanced skills in accessing, critically evaluating and communicating the outputs of current, peer-reviewed literature. It also demonstrated competence in experimental design, research methods, data analysis and critical thinking, appropriate to a future career in research.

My future career plans 
When we think about a career in agriculture, we imagine a farmer working in the field, or riding a tractor. In today’s age of technology, it’s not always like that. I was born in Place Name one of the ancient city of Nepal surrounded by rivers, hills, forest and so many agricultural lands. It is also said that our king Prithivi Narayan Shad had makes determination to conquer all Nepal after the seeing the beauty Place Name. When I was child I used to go in our land with my father and mother to visit. I was surprised with the beauty of plants, the insects that were roaming around in the muddy land searching something and I used to say with my father I want to study about this and he used to say okay my daughter. With passing time and my age, I started doing research about the agricultural science and about the career perspective. Agriculture is a big industry, and most of the careers are related to science and/or business. The agriculture industry plays a major role in the world’s economy by contributing major growth of agricultural production. Agriculture matters to the future of development. Economists point out that agriculture is four times more effective than other sectors in reducing poverty. It can even be a gold mine for young entrepreneurs. The demand for trained professionals in the field of agriculture is very high in the world. Agriculture is more diverse now than ever before, offering a wide variety of jobs. Agricultural technology is also advancing fast, creating new jobs. Salaries are increasing and a career in agriculture is today as rewarding as any other. After completion of my master degree program from University of Tasmania I will apply for the Post Study Work for two years which help me utilize my knowledge and education gained from the university. If I am unable to get the PSW also I will have Australian degree which will be enough to apply job in the course related fields. I want to utilize my education practically and want to know the difference between the technology used in Australia and Nepal so that I can use that knowledge in Nepal as well. During my research I found that Nepal stills lack qualified and skilled manpower in the field of agricultural science and the young mind like me will have great opportunity to settle the career in this field. There are many government and non government organizations that are working in agricultural sector of Nepal like Nepal Agricultural Research Council- NARC, Department of Forest Research and Survey- DFRS, Tribhuvan University – Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science- TU-IAAS, Forum for Rural Welfare and Agricultural Reform for Development- FORWARD, Center for Environmental and Agricultural Policy Research, Extension and Development- CEAPRED where I can work as a Agricultural Scientist and I believe I can earn up to NPR 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh per months as a salary in these organizations because there are no more universities offering this course in Nepal and this skill is shortage in Nepal where I can expect little bit high salary with the international degree. It will also recover my study investment shortly. I am confident that I will get the competitive job here in Nepal with the Australian degree. If unable to find the competitive job I can also apply for the international job based on my degree.

Motivation to return Nepal:
I am always motivated to serve my country, which needs capable and skilled manpower for development and in the field of agriculture because Nepal is the land agriculture and opportunities, unexplored, untouched and perfect land for aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders. My parents are the source of inspiration in my life that helped to develop myself and achieve this qualification; I strongly wish to be part of fulfilling their dreams. Furthermore, I know my country; Nepal needs qualified manpower that can support and enhance the economic condition of a nation. Due to the theoretical knowledge over here in Nepal, still most of the people are unaware of the use of recent systems and technologies of management. Therefore, I aim to light a candle of hope in my country by implementing more effective managerial tools and proper working condition. Home is where the heart is, and life is happy when it sense belonging and it doesn’t matter how filthy and poor your home is, you love it with all your heart. Even animals, no matter where they ventured out when they were young, remember their birthplace and do everything they can to return home. I am the only daughter of my parents. I have many responsibilities towards them and my nation. I want to make my parents proud with my good deeds and success. I am so emotionally attached with family that I cannot stay outside for long without my family. On the other hand, it’s our moral values and ethics to look after our parents at their elderly according to our Hindu culture. So, it’s our responsibility to look after family in every good and bad situation and support them emotionally more over financially.

Regarding my financial background and my sponsorship, my parents are fully supporting me financially for my further studies in Australia. All Financial documents showing capability of my family has been provided. I have attached my all financial related documents along with the visa application.


 Lastly, I would like to assure that I am well aware of the obligations of student visa, legal work permit hours, visa conditions i.e. I must study with full time loads; I must attend more than 80% academic attendance. I must have and maintain Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC) for the study period. I must notify to college within 7 days if I change the address/contact details. I must score minimum 50% in every exam to pass, Post Study Work Rights of Australia. I will oblige by all the rules and regulations of Australia and would return back to my home country after completion of my studies. I hope you would grant me the opportunity to study in your institute so that I could get qualified degree and get success in my career. I look forward hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Applicant Name

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