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I am Applicant Name, son of Parents Name, permanent resident of Urlabari, Urlabari, Morang, Nepal. I was born on 4th March 19XX. I am the youngest child of my parents with two sisters, one of them is Mrs. Name who is already married and another one Miss. The name is currently working as an assistant accountant at XXXXX Drinking Water Company, Jhapa. For my educational and living expenses, I have strong support from my father, mother and sister both financially as well as emotionally. My father is a government teacher at School Name, Urlabari and my mother is an excellent housewife. I have received all the needed support from my family members, which additionally encouraged me to apply my student visa for the Master of Project Management at University name, Australia.

Academic Background

Talking about my educational background, I have completed my School Leaving Certificate (SLC) from Morang Model Residential School, Urlabari-3 having scored XX% in 2010. Then I did my intermediate level from Lalitpur College, Lalitpur in 2012 scoring XX% in the Hotel Management stream. After the completion of my intermediate level, I decided to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in Kathmandu, Nepal. For that, I went to Kathmandu and searched for the best of the best Hotel Management colleges. Unfortunately, due to the weather issues of Kathmandu city, I had to fall sick multiple times. I was completely in a dilemma and my parents also asked me to come back home. During that period I had my 1-year study gap. Nevertheless, I joined the South Asian School of Tourism and Hotel Management situated in Biratnagar, Morang in 2013 and successfully completed Bachelor in Hotel Management in December 20XX securing a XX GPA.

As partial fulfillment of our course, I have completed my internship program from Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and its duration was from 3rd February, 20XX to 26th July, 20XX which helped me to realize the real status of the hospitality industry and to gain practical knowledge of how a service industry operates. For my abroad study, I undertook IELTS classes for about 45 days and appeared for the IELTS exam on 7th June 2018 and scored an overall band of 6.5 ( listening 7.0, reading 6.5, speaking 5.5, writing 6.0). After receiving a convincing IELTS score, my next further step was to undertake research on abroad study, the destination country, the universities, the suitable courses and different aspects of abroad study. I took suggestions with the people from my near contacts and also visited different consultancies to gather information. After an in-depth study and analysis, I found Australia to be the most approachable study hub for me and started processing for it. Subsequently, after making the choice of university and the course the request for the offer was made on July 30, 2XXX, where I had to appear for an offered interview and on the same day I received the offer letter, i.e.,  on August 8, 2XXX. Further, it took me about a month for the preparation of financial documents and the GTE request was made on September 12, 2XXX, and it got approved on September 13, 20XX.

Reason for choosing Australia

I wish to continue my further studies in Australia because of various reasons. First and foremost, it offers top-notch education which is recognized as among the best and most innovative in the world. Secondly, Australian universities are widely recognized for their excellence as they deliver practical and career-oriented education so that students can acquire the skills and knowledge required to enhance their careers. Thirdly, it stands among popular study destinations with international students from across the globe. It is a multicultural, safe, friendly and welcoming society offering an excellent environment for international students to adjust and study. On top of that, Australia, the sixth-largest country in the world, has grown to become one of the most preferred destinations of many students like me in recent years which seems unstoppable now. It offers a globally recognized and qualitative degree.

Almost all universities in Australia are government recognized which makes international students safe about their future and education. The Australian Government has formulated the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) which regulates the education system in order to maintain the high standard of education associated with the country, due to which Australian graduates are highly sought. In addition, there is a clear and standard system regarding the courses that is CRICOS CODE (The Commonwealth Register Of Institution and Courses for Overseas Students) which allows the providers to offer courses on students visa. In addition, I have chosen Australia because it has implemented rules which protect the rights of education. Australia is the country in the world, which follows ESOS (Education Services for Overseas Student) Act 2000. The ESOS Framework ensures that students have access to tuition assurance (which acts like consumer protection). The ESOS framework includes an element like Tuition Protection Services (TPS) where the fees of international students get safe and secured giving students peace of mind. Apart from academic standards, what I want to say is that Australia is itself a continent that is culturally diverse as a huge number of students from across the world like Nepal, India, Africa, China, Brazil and son on are studying there. The people out there are quite friendly and supportive. Australian lifestyle and living are among the best in the world. Several of Australia’s capital cities regularly rank among the world’s ‘most liveable’ cities. So, studying in Australia will provide me with an ample atmosphere to live in and learn different cultures, tradition and languages that will add extra flavor to my profile. Moreover, the PSW (Post Study Work) provided to graduate and postgraduate students for 2 years is really inevitable and an opportunity for international students to gain experiences in the related fields. The cost of living in Australia is reasonable considering other English speaking developed countries and the scholarship scheme offered by the universities makes the fees really affordable. I have gathered the information from these sites, Owing to those reasons, I  have selected Australia for my further study.

Reasons for not choosing Nepal for study

In the present scenario, Master of Project Management hasn’t been offered by any universities of Nepal till the date. Project management topics are available only as part of the course. We do not have a specific degree of project management offered in Nepal. So, I chose to study abroad. Universities in Nepal do not have a wide range of courses. The available courses are not flexible and updated. Also, the courses are being taught with the same curriculum for many years. Further, the education system in Nepal lacks adequate human and material resources required for skill development. Though there is an emphasis on good theoretical learning needs, Nepal still lacks area and adequate resources for the application of theoretical knowledge in a practical setting. So, I did not choose Nepal for my Master’s Degree. Most importantly, I’m looking for international exposure and both theoretical and practical way of teaching and learning which I’m not able to find in Nepal. We know for the fact that the old courses have to be changed with the arrival of new ones and technologies should be added every year. However, these changes are not quite well-practiced in Nepal. Even with the arrival of new editions of books, we still focus on old ones that emphasize the theoretical way of learning rather than practical which is one of the main cons of the education system in Nepal. Because of these valid reasons, my thoughts of continuing further education in Nepal got faded away.

Reasons for not choosing other countries

 After deciding to undertake my further studies abroad, I did research on various countries like Australia, U.K, U.S.A, Canada and other European countries for my higher education. Talking about the UK and USA, the tuition fee and cost of living are very high there compared to Australia. In the UK, there is news on shut down of different universities and colleges recently. Visa processing for USA, UK, Canada is time-consuming and hectic. In Canada, the weather condition is not appropriate for students like us. In other European countries, they prefer their native tongue rather than English which makes international students difficult to study there. As per my analysis, Australia stood out as the best among other countries.

Reasons for choosing the University name.

I have decided to achieve a master’s degree from the University name. as I have come to know it is a globally recognized university and it is also a dual-sector university. Students enrolled in this university are both domestic and international. The students from different nationalities have joined this university so the university has a good and friendly environment for international students. University name offers varieties of courses for both postgraduate and undergraduate studies and this university is ranked 34th in Australia and 988th in the world. So I hope with good proffers and advanced learning processes, I will be able to achieve my higher degree straight forward. Moreover, I also researched on many universities like University name, University name, University name, University name, University name, University name, University name, etc. but I found that Master of project management in University name matches the best according to my need. The other reason to choose the University name is the affordable fee structure and also provides students with attractive scholarship programs. In University name Master of Science (Project Management) course is of 1.5 years. The tuition fee in University name is very high AUD XXXXX wherein the university name fee is AUD XXXXX. However, the fees in University name is comparatively lower, i.e., XXXXX AUD. So, after deep research, I found University name is best for me as my qualification meets all the criteria and entry requirements in this university.

After a lot of computer-based research, I shortlisted the universities and in the end, I selected the University name, Sydney as my study destination. I found University name is more affordable and career-oriented for my study. Basically, I have chosen to study at University name because it is a publicly funded university and it welcomes staff and students of all beliefs and backgrounds. University name is among Australia’s most engaged universities and throughout the years it has formed a valuable partnership with government community and industry groups, right across the national university footprints and overseas. University name gives students the best possible chance to reach their academic goals, enjoy their time at university and grow both professionally and personally. Additionally, University name is very helpful for international students as it provides different kinds of student support like it has Academic Learning Center in different places and Welfare Support by providing services like airport pickup, accommodation assistance, Overseas Student Health Cover, student mentor, and leadership programs and so on.

Further, my IELTS score also matched the requirement of University name. Further, University name offers various programs at the postgraduate level. The course is designed in such a manner that it touches and gives depth knowledge in an advanced international specialization. Furthermore, quality education, teaching methods as well as experienced lecturers at University name will certainly help me to sharpen my knowledge and skills. Therefore, due to all these convincing reasons, I choose University name, Sydney as my study destination for Masters in Project Management.

Reasons for choosing my proposed course

Life is so subtle at times and we never know how our choices and field of interest get a blend. After the completion of a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management, I got a chance to work as an intern at an international platform as a part of an academic program. During the period of my internship, we were assigned with the task of co-coordinating and organizing different events. I found these tasks of managing and organizing quite interesting and I also got the chance to foster my management skills while carrying out the event management activities. In between those few periods of internship, I and my colleagues we discussing our future career plans. One of them mentioned the Project Management course of study and I found the course name very catchy to my ears. I started researching about it during my leisure period. Project Management is a set of activities that includes initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing projects. It’s a discipline that gives principles, techniques, and tools to help finish things on time and within budget. FI chose Masters of Project management because of my interest and this course will prepare me to establish myself to lead the various projects. While studying Masters of Project Management, I have to study various courses like Project Management Concepts, Initiating and planning project, Project Management Internship, Managerial Finance, Enterprise Project, Innovation and Sustainable Business Development, etc. The program structure consists of 11 core units and 4 elective units. These courses will provide advanced project management skills that will need for hands-on project management. This course is an ideal complement to on-the-job experience and will equip with the fundamental methodologies, modeling and analytical techniques for the design and implementation of projects across a wide range of industries. Master of Project Management graduates may work in various positions including senior project manager, program director, and chief project officer roles. They may work locally and internationally, in a wide range of areas including mining, manufacturing, water, IT industry, finance, management and environmental consultancy and more. Moreover, Project management is a completely new program for my country and I can see huge scope after the completion of my study. Project management in Nepal is in the early stages of its development. Foreign companies and investors bring their own concepts in regard to project management in Nepal. Thus, studying project management I can assist my country in a variety of productive ways. This program will build a strong foundation regarding the concepts related to project management involving all stages of initiating the project to planning, executing, controlling, and finally closing. In addition, we shall get opportunities to learn, develop and instantly implement the strategies, models in a specific sample project that we have been assigned during the program. The 10 weeks internship program will largely benefit the graduates in dealing with real-life problems and finding out the pathways to solutions. Moreover, it will also boost up the confidence of the students providing a glance at how the professional workplace operates and the expected behavior from the employer. I’m very much hoping that this program will help us equip for the demands of the evolving complex business environment.

Future Career Plans after the completion of Masters of Project Management

After completion of my course of study, i.e., MPM, I will return back to my home country as there are many things needed to be taken care of. With the skills, knowledge and experience from the Australian University, I am sure I can contribute more to the people in the field of Project Management. Nepal is a country that is in the transition phase of development where many national and international companies are being established. My career plan is to work for the government and non -government offices and work in different projects related to the field. At the completion of the course, I will be able to demonstrate broad knowledge and skills in Project Management. In the context of Nepal, even I can coordinate with International organizations like WHO, UN, UNICEF in the different program management. I can work like mining, manufacturing, water, IT industry, finance, management and environmental consultancy and more. I can contribute my gained knowledge in the job designations like Project Management Officer, Project Coordinator, Head of Project Management, Project Buyer, Quoting and Project Management Officer as well as other well-recruited positions of the Project Management sector. I will be earning NPR.65,000 – 75,000 in the initial phase and after a few years of subsequent experience the pay scale might reach up to Rs. 1,00,000 over the study cost shortly. Also, on the brighter side, Australia provides a PSW visa to international students after the completion of their course of study. PSW stands for Post Study Work visa and its subclass is 485. After the completion of the degree, the student is eligible for 2 years of PSW where the degree must be at least two years. Post Study Work (PSW) is very important to gain real-time experience and understand the global trend in the sector of Project Management. After PSW I will return to my homeland with a globally recognized degree and working experience in an international environment. To my surprise, there is a great variation in the pay structure of an international degree holder and Nepalese graduate. In a field where an employer pays around NRs. 35,000- 40,000 to a Nepalese graduate, he/she is willing to pay NRs. 65,000- 70,000 to an international graduate along with ample growth opportunities.

My financial condition in my own country is stable and I belong to one of the few families of this developing country who have more than enough financial resources. I have got no friends and family members in Australia and my economic capacity in my home country reflects that I have no economic incentive in Australia. Hence, this reflects my clear-cut intention to return to my home country Nepal.

An incentive to return back to the home country.

Regarding my circumstances in the home country, all my family members are here and I have a number of duties and responsibilities towards my parents and family. Being the only son of my family with one elder sister, I will have to look after them and the properties which sum up to be around NRS. XXXXXX. My parents are my biggest heroes and they have supported me in each and every step of my life so I cannot run away from responsibilities as I have to take care of them in their old age. I want to say that, I have my identity as a Nepalese. Therefore, I promise that I would not let my identity change because it describes me throughout my life. My full emotions, sentiments always lie for my family, friends and hometown where I have passed beautiful unforgettable moments of my life. So, I would like to declare that I have no intention to stay in Australia more than my study period. I see tremendous opportunity from my career perspective as a project manager in various companies in Nepal as I will have an Australian degree. So I have no reason to stay in Australia after the completion of my Master’s Degree. Finally, I want to assure you that I have a genuine plan to study my desired course in Australia and return to the home nation after completion of my studies.

Visa conditions under visa subclass 500:

I am well known about the visa conditions and obligations that I have to follow during my stay in Australia which states:

I need to clear 50 percent in each subject.
I must maintain 80% attendance.
I cannot work more than 40 hours per fortnight.
I must maintain the health insurance until I and my wife remain in Australia.
I cannot change the university for six months upon my enrollment.
I must notify the university within 7 days if I change my address or contact details and so on.
I would like to assure you that I will be under the rules of visa subclass 500 and I will give my best effort in learning and developing knowledge and skills regarding my subject matter. I will finish my intended course at exact time with good grades and will return back to my home country for achieving my future goal.

Applicant Name
Contact number : +977 98XXXXXXXXX
Passport number : XXXXXXXX
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