Statement of Purpose( GAU01DHA)

My name is Applicant Name, a permanent resident Location name, Nepal currently residing at Kathmandu. There are XX members in my family; my father father’s name is currently working at company name as managing director, my mother mother’s name  is a housewife, an elder sister brother’s name and myself. As concern to my qualification, I completed my SLC (School Leaving Certificate) from School Name in year A.D in XX division with score% under the Board of Government of Nepal Ministry of Education. Then I joined College name, location name in Management faculty popularly regarded as 10+2 in Nepal and passed in XX division with score% in the year A.D year A.D under Higher Secondary Educational Board of Nepal (HSEB). I gave my IELTS exam on year A.D and secured an overall of XX.

With regards to Australia, I started searching for the best abroad destination and ended up choosing Australia among USA, UK, Switzerland and Denmark.My further study in Information Technology is the most essential for me to strengthen my career potential and providing me with greater opportunities. Dynamic and progressive education program with a reputation for excellence, globally recognized courses and qualifications, an enjoyable, relaxed and safe lifestyle are unavoidable features of Australia. In Nepal, there is a lack of professional courses where the focus is only given to theoretical knowledge rather than gaining knowledge through practice. Australia is reputed because of its quality education that is why I decided to gain an international degree with the quality education provided by the Australian government. After the completion of my studies in Australia, I will gain the skills and knowledge to work in a selected range of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) technologies and to support small to medium enterprises that require broad and specific IT support. This will support in my future career. From my school days, I have seen that IT manager who are working in reputed companies are well trained, have qualified skills and I have also found that a great number of people have obtained their qualification from abroad mainly from Australia for higher studies, so after completing my +2 level, I discussed with my parents and they agreed to send me abroad for my further studies. My IT career will blossom as I will have all of the technical knowledge from my studies and it is my central goal to continue my education in a more competitive and international environment and there is only one logical destination for my studies: Australia. Australia is currently the third most popular destination for international students in the English-speaking world, behind the United States and the UK. Schools and employers all over the world recognize degrees from Australian schools. Living expenses and tuition costs are considerably lower in Australia than they are in the United States and the United Kingdom. International students are able to work part-time while they study, allowing them to offset their living costs. Here the rate of crime is completely low and many abroad students report that they generally feel safe. There is also some plus point which attracted me to study in Australia is mainly, the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) framework (introduced in 2000) protects the rights of international students studying in Australia that has made me really motivated and secured and confident enough to study in Australia which includes: The student’s right to receive, before enrolling, current and accurate information about the courses, fees, models of study, and other information from the institution. Moreover, the Australian Qualification Framework (AOF) determine the standards for educational qualification in Australia. Also Australia offer Post Study Work visa opportunity for international students.

Well, College name , has a great atmosphere with a lot of social activities and events for the students and the multi-cultural environment will never let me feel that I am alone. It was also recognized for excellence for teaching quality and academic leadership. And I can find my course that I want to study in this college which is information technology. This college also provides real-world skills needed for information technology, modern tools and equipment needed for the practical and the other thing is that I can afford.

My purpose was to study Bachelor in Information Technology which is provided by University but the fee is really expensive, which is quite difficult to pay for an international student like me. Finally, I came to know that studying Advanced Diploma in college is less expensive than that of studying directly in university, which will be big reassurance for me. Furthermore, the most beneficial aspect for me to study in college is that size of the classroom is small with few students which help me to get proper attention from the teachers. I will get admitted to any good University, most likely uni name to complete my Bachelor after my advanced diploma with necessary credit point because it has been ranked in the top XX best Universities in Asia Pacific region for year A.D.Studying IT will really help me to set up a wide range of carrier in different companies. I will be able to utilize my skills and education and improve my leadership quality. Likewise, I will get extra information about the useful area of the companies and their co-relationship, also to develop my practical skills, communication skills and managerial skills.

In this century of Information Technology, there’s lots of scope in it. I feel proud to be closely linked with the field of computer science. IT is a good deal of self-analysis that I have decided to follow in Advance Diploma in IT. As we know, Nepal is a developing country and we have huge potential in each and every sector in the present day, be it any sector. After the completion of this course, I will be joining the one of the reputed university in Sydney so I can get gather more information regarding the IT. Once I complete my bachelor I will apply for the PSW visa so I can also get some international experience which will add more value on my education. After that, I will get back to my home country and I am sure that I will get a good job in multinational companies of Nepal like Subisu, Classic Tech, Deerwalk, F1soft, Cloud Factory, Nepal Telecom(NTC) and many other companies. When it comes to the expenses and fees, my family has managed enough funds and resources’ to support my study and living expenses until the duration of my study. Also, there is high demand for IT managers, a software developer in different sector such as banks, universities of my country. 

I have investigated many colleges and universities such as the International Institute of Business and Information Technology (IIBIT), Australia Institute of Business and Technology (AIBT), Victoria University etc. Yet the college name is unbeatable for me. It provides an excellent course for student that helps to grow practical as well as theoretical knowledge. It delivers a Unique kind of education and learning method that motivates one to be creative, advanced and think independently. On the other hand, it has many branches in most of the cities of Australia i.e. Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide under the group name. college name is the only one where I can get my quality education in very reasonable cost and its vocation education is the gateway for my further study. It offers more than XX qualifications to about XX students across all its branches. Communication and other managements are in place with some universities and other higher education contributors. These help graduates of diploma and advance diploma courses to be contemplated for advanced standing for their university studies in college name which was established in year A.D. has been working for more than XX years. Its history is long and successful. This college provides guidance to the student with academic issues and problems that arises in the case of adjustment of life in Australia. It motivates the students to achieve their goal. Teachers are highly skilled with industrial and business qualified. I will learn practical and work-related aptitude with an academic theory which will be an outstanding preparation for my upcoming study. Two years course can be gained college name with diploma/advance diploma in Information Technology (IT) field and there are XX terms. During the time period of my study, I will be learning different units such as cloud computing management, ICT team, Mange ICT communication, ICT copyright and ethic project management. I served other providers and collate tuition fees, academic course structure and IELTS requirements location, opportunities provided to international student etc, and lastly, college name is satisfying and will be very favourable for me. 

As I am very well-known with the education system of my country, although the similar courses are achievable in my country, I have built up my mind to study information technology in Australia for numerous reasons. Firstly, the colleges in Nepal are not well organized, modern infrastructures, highly advanced technologies, facilities and the most experienced professors are not possible in my country. Likewise, the education system is being followed by the old teaching methodologies, which are highly theoretical based. It will take a long time to complete a course session and the exam and result do not happen in time. Moreover, international publicity has really motivated me to study in Australia. Also, it’s been a long time I studied in Nepal and now I want to study in different enjoinment where I can get a chance to interact with different kind of people from a different country so that we can swap idea with each other. 

My parents concur to support the full financial responsibility for my study in Australia. We are financially strong and my parents can easily incur in my study, living, and another cost while I study in Australia. My father is a businessman similarly land lease and tourism business are also a good source of our income. Under these circumstances, my parents are well off to afford my study fees in Australia.

Furthermore, I would like to include that I don’t have any past immigration history.

I look forward to getting a positive response from you.

Yours sincerely,

Applicant’s name

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