Statement of Purpose (GAU01DAN)

I am Applicant’s name, permanent resident of Location name holding a passport number XXXXXXXX of and born on D.O.B. I strongly believe that success can only be achieved through hard work and determination. My first priority has always been education and I consider myself as promising student.

Academic Background
Talking about my academic background, I have completed my School Leaving Certificate(SLC) examination in year A.D. from School name, Nepal with score % and thereafter completed my 10+2 from College name, Nepal in year A.D Majoring Computer Science with score %. With the great interest to study abroad, I gave IELTS on year A.D and scored XX overall.  Hence, I have always proved myself as an excellent student having a good academic history and English proficiency. 

Reason for choosing Information Technology and career plan
From school level, I was very much interested in computer and technology so I choose my major subject like computer science in my high school. However, at that time I was not sure as to which subject I might choose in future. Now, I have decided to choose a Bachelor of Information Technology as it is the leading and most sought-after course in the world. The duration of my course is about three years or six semesters. Upon completion of this program, students will have achieved industry-recognized qualifications; have the foundation to become a  leader in the IT field; be able to understand the impact of technological change; be able to appreciate not only current usage of  IT in business and industry environments but also trends in computing;  and be able to analyze,  design and implement up-to-date computer-based systems including those related to internet technology, multimedia and web-based applications. After the completion of this program, students will be qualified for a variety of career opportunities in small, medium and large business and government jobs. Careers include network manager, applications developer, programmer, software engineer, systems analyst, multimedia developer, database administrator, project manager and IT consultant. 

Nowadays almost all of the work is done by machines and technology and the technology has spread to all the corners of the earth. After completion of my bachelor’s degree, I will return my country because I have due responsibility towards my family and my country. My success is not of my own, there are family and friends who have given and will give me good support, so I should do more for them. I would look forward to good opportunities in my country with all skills and experiences that I will gain from Australia. As we know that Nepal is a developing country and there are already more than 200 IT companies that have been registered and operating successfully. Some of the big names are Versik Information Tech Pvt. limited, Deer Walk Services Pvt. Limited, and Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd. etc. As, I will be a fresher, I hope I would be offered smaller posts first such as junior manager, junior program designer and so on. Later on, I aspire to be holding a good position such as IT officer, Program Developer, Network Security Expert and so on where I shall be able to secure my financial status abundantly. 

Why study abroad?
The main reason to study abroad is only quality and updated education with international recognition which we cannot get in our country. Another important reason is getting more practical classes and learning to work in a different system with the latest technology and equipment’s. In our country teaching system, faculties and facilities are of a far lower standard and with little international recognition. In today’s context, degrees from reputed institutes have greater value and studying abroad helps in gaining not only theoretical but more practical knowledge which are not provided by colleges in our country. I could have studied in my own country but to be international is my choice and to face the international challenge is my aim. Furthermore, the graduation degree of my nation is not recognized globally, therefore, I renew my entire will to get practical based knowledge with global recognition degree to get more active in the field of my study and its real progress.

Reason for choosing Australia rather than another country
I have decided to study in Australia for several valuable reasons rather than my home country; Australia is a vibrant country with friendly people, cultural diversity, high-quality education and a high standard of living. Degrees are globally accepted and demanded with high reorganization. 8 out of 100 top universities in the world are in Australia. The Australian education system had made it third in the list of enrolling international students. On the contrary studying in Nepal; I will not be able to develop networking in a large number of countries. The education sector of Nepal need to be developed for practical training, whereas Australian education is more focused on practical training and live projects. Australian Degrees and qualifications are recognized by employers and leading educational institutions around the world. The education system of Nepal is still lingering in decade-old courses giving priority to theory along with less capable lecturers while Australian education system adopts new technology as soon as it is available in global market giving priority to practical’s along with highly educated professors. I will be afforded with satisfactory job opportunity all over the world after studying from Australia which is not possible if in case I choose my own country for further education.  Highly respected companies and multi-national companies in Nepal also give high priority for jobs for Australian graduates rather than home country graduates. Australia has the best 5 cities of the world for students on multicultural environment, affordability, and quality and employer activity. Australia is also a vibrant and multicultural country with 22,000 courses and 1,100 institutions. The Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 is an Australian Government act that controls the delivery of international education in Australia. There are also numerous universities in USA that offer the bachelor’s program in accounting but the living environment is not safe as compared to Australia. Canada’s climatic conditions are not many favourable people from South Asian countries. Whereas Australia has a similar climatic condition to Nepal and also Australia has been regarded as the second-best country to live in by the UN (published in CNN official website on December 2015).The history of UK regarding the overseas student’s study is quiet not good as it has been changing the education laws for international students and liquidation of various universities. These kinds of reason had led many international students in the dilemma of making the right decision. Neither the Universities nor the government did anything for the international students those who were in the dilemma due to the liquidation of universities. In Australia, international students can feel safe during their study time because of government’s regular monitor and protection in the education system.

Reason for choosing Sydney
I choose Sydney because it is a city where thousands of international students come to fulfil their educational ambition. Sydney is by far the most celebrated city in Australia and the home of many world-famous attractions such as Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach, The Rocks, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney Harbor, Paddy’s Markets, Darling Harbor and the Blue Mountains. Australia’s global knowledge centre and business hub Sydney offers international students with the opportunities for world-class education and possibilities of working in many different renowned international organizations. Sydney is a financial and educational hub where many reputed colleges are located. Studying in such a multicultural environment of Australia’s educational and financial hub will definitely give me international exposure. 

Reason to choose University Name
The University Name is a leader in international education and it is a nationally recognized educational institute. I believe in health is wealth. So along with my studies, my first interest and priority is my physical fitness and I love to socialize with people from a different culture. University Name has excellent student support service. They provide needed and necessary help for students in all educational, recreational and sporting activities. It helps students in finding casual employment, highly credential graduate programs for further studies and career counselling. It also provides Job Placement Assistance in which complete guidance is provided in terms of resume preparations, mock interviews, etc. So, I believe that at University Name firstly I’ll be able to get internationally recognized and secondly I’ll have plenty of opportunities for sports, recreation and socialization. So, I would like to drive myself in University Name for Bachelor of Information Technology (IT). 

I am confident that my career can be fulfilled only by my hard labour and guidance of University Name  For the completion of my intended studies I am seeking a temporary stay in Australia for gaining better education. I hereby acknowledge and abide by the requirements of prevailing Australian laws with due and serious considerations to the reputation of my home country. I am very well known to the immigration laws and rules of the country. Therefore, I would like to assure you that I will do the best of my knowledge. I have good knowledge about visa obligation of visa subclass 500. They are:

– I must study with a full-time load.

– I must attend more than 80% of academic attendance.

– I must have and maintain Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC) for the study period.

– I must notify to college/DHA within 7 days if I change the address/contact details.

– I must score minimum of 50% in every exam to pass

As per the realization of all rules and conditions, I have enclosed all my original documents to the best of my knowledge. Therefore, I am seeking a temporary stay in Australia for gaining a better education. So, I hope you will give me a chance to build my career. I assure you that I will leave no stone unturned in learning, experiencing and dedicating myself towards the achievement of my goals. I look forward for your positive response. 

Yours Sincerely,

Applicant’s name

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